Is Shopify Dropshipping Worth It? Reason and Problems

The eCommerce industry was the industry that profited the most from the 2020 pandemic. This was a huge time for Amazon, Shopify, and all other eCommerce-related items.

Dropshipping stores can also be started on a variety of platforms. People often wonder if Shopify dropshipping or another platform is best.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Shopify dropshipping is definitely worth the investment. I don’t think there is a better platform. Shopify is the perfect platform for eCommerce dropshipping. It offers a low learning curve, great themes, an app store with tons of features, and high scalability.

Some of the other platforms that can be used for dropshipping are Woocommerce, Wix and Ecwid. Shopify is a little more popular than the rest. Let’s find out why.

8 Reasons Shopify Dropshipping Is Worth It

Here are some reasons Dropshipping on Shopify is worth it. Why you should open a Dropshipping Store right away.

It is easy to use and operate

Shopify is one of the easiest things to learn. The dashboard is so easy to use that it takes only a few minutes to go through.

It was difficult for me to get started with Woocommerce and Wix. Although they have similar features, it is difficult to learn how to arrange them.

Shopify has a great reporting dashboard that shows almost all the information an eCommerce administrator would need.

A wide range of themes to choose from

Shopify offers many themes. There are too many themes to choose from. Shopify is not an open-source platform. However, third-party themes can be installed by other experts.

Most themes, however, are quite expensive.

One of the best themes that I have tried and tested is the Debutify theme. It is free and minimal. Upgrades are not required if you wish to access additional features.

Site Builder and Blogging

Shopify’s site builder is among the best on the market. You can easily design a store using this drag-and-drop builder.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Shopify also allows you to create a blog. If you are building a long-term company, this is highly recommended. Since creating SEO-optimized articles can bring in a ton of potential customers to your site.

Shopify App Store is a Real Gem

Shopify’s app store is one reason why you should open an eCommerce or dropshipping store.

There are thousands of apps available that you can integrate into your store to increase sales and improve your average order value.

If you want, you can check out this list of must-have apps for every dropshipping store.

Dropshipping Suppliers Integrations

There are a lot of dropshipping suppliers and all the big names that you see on the internet can be easily integrated into your Shopify store.

They can be integrated into your order to make it easy to fulfill them. You won’t have to enter the details manually on the supplier’s site.

Excellent Customer Support

Shopify provides 24/7 customer support, which is great. WooCommerce and other competitors don’t offer this service because it is open-source software.

Contact customer service if you have any problems or questions about your Shopify store. There is a good chance that most people will not have any problems unless they sell illegal items.

Huge Community

The Shopify dropshipping community is huge. There are many experts. They can be found almost anywhere.

Be careful, there are many fake gurus. Don’t pay for a course or mentorship program if they offer it. Do your research to verify that they are legitimate.

Dropshipping is a great community that I’m part of on Whatsapp. It would be great if you could find such communities via social media.


Shopify works for all types of businesses. Shopify allows you to scale your business, whether you’re a beginner or an expert with many employees/employers.

It is easy to handle many customers simultaneously and won’t break the store.

Two Problems with Shopify Dropshipping


Shopify starts at $29/month. It is affordable and not too expensive. This might be a little more expensive than Woocommerce.

A hosting platform is required for Woocommerce. I recommend EasyWP from Namecheap. They are so affordable at just around $3/month or just $22 for a whole year!

This is a great deal, but it will mean you miss out on Shopify’s exclusive features.

Shopify Apps Can Be Very Expensive

Shopify has many apps, some of which you will definitely use. Nearly all apps offer a monthly pricing plan.

Your monthly expenses will rise. You will need to add the costs of your apps to your expenses, in addition to the Shopify plan, marketing and product costs.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

It is your responsibility to ensure that your dropshipping website is profitable and you don’t lose money.

How to Start a Shopify Dropshipping Shop?

Although Shopify Dropshipping may seem simple, it’s not. To make your dropshipping store a success, there are five things you must do. These are:

  • Product Research
  • Shopify Store
  • Marketing
  • Completefilment, Returns, and Cancellation Mangement
  • Customer Service

Only by focusing on all 5 points above will you be able build a profitable company.

So, the first thing to do before you sign up for the 14-day free trial on Shopify is to learn. Learn as much as you can about the five things.

There are almost no courses you need to purchase, as everything is available on YouTube.

After you have learned about different strategies and hacks, you can start creating your business. Go sign up on Shopify and start creating your business.

It is possible to fail your first attempt, but don’t lose heart. Failure will help you learn from your mistakes.

Shopify Dropshipping: Is it worth it?

Dropshipping on Shopify is definitely worth the effort. I don’t know of a better platform that I could recommend.

It is easy to learn, has great themes, an app store with tons of features, and many other features that make it the best platform for eCommerce and dropshipping.

You can analyze the reasons why your Shopify dropshipping store failed. You can fix the problem with your next shop by fixing the product, the marketing or anything else.

That’s all. I hope you enjoyed this article. Have a great day!