In Shopify, Where is the Assets Folder?

If you’ve ever used Shopify, then you may have noticed that its folder structure can be a little confusing. In this blog post, we’ll cover where the “assets” folder is located in Shopify and how to access it. We’ll also go over what kind of things you can find in this folder, so you can make sure your site looks exactly the way it needs to. So let’s dive right in and explore the Shopify assets folder!

What is the Assets Folder?

The assets folder is located in the “Config” folder and contains all of theShopify’s configuration files. These files include the database, routes, theme settings, and more. The assets folder also contains the “Shopify.yml” file, which is used to store Shopify’s secrets.

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How to Access the Assets Folder

The assets folder is located in the “theme” directory of your Shopify project. To access it, simply navigate to that directory and look for the “assets” folder.

If you’re using the default theme, you can find the assets folder at “/themes/default/assets”. If you’re using a custom theme, the location will vary depending on where your theme is located.

Once you’ve found the assets folder, you can access its contents just like any other directory on your computer. You can view, edit, and delete files as needed.

What to do if you can’t find the Assets Folder

If you can’t find the Assets folder in Shopify, it’s likely because you’re looking in the wrong place. The Assets folder is located in the “Shopify Admin” section of your account, which can be found in the left sidebar. Once you’re in the Shopify Admin section, you should see the Assets folder listed under “Sales Channels.” If you still can’t find the Assets folder, contact Shopify support for further assistance.


The assets folder in Shopify is a great resource for those looking to store images, videos and other media that can be used across their ecommerce store. It’s important to know where the assets folder is located and how it can help you manage your content more effectively. This article has helped explain the importance of this folder and how to access it easily within Shopify. If you have any further questions or need assistance finding specific files, don’t hesitate to contact Shopify customer support – they are always willing to help!