Why Print on Demand Could Be Your Best Investment

Print on demand offers an attractive business opportunity with low startup costs and minimal risk, and allows you to develop products tailored specifically to the audience that they will purchase.

When selecting a print on demand company, search for one with global shipping partners to minimize delivery times and costs, while looking for one offering numerous white-label product designs to expand your offering options.

No Inventory Needed

Print on demand offers entrepreneurs who wish to sell custom products without the initial upfront investment needed for inventory and warehouse storage an appealing way forward. Merchants using this model can utilize online platforms such as Etsy or eCommerce platforms like Magento to market and sell their designs – this reduces startup costs associated with traditional business models while eliminating storage, shipping and warehousing expenses altogether.

Even for entrepreneurs with existing businesses, adding new products to their lineup can be daunting. The risk may be high and profit margins per unit might not compare favorably with bulk production models. Through print on demand services provided by third-party suppliers, items are shipped directly to customers whenever a sale occurs – eliminating warehouse space requirements and associated expenses associated with traditional inventory models.

No matter their age, experience or financial circumstances, anyone can start their own POD platform business. Be it selling customizable graphic tees to customers via an apparel store, custom coffee cups for employees to personalize themselves at work, or custom stationery brands offering personalized envelopes – there is plenty of potential in print on demand to take advantage of and generate significant profits.

POD businesses offer low startup costs and reduced risks, making them an ideal way to enter the ecommerce industry or start new ventures with additional revenue streams. Merchants have access to an expansive selection of white label products as well as designs they can pair them with through print on demand providers that make selling attractive products easy for them to do so.

Low Costs

Print on demand allows businesses to keep overhead costs down by selling each product individually rather than ordering and paying for inventory in bulk. This strategy is ideal for entrepreneurs starting out their business with minimal investment or testing a new product’s success; plus seasonal businesses or those creating limited run products may find this an appealing solution as well.

While you’re responsible for listing and selling products online, shipping and fulfillment will be handled by the supplier. When selecting a supplier it’s essential that they have an excellent reputation, provide fast shipping times and offer quality products; to do this properly you should read online reviews as well as request samples before making your final choice.

Once you’ve secured a supplier, you can set up your store or marketplace and add designs. Each time a customer orders one of your products from a retailer, an email from them with details regarding their order is sent directly to you – from there it goes directly to your supplier who prints and ships it out directly.

There are several outstanding print on demand sites out there, such as Gelato, Tpop, Redbubble and Society6. Some of the top ones include Gelato with over 48 product categories to choose from as well as 130 production facilities worldwide; it connects each order with its nearest production partner which reduces shipping costs and carbon emissions.

Tpop takes sustainability seriously and offers an extensive selection of customizable products. You can register free of charge, with their basic plan being available free-of-charge; however, two additional subscription plans begining at 30 euros can also be purchased.

Quick Turnaround

Maintaining a strong brand image and increasing repeat business can be challenging when your customers must wait too long for their orders. By employing a print-on-demand company, your customers should receive their orders in under one week thanks to warehouses housing products on stock as well as advanced technology that processes and ships them out quickly to your customers.

Print on demand may also be your ideal investment because it allows you to test small business ideas or new product lines without making large upfront investments. Furthermore, printing on demand allows you to test what merchandise will sell well so that you can target products your audience loves and buy from you again in future orders.

Use print-on-demand services to avoid waste from bulk purchases of merchandise that sits unopened for months on shelves or storage rooms before being remembered by your target market. Doing this ensures you only order what will actually sell.

If you plan on using print-on-demand services as your main merchandise source, make sure that the company provides integration with your ecommerce store or marketplace. This way when customers make purchases via your website or marketplace, their order is automatically processed and shipped out by the print-on-demand provider, who then handles production, shipping, customer service and returns management for you.

Consider how quickly the print-on-demand company responds to inquiries from shoppers; this will allow you to form strong relationships with them and offer excellent customer service, key elements in building up your brand.


Print on demand allows you to add your personal stamp to any product, which is essential in today’s highly competitive online retail world. A T-shirt featuring clever cover art or humorous puns could sway a customer either way when making their purchasing decision. Furthermore, print on demand helps cater specifically to niche audiences such as book lovers. In doing so you provide each customer with an unforgettable experience and ensure they know they are receiving something truly unique and special from you.

Print on Demand (POD) offers another advantage – fast turnaround times. POD providers tend to keep stock in warehouses ready to be sent directly out whenever an order is placed, meaning your customers can expect their items quickly – a crucial consideration given the increasing expectations people have regarding delivery times.

POD services also help minimize material waste by only ordering what is necessary at any given moment, making POD services ideal for organizations needing to manage their merch supply like campaign trails or events, where orders have to be packaged up individually and distributed throughout each stop. Furthermore, this saves organizations the cost and hassle associated with sorting, packing, and shipping boxes of merchandise across each campaign stop.

No matter if you are an established ecommerce business owner looking to expand their merchandise range or a social media influencer looking to start selling merchandise directly to their followers, print on demand is an ideal solution for both scenarios. Not only is it budget friendly, but print on demand offers flexibility, scalability and endless creativity possibilities!


Print-on-demand provides immense flexibility. Without inventory to hold, adding or subtracting products is easier, changing strategies without holding onto inventory, and growing audiences at an organic pace – leaving more time and energy to focus on what matters – your business.

Print-on-demand companies also provide you with the flexibility of choosing different printing methods depending on the product and target market, which means you can adjust production and shipping times to best meet customer requirements.

POD companies also often provide fulfillment and warehousing services, which is beneficial to businesses with high sales volumes or short shelf-lived products. This reduces overprinting risks while eliminating costs related to storage, reprinting and pulping if a publication doesn’t sell as anticipated.

OrderMerch provides an ideal platform for small-business owners or those navigating their way through online markets to quickly test out their markets and see if their ideas work before graduating to holding their own inventory and building out your brand.

Printify is an established print-on-demand service with an international vendor network and an impressive variety of classic printed products available to be customized, such as t-shirts, hoodies and hats, homeware such as clocks and water bottles as well as clocks for home use. Joining is free with monthly premium plans offering higher profit margins and customization options available through integration with eCommerce platforms such as Wix eCommerce.