Is Dropshipping From Amazon to Amazon is Possible?

This blog is taken from the Amazon seller central forum discussion

Are these prohibited under the Terms and Condition? This is something I have not been able find any information on. Further, can a seller sell and buy the same item continuously from the same Amazon account?

If you need further explanations, let me know.

Let me clarify… I mean listing the product at the highest price. If it sells, then I would purchase it from the lowest-priced seller and have them ship it directly for me. Then I would collect the difference.

The classic is a fool, but there are suckers in every approach taken by International Books or any book.

You will not break any rules until customers kill your ODR. This happens when they receive a price packing slip from an SP merchant or request a refund on their Amazon order number.

This works well for the sellers mentioned above because they have large volumes of books in stock and are able to sell enough on them to maintain their metrics high.

It is allowed. Dropshippers do it all of the time.

Buyers may even consider buying from you if your seller rating is higher or you offer additional services like shipping upgrades, international, and so on.

You are responsible for any item that is not received on time, is damaged or missing from your order.

All of my listings can be re-listed at higher prices. This is not sarcasm. I welcome sales and will ship all items by Priority or FC, ship on time, and grade conservatively. I will also accommodate requests to remove the packing slip.

The mechanics are at best, awkward.

If you’re talking about Amazon buying through FBA and shipping the goods to FBA, I would assume that Amazon’s restrictions on resale and other seller labels might cause problems.

If you’re talking about Amazon buying, you wouldn’t have labels for your merchandise. You can only sell merchandise that can be mixed and matched, which is extremely risky.

Another marginal scheme is available.

Prime shipping is not allowed to be used for more than one address (i.e. You can’t use Prime shipping to send gifts to family members or another address. Prime is a good option, but you will eventually be banned.

You’ll likely get away with it in an emergency situation where it is very rare.

It’s possible to be closed down if it’s your business model.

If you don’t intend to use Prime, then you can do so, but it’s not a great idea. Why would anyone buy from you if they could buy from Amazon?

This could lead to serious time and financial problems. Not always the most reliable seller, but the lowest-priced seller is often not the best. They ship late if they don’t send the product or the product isn’t as described. All of these factors will be added to your metrics. If they exceed it, it could result in being suspended. Dropshipping can be dangerous if you don’t make sure you are buying from a trustworthy source. The order is your responsibility and not that of the seller.

No. Amazon will collect the difference. Amazon will keep some of the difference.

It won’t be easy, but it will be possible with your feedback.

Prime is not the same as the others. Amazon will connect all the dots.

The plan is fine. However, I don’t see why anyone would choose you over Amazon.

Amazon will pay twice the fees of marketplace sellers if both of them are Amazon sellers.

Other posters have also mentioned other caveats (trusting your source, etc.).

…? is the reason a buyer will choose to buy from you, over the lower-priced seller. If the other seller is out-of-stock, the seller whose feedback is …? takes the hit.

I am sure other dropshippers will enjoy another entry in their “sphere”. Recently, I saw a scam where one dropshipper didn’t bother to look at the amazon catalog or book sources from which to dropship. Instead, they copied the any_book prices and went a little lower… it must be insane!

A relative new Grandma prices higher than others – and this is not a newbie who has a rare book. He hopes to get almost as much for it as anyone else, but he will be polite, won’t lower his standards, and willing to follow the rules. This Granny is a smart one. Maybe she gives out her Business card Sundays to her friends and then traps them in her storefront LOL!

To sound more trustworthy, she even uses the name “Grandma” in her storefront.