Is YesStyle a Dropshipping or Wholesale Company?

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YesStyle is an independent online e-commerce company that sources products from various Korean fashion brands and suppliers, and ships internationally. Dropshipping is not supported by them. All YesStyle orders include YesStyle logos and invoices.

Online forums, especially Reddit, have been buzzing about whether YesStyle dropshippers are real!

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Are they dropshipping? They sell products from Korean suppliers. Is YesStyle an e-commerce inventory company or is their business model a combination of dropshipping, ecommerce inventory and dropshipping? This is the topic we will be discussing in this article.

What does YesStyle do?

YesStyle is an ecommerce site for Korean fashion. They have beautiful K-fashion clothes, cosmetics, and beauty products.

YesStyle doesn’t manufacture its products. Products sold by YesStyle come from well-known Korean fashion brands such as Barrel and Secretlabel, Shebeach and Mix x Mix, Chuu, and other suppliers.

Aliexpress does not support dropshipping. However, you can search for suppliers that do and agree to ship the products you order on your website to your customers. Dropshipping is not supported by YesStyle. All orders from YesStyle are shipped with the supplier’s logos and branded invoices.

YesStyle is not an ecommerce platform like Amazon and Ebay. YesStyle doesn’t allow multiple sellers on its website. YesStyle sources all products and sells them.

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This is the business model for Yesstyle dropshipping.

YesStyle’s business model is not dropshipping, but an ecommerce retail brand. Because Yesstyle stocks fashion products, it can ship orders within 24 hours if the products are in stock.

In-stock YesStyle products are delivered to customers in America within seven days, excluding weekends and holidays, using local courier services such as USPS.

YesStyle does use a little bit of private label dropshipping. This is because when a product runs out in YesStyle’s warehouse it is usually posted on the website. It is then indicated that they will ship the product “within 21 Days”. In such cases, YesStyle uses private label dropshipping, where YesStyle purchases the product directly from the supplier and ships the product to its customers in YesStyle-branded boxes and invoices.

Dropshipping is an ecommerce fulfillment method where the dropshipper doesn’t keep stock but rather markets the products via an ecomerce site. Products orders are shipped to customers by third-party suppliers, usually without their branded packaging and invoices.

What makes Yesstyle so popular?

  1. Shipping. YesStyle ships quickly to North America. Products that are in stock ship usually within 24 hours, while products that are out of stock ship usually within 21 days. Customers in North America often receive their products in stock within 7 days. Products that ship within 24 hours usually arrive within seven days. YeStyle products are often eligible for free shipping if they meet the $25 minimum order. It is important to remember that YesStyle policy says that the customer is considered the importer of the product and is responsible for customs-related fees.
  2. K-Fashion collection.YesStyle offers a great selection of K-fashion brands by reputable Korean designers such as Shebeach and Secretlabel. Chuu’s famous motto, “Make the dream to be 25 years old forever a reality” is a popular one. You can also find beautiful K-fashion outfits by other lesser-known brands. Remember to consider the size when shopping for Korean brands. A Korean size “L” might be the equivalent of an American size “S”.
  3. Pricing. YesStyle prices are usually affordable! It might not be the cheapest ecommerce site to buy Asian-style products, but it is certainly the most affordable! It is cheaper to buy Aliexpress products than those on YesStyle. Aliexpress also has multiple sellers to allow buyers to compare prices between sellers. People still prefer YesStyle because they get all their product orders delivered at the same time. However, Aliexpress has the disadvantage that different sellers deliver different products at different times.
  4. No-cost Shipping; YesStyle offers many freebies! You’ll usually get free shipping if you reach the threshold.
  5. Customer experience. YesStyle has been around since years! The company was established in 2006. The company was founded in 2006. As of the writing of this article, in July 2021, YesStyle had a 4.5 rating on AliExpress and 68,753 reviews.
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YesStyle business model vs dropshipping

YesStyle is more an e-commerce inventory brand. However, they can be considered a private label dropshipping company when a product is out in stock. They have to source the product and ship it to their customers in YesStyle’s packaging.

However, YesStyle stock products in its warehouses and ships products in branded invoices and packages. This makes YesStyle an independent ecommerce brand.

Private labeling or an independent E-commerce inventory company is the holy grail. This is the goal dropshippers who are most successful strive to reach.

I have always said that dropshipping was not a viable business model. Although it is a great way to make money online and learn digital marketing skills, as well as research niches, dropshipping is not a sustainable business model.

Dropshipping is a common practice that leaves little control over product differentiation, shipping times, quality, and brand recognition.

Once your dropshipping business is gaining traction, I recommend that you transition to an e-commerce company. You will have greater control over your customers and can differentiate your brand. This will give you a competitive edge!

Let’s take a look at it from a practical perspective.

A top product listing was found on YesStyle. It was listed for $14.16

The same top was also listed on Aliexpress for an average price of $9.06, and one seller even listed the same top for $2.60.

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Considering this price difference, customers might not choose to buy from, a global brand such as or a dropshipper selling the exact same product at a lower price.

Why would someone buy from YesStyle when they can get the exact same product at a lower price elsewhere?

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shopify dropshipping store set up

YesStyle was able to establish an ecommerce brand and distinguish their service. Because of their brand recognition, and the excellent customer service they provide, people will shop at YesStyle. I was able browse the comments on Reddits and Quora, and found that most people liked YesStyle as they could receive a variety K-fashion products at once.

Aliexpress is a great place to shop because it’s affordable. However, if I wanted to just browse a wide range of K-fashion products and have them all delivered in one shipment, I would be shopping on YesStyle.


Dropshipping is YesStyle’s business model? No! Does YesStyle support dropshipping? No! No!

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