Juicer Dropshipping Suppliers and Products List

Juicing involves extracting the juices of fresh vegetables and other fruits rich in nutrition. This juice is used primarily by people who wish to cleanse their bodies or add healthy juices to their diets. Juicing is a way to remove most solid matter. It removes the skin and any other matter, such as seeds and pulp, from fruits and vegetables. As a result, the liquid is rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals. It also contains antioxidants that are naturally found in the matter. This is possible with citrus juicers.

Dropshipping juicers are a great way to make decent money. More people want to live a healthier lifestyle. We can help you choose the right juicer for dropshipping.

How do you choose a juicer to dropship?

Your squeezing requirements will be met by the best juicers. No matter if you are a serious juicer who squeezes the soil every day, night and morning, or a casual juicer who needs to enjoy a refreshing taste of celery juice after a hard workout, it doesn’t matter what your preferences. You will be able to maximize your financial plan by choosing the juicer that best suits your needs, space, and preferences.

Read more about the three main types of juicers before you decide to buy your first or second juicer machine for dropshipping. Although each machine may have unique features or special qualities, the fundamental capabilities of all juicers will be similar – chewing, triturating, and diffusive. These juicers vary in the manner they extract juice, the speed at which they work, the juice’s nature, and how boisterous.

Continue reading to learn more about these three types of juice extractors and their respective features. You can then choose the juicer that best suits your customers’ needs so that you can drop-ship them.

Most Popular Types Of Juicers

1. Cold Ress Juicer

Cold press juicer uses a pressure-driven pressing system to separate juice from food grown from the ground. Other methods, such as a single auger and centrifugal, are not recommended. Cold-pressed juicers cost between $79 and $280.


  • Slow speed of mastication
  • Equipted with a 150W motor
  • Multi-purpose juicer
  • Variable speed
  • Operates quietly
  • Offering long-lasting performance

2. Slow Juicer

Slow juicers have a moderate speed, as they must use a high squeezing force to squeeze the juice through the machine. For this squeezing power, a low-speed enlistment motor is needed. Speed is an essential part of any squeezing process. A slow juicer can cost anywhere from $100 to $400.


  • Motor size 1.1 HP or greater
  • Slow juicers can produce extremely loud sounds
  • Variable and high speed
  • It is easy to assemble and use

3. Commercial Juicer

The commercial juicer was designed to meet the needs of an individual. These juicers are needed by businesses like restaurants, hotels, and juice bars. They are available in a range of prices, from US$60 to US$700.


  • A commercial juicer can extract fruits at up to 2 liters per hour.
  • High speed
  • It is simple to use
  • Size/weight – 75.6lbs

Dropship The Best Juicers

This website offers juicers of high quality. Although there aren’t many juicers on this website, the ones that are available are of the highest quality. Let’s take a look at these.

Multi-Function Electric Juicer

The 800W and 110V Multi Function Home Use Electric