How to Use Pinterest Ads for Dropshipping Marketing?

You may have tried Pinterest to start a dropshipping business. You’re missing out on endless opportunities to increase your sales without any extra cost. This tutorial will show you how to use Pinterest to grow your dropshipping business.

You must first understand how Pinterest works.

What is Pinterest? How does it work?

Pinterest, like Instagram and , is a social media platform that allows people to pin, share, and interact with visual content, images, and boards (collections of images) on the internet, with their followers, and even their blogs, websites, and social media pages.

Pinterest recently added new features to allow you to create rich pins and Pinterest gifts. This will increase your CTR (Click Through Ratio) and increase conversions for dropshipping web stores.

Also, buyable pins allow users to purchase your product directly through the Pinterest site. This makes it easier and more accessible for end users. Let me now share with you some statistics that will help you understand why Pinterest is a must-have for your business.

Why use Pinterest to grow your dropshipping business

You are missing great opportunities to leverage your company’s brand at virtually no cost if you don’t have Pinterest. Here are some stats to help you understand the situation better:

Pinterest statistics: Why you should use the power of Pinterest?

1. Pinterest has over 200 million users , 60% of whom are women and 40% men. Do not be discouraged if your business caters to men. In 2017, Pinterest saw an exponential increase of 120% in its male followers.

2. Pinterest users spend on average 14.2 minutes per session and access the app via their mobile phones.

3. Pinterest has over 50 billion pins and around 1 billion boards.

4. Generic images without faces and anonymous images are more shared than vertical images. Horizontal images are also more popular than vertical images. This may increase the visual appeal of the images. You should take this into consideration when you pin an image to your account.

5. Descriptions are crucial. Descriptions that are between 100 and 200 characters are more shared in the community.

6. You will see more traffic on certain days than others. According to stats, fashion images perform well on Thursday while travel images are more popular Saturday. Although it is impossible to predict the future, it is important to remember when and where you share images.

Pinterest stats for your company: Why Pinterest is great for dropshipping businesses

1. A brand is represented by two-thirds of Pinterest’s pins.

2. 36% of Pinterest users belong to Millennials, and 72% of them use visual pinboards to connect with their favorite brands.

3. Furthermore, 83% prefer to follow a company on Pinterest over a celebrity.

4. Dropshipping websites need to be recognized by their customers. It is 47% more likely that Pinterest users will discover a new brand or interest.

5. 87% of Pinners purchased a product, 47% being Millennials.

6. 71% of Millennials use Pinterest to find inspiration and buy ideas.

7. Pinterest is 5x more popular than any other social media platform and drives 5x more in-store sales.

8. Pinterest is responsible for approximately 5% of all referral traffic.

9. 67% of users also use Pinterest to find product reviews, prices, and ideas for offline shopping.

But that’s not all.

Pinterest Advertising can bring you 7x more sales than traditional marketing strategies. New Pinterest customers account 70% of the sales generated by promoted pins.

Another tip: Include prices on your pins (use Rich Pins), to get 36% more likes

I hope this convinces you of the many benefits Pinterest can bring your store. Pinterest is known as the “world’s largest collection of ideas” and can help you get found online by potential customers. It also helps to build brand recognition for dropshipping stores.

The next section will show you how to get started with Pinterest and how it can be used to increase sales for your dropshipping business. Let’s get started.

How to use Pinterest for dropshipping: Create a Pinterest account for your business

You must create a account on Pinterest to take full advantage all the tools such as Pinterest Analytics, Buyable Pins, and more. First, choose a name to your account. The following should be your guideline:

Ensure that your business account is named after your business. This will help you find your followers instantly on all social media platforms.

b) Carefully choose your display image. Your dropshipping business should be represented by the image. You can choose your brand logo to be the display image on Pinterest.

c) Your description is crucial. Your business will have 160 characters. To attract people to your Pinterest account, make it memorable and original.

d) Last but not least, make sure you add your URL or website address to the profile section. This will make it easier for people interested in your products to find you.

Are you done? That’s great! Now let’s focus on Pinterest integration with all of your social media accounts.

Pinterest integration with social media accounts: How to use Pinterest to promote dropshipping

Once you’ve created your Pinterest business account and added your dropshipping address to your profile description, now it’s time to make Pinterest more powerful and influential. You can integrate Pinterest with your blog, store, and social media accounts.

