How to Start T Shirt Dropshipping Through eBay?

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Drop shipping arbitrage, also known as Amazon to eBay dropshipping, is a method of selling on eBay. This method requires automated systems to price and manage your stock. Dropshipping products is a great way to increase your income.

Since the time of our grandparents, t-shirts have been in existence. They are still very popular and never go out of fashion. It is possible to make a successful online t-shirt company. This blog will show you how to make extra money in your t-shirt business by dropshipping to eBay.

Dropshipping: Why not T-shirts?

T-shirts are simple to customize and easy to source. There are many opportunities to make extra income or add value to an already successful business, whether you are a new entrepreneur or seasoned veteran.

Drop shipping entrepreneurs can make a lot of money selling t-shirts, but the market is very competitive. To be successful in this market, your eBay store must stand out from the rest.

Three factors directly impact the T-shirt business: Design, Quality, and Brand

In a highly congested marketplace, it is important to remain competitive. E-Commerce is already crowded. However, many people still consider entering the business. People who choose a profitable niche are the ones who succeed. It doesn’t end there. These entrepreneurs (1) have high-quality products and have reached out to the market.
(2) Stunning and striking designs were used, and finally
(3) Developed a brand to represent their image.

There are three ways to drop ship a T-shirt

Dropshipping Arbitrage

Many of our readers will be familiar with this method as they already practice drop shipping arbitrage. Simple, sell t-shirts which are doing well online. You can read our previous post Dropshipping – How to Start a Business Without Breaking The Bank.

Drop shipping is one of the ways to sell items on eBay. Drop shipping is a way to sell items on eBay. Sellers who use product sourcing services don’t handle the item. Instead, the item is shipped directly from a warehouse to you. The seller collects money and pays the product source.

Dropshipping: How does it work?

  1. Find the best-selling tees on Amazon (or any other supplier supported by your drop shipping listinger/repricer), either in the men’s or woman’s categories.
  2. These products can be uploaded to your eBay Store. You can either use drop shipping lists that automatically calculate the final price or consider the cost to determine your final price.
  3. After you have sold the goods, order the product from the source website and then ship it to your customer. This is Amazon to eBay drop shipping at its best!

These are only three steps. Drop shipping is an attractive business opportunity. Many people are trying it out. Drop shipping experts can help you navigate the initial steps. They are experienced in the industry and have been there. To jumpstart your journey, check out Facebook dropshipping groups.

Tip: Only sell one variation on a single list

Some listers and repricers don’t support multiple eBay versions. It is better to sell your tee-shirts in one listing that only offers one variation. This is covered in detail by eBay’s help page. This article will explain the basics of listing variation and what categories are compatible with listing a variation. Creating listings with variations

Dropshipping T-shirts directly from the Manufacturer

You always have the option to order your T-shirts directly from the manufacturer. Many manufacturers in the US will ship your items directly to you.

How to make money with traditional drop shipping tee-shirt businesses

  1. Find a tshirt manufacturer near you. For example, you can search “Ready-made T-Shirts New York” on Google.
  2. To stay organized and focused, make a list. It might be a good idea to target a niche like “Funny T-Shirts”, or “Weddings T-Shirts”.
  3. Talk to your supplier and see if there are any reselling terms
  4. Compare prices. When comparing prices, quality should not be sacrificed. You are looking for a quality t-shirt at a reasonable price.
  5. Ask for promotional materials. You basically ask permission to use some of their marketing materials in your store. These materials can also be used to market their products, without revealing any details about the product.

After you have found a supplier you can start selling the T-Shirts on your eBay store.

Tip: Perhaps your supplier sells online already?

You can use an Amazon-to-Ebay dropshipping rapidlister to publish your items in a click.

Printing T-shirts On Demand (POD).

Dropshippers are well-versed in the use of these methods. Dropshipping has been around for many years so the on-demand manufacturing market (including 3D printing, DTG printing etc.) is a natural fit. Dropshippers have a huge opportunity because it is relatively new.

A t-shirt-on-demand business can be your partner. What does this business do? They use DTG (Directly To Garment) printing technology and can print any design that you have on t-shirts, and then ship it to your customers at a price that matches.

You can earn money from an on-demand printing business by following the same steps as the dropshipping arbitrage methods. First, you need to find a supplier for the printing services. Next, you will publish the products in your eBay shop. Then you will sell the t-shirts through your supplier.

Where can I find t-shirt designs that I like?

It will surprise you to learn that many graphic designers sell their work online. You can find high-quality designs at Fiverr or Upwork. Your designs can be purchased for as little as $5 on Fiverr and as much as $125 on Upwork. Prices vary depending on which t-shirt design is chosen. If you are creative, you can create your own design.

Here’s a list of places you can source T-shirt designs:


Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can outsource a variety of services, including general admin tasks, writing and graphic design. Graphic designs and other gigs are included in the $5 price range.


Upwork is where graphic artists can be found for the highest bidder. To attract potential bidders, you can either search for them online or place a job advertisement. There you can choose your rate and place a bid. Prices start at $3, depending on the design.


