Is Flipkart Dropshipping Allowed and Worth in India?

Flipkart Dropshipping

Are you interested in selling on Flipkart

Are you familiar with Flipkart’s seller portal?

How do you drop ship Flipkart? Why is Flipkart drop shipping so popular? Here are the basics of Flipkart drop shipping. In the next article, I’ll explain it.

You must open a Flipkart dropshipping shop before you can do Flipkart Drop Shipping.

Flipkart Provides API?

Flipkart also offers API function. This is a great feature for anyone who wants to drop ship with Flipkart. Flipkart has a detailed guide on how to use API function.

This introduction will help you to learn API if Flipkart sellers don’t know what it is.

Flipkart offers sellers a variety of tools to facilitate Flipkart dropshipping, including product link banners, banners, widgets, and promotional banners.

Flipkart Products

Flipkart’s electronic products sales will be a boon because it is an early company that specializes in electronic products and books.

Counterpoint Research, a market research firm, shows that Flipkart’s market share for smart phones increased to 51% in 2017. This is compared to 44% in 16 year. It also owns other businesses, including home appliances, men’s and women products, and baby&kids products.

Flipkart has over 20,000 products. There are many products to meet your needs. You will need your own suppliers to be a Flipkart seller.

Flipkart doesn’t provide source supply so you will need inventory to open a Flipkart store. This can lead to overstock and the risk of losing capitals.

Dropshipping via Flipkart is possible. You can also find third-party dropshipping companies like Chinabrands, and work with them. Dropshipping companies have many suppliers and offer a variety of product catalogues.

This will solve the problem of finding suppliers. Dropshipping companies may offer a portion of dropshipping services, such as Chinabrands.

You will need to know the commission for Flipkart drop shipping.

Flipkart drops shipping commission:

* Flipkart Drop Shipping: Learn how Flipkart charges commission for each product category.

* Books commissions are between 6% and 12%

* The commission for e-books is between 6% and 12%

* Mobiles can get up to 5% commission

* Computers – Its commission can be as high as 6%

* Toys: Its commission ranges from 6% to 20%

* Camera commissions up to 4%

Below is a chart that shows the detailed commission for each product.

Flipkart Market

Flipkart, one of India’s local e-commerce businesses, doesn’t allow international shipping. Because India is its target market.

India is an excellent market for ecommerce. If you’re an international buyer, or want to dropship internationally, you will need your shipping address to be in India.

If you are looking to dropship on Flipkart but cannot solve the suppliers of suppliers, or take less risk with your capital, you should consider working with professional dropshipping platforms.

Logistics and Warehouse at Flipkart

Flipkart, an Indian e-commerce company, has spent a lot on logistics to ensure customers have a great shopping experience. Flipkart, for example, invested in EKart. This India-based logistics company has 600 transport centers across India which allow them to deliver Flipkart’s one day delivery.

Customers in India in 60 cities can get their packages next day if they order before 2:44 pm.

Orders placed after 2:44 pm will be shipped the next day. You can receive packages in India today from 10 cities.

Flipkart’s international shipping policy is not applicable as Flipkart is a solely Indian-owned business.

Which dropshipper can you cooperate with?

Sell on Flipkart Step by Step, finding a reliable dropshipper is necessary. But, for new sellers, how can you identify the reliable dropshipper?

It is important to review the reviews of dropshippers in order to identify them. If a majority of sellers leave negative reviews, it is a sign that the platform is not reliable.

Chinabrands is a great choice for an experienced seller on Indian e-commerce platforms. The following are the reasons why most sellers cooperate with them:

1. You can find full catalogs of perfumes, bags, shoes and jewelry, as well as beauty and 3C products. There are also household necessities and more than 500,000 SKUs. Every day, there are new and exciting arrivals.

2. This supplier is very thoughtful and can cover low-end to high end product lines wholesale at a reasonable price. You can purchase tops from this dropshipper for $0.29 and they are very high quality. It may only cost you $40 to find a high-end fashion brand.

You can also earn CB points for every purchase on the site. These CB points can be used as cash to make your next purchase. If register as a member, you can get much more discounts as well as get more CB points. You can get CB points and extremely low prices, which will allow you to maximize your profit and cut down on costs.

Chinabrands offers additional valuable services.

This wholesaler provides SEO-optimized product descriptions you can download and upload on your online shops like Amazon, Flipkart or Lazada. This will make it easier for you to create product descriptions and improve your store’s ranking.

The company has professional teams that choose the most popular products to sell. Many store owners are overwhelmed and don’t know what products to sell. Chianbrands’s team does the market research and adds data-proven hot products to site every day.


India is an important market for e-commerce. Dropshipping to Flipkart requires cooperation with dropshipping platforms such as Chinabrands.

Because the Indian market can be complex, your store’s reputation will be affected if it doesn’t address delivery issues.

Chinabrands is a professional international dropshipping platform that can assist you in resolving delivery issues professionally. Chinabrands boasts over 10000 logistics lines.