This is how to do it quickly using the widget Builder from Pinterest. This tool allows you to connect your store with many options. With just a few clicks, you can add Pinterest widgets or buttons to your store.

a) Save button: Users can click this button to save any items on your site.

b) Follow button: Users can click on the follow button to follow you on Pinterest.

c) Pin Widget – Embed any of your pins on your website or blog to increase traffic to your site and your Pinterest account.

d) Profile Widget – You can display up to 30 pins taken from your Pinterest account in your dropshipping website.

e) Board Widget – Use it to display at most 30 pins from your Pinterest favorite board.

That’s all you need to do to integrate Pinterest and dropshipping with other social media accounts.

Let’s now move on to the next part.

How to optimize your dropshipping shop with Pinterest

After all connectivity and integration is complete, it’s time to make your store Pinterest-friendly. Simply put, you need to add images and content to your store to direct people to your Pinterest account.

Your Pinterest images can be embedded in content you create on your website blog. This will allow people to pin their favorite image and also make it easy for them to find you on Pinterest. Make sure your images are unique and high-quality to attract people’s attention, and encourage them to pin it immediately.

How to use Pinterest for dropshipping: Content optimization

Pinterest is where people look for inspiration, new products, brands and other interests. You must ensure that your content speaks for itself and encourage your customers to browse more of your profile.

You can, for example, add styling tips to your clothing store or create different looks. Then pin it to your shop. You can also include quotes from Styling Divas or celebs to keep a balance between product promotion as well as user engagement.

One picture can tell a thousand words. Visually captivating images will encourage your followers to take action. Click a link, call to action button or repin the image.

You can choose to use different sources for your images to make your posts unique, interesting and different.

Create unique custom images for your dropshipping store in minutes

Unique images can help you rank higher in search engines such as Google and drive more traffic to the store.

You can make your own images using pre-designed Pinterest template ready to beautify Pinterest. You can create beautiful and inspiring images for your Pinterest account by setting up a free Canva account.

Next, pay attention to the description section. Descriptions are more likely to get repinned and shared. Your website URL can be added wherever you see fit.

How to use Pinterest for dropshipping: Engaging your audience with Pinterest boards

Pinterest boards can be a great way for you to interact with your audience and promote products. Although you can create as many boards and topics as you wish, it is best to limit your board to one topic.

You can, for example, create a Pinterest board to share organic ingredients and the recipes that you can make using them. This would be so interesting!

Be sure to emphasize the description and board name. The description and name are also repinned when the board is repinned. Create something that is interesting and will attract the attention of your target audience.

Here are some other things you can do with your boards.

Invite your followers to join your board, or to create their own board. Then share your ideas with them. This will allow you to interact with your audience, get new ideas and help you communicate.

b) Your boards can be used to promote a lifestyle, not your brand. You can reach people looking for new interests and create a board that appeals to them.

You can make a board if you sell travel gear and essentials.

c) To attract more people to your Pinterest account, you can host a contest or giveaway. It’s a good idea for you to create a board that is inspired by your brand and products.

d) Don’t forget hashtags! Pinterest, just like Instagram allows you to use hashtags to help people find what they are looking for quickly. You might use hashtags such as #womenjewelry#womenaccessories and #trendingjewelry if you are selling jewelry.

Pinterest: How to Use Pinterest for Dropshipping Stores: Collaborate with Pinterest Influencers

Social media influencers are all around. You can leverage the popularity of Pinterest Influencers for a spotlight on your products or dropshipping store. Pinterest has been a powerful tool for many brands to generate huge traffic and make crazy sales. These bloggers and influencers can be teamed up with you to take advantage of their growing following.

People are more inclined to make a purchase if they hear about a company or product from their celebrity or friend. This is social proofing, and you can reap the full benefits.

You’ll need to research the influencers and do your homework. Some may offer to review your products for free, while others might ask for a fee for your product. You can also sell your products via Pinterest by having your pins appear on the Pinterest Gifts tab.

This is a drop-down display of products on Pinterest that shows them in price-based collections. To make your big sale, add a price tag to your pins.

Quick overview: How to use Pinterest to promote your dropshipping business

You can sell your products on Pinterest in a variety of ways. This will help you grow your brand following. You can follow this guide to get started and start using Pinterest to create dropshipping stores.

What are your Pinterest Marketing strategies? Let us know your favorites in the comments section below, and we’ll help other dropshippers.

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