Placeit is the best option for those who want to design their own designs but don’t have any design experience. With their simple-to-use templates, you can create amazing designs in no time. You can also make stunning mockups to showcase your designs.


Mintees sells t-shirts and other graphic arts. There are many designers that can create a custom design for you., an online community for apparel and t-shirt designers, is a great place to start. promotes a variety of apparel brands and shirt shoppers. They work with some highly talented tee designer from around the world. To get in touch to a graphic designer, you will need to register. Prices will vary depending on who is selling.

T-Shirt Artworks

The T-Shirt Artworks website is a place for buyers and artists. Explore a variety of designs created by professional graphic designers. Each design is original. The rights to the image are yours once you have purchased a design. Prices vary depending on the design.


Graphicriver offers a variety of artwork for t-shirt designs. Over 1,431 custom tee-shirt designs starting at $4 This is a great place to find talented graphic artists who do great work. It starts at $4.

Print on Demand Businesses (by Tough Nickel).

We made it easy for you. Tough Nickel has compiled a list of great print-on demand businesses. These trusted print-on demand businesses have received great reviews from trustworthy sellers online. This will help you to jumpstart your eBay t-shirt company.

Cafe Press

  • Based in the USA
  • Product range: 250-300. Includes clothing, gifts and homewares. Stationery and accessories.
  • Organic products: Yes! T-shirts for women, men, and children
  • Yes, you can create your own store! Header, Featured Products and Categories, Templates and HTML
  • Sizes of clothing: These sizes vary by product, but they include men’s S-4XL, women’s S-2XL, and women plus 16-34.
  • There are 2 options for fees
  • Your Shop URL
  • Compatible with Your Own Website? You can embed your store, but they don’t recommend it. However, there are widgets available.
  • Additional benefits: Shop performance bonus. To receive a 10%-30% bonus on your base sales, earn $100+


  • Based in the USA
  • Products: More than 350, including clothes, gifts, homewares and stationery.
  • Organic products: Yes Clothing and bags
  • You can create your own store! Fully customizable to match your brand.
  • Clothing sizes: They vary by product, but the following sizes are available: Men’s S-6XL and women’s S-2XL
  • Fees
  • Your Shop URL
  • Compatible with your own website? : Flash Panel Widget
  • Additional Benefits: The Proseller Program. To earn additional benefits, you can earn $100+ over your lifetime. Customers can leave comments on your products, and they can also become “fans”, which allows them to be kept up-to-date on the latest products. Zazzle Homepage lists the top search topics.


  • Based in the UK
  • Products: 150. This includes clothing, underwear and drinkware.
  • Organic products: Yes! T-shirts for women and men
  • You can create your own store! You can embed it into your site.
  • Clothing sizes: They vary by product, but the following sizes are available: Men’s S-4XL and women’s XS-4XL
  • Fees
  • Your Shop URL or your own Domain
  • Compatible with your own website? : Generated code to embed.
  • Additionals: You have the option to have your design printed on or embossed onto products. You can choose up to 16 colors out of the 500 available. Free shipping to the UK


  • Based in Germany
  • Products: 123 includes clothing, gift cards, home-wares and pet accessories.
  • Organic products: Yes Clothing for women, men and children/babies
  • Yes, you can customize your store! Header, Footer HTML, and Colors
  • Clothing sizes: They vary by product, but the following sizes are available: Men’s S-3XL and Women’s S-XL
  • Premium Fees (see additional):
  • Your Shop URL
  • Compatible with your own website? iFrame embedding is available. Customers won’t need to leave your Facebook page to add your shop.
  • Additionals: Premium accounts come with no ads, personalized invoices and shopping incentives. You can sell your design on the market and earn a commission if others purchase your designs for their custom products. You can easily share your products with your customers by clicking the “Blog This” button on every product.

You should check out these Print on Demand companies:

Underground T-shirts

Underground Printing offers custom-printed apparel. They can screen print and embroider various apparel items and promotional products. They can offer high-quality, custom-made screen printed or embroidered products.

Discount Mugs

DiscountMugs is one of the most important suppliers of promotional products in the United States. They’ve been in business for over twenty years. You will find a wide range of innovative products, including apparel, glassware and drinkware, as well as office supplies. These products are perfect for giveaways or memorabilia.

Rush Order Tees

Rush Order Tees partners are a great way for you to grow your t-shirt printing on demand business. The process has been simplified to make it easy for customers such as us.

Printful is being considered by more artists and dropshippers. They offer dropshipping, fulfillment, and warehousing services. Printful does not require minimum orders, making it easy to sell custom-printed t-shirts. You can sign up for free and pay no monthly fees.

It can be overwhelming to sort through all the information. However, you can simplify it by finding print-on demand companies in the area you are interested. You can narrow it further by selecting POD businesses that fulfill your online shopping needs. These include shipping times, shipping costs, quality materials, customer service, and shipping costs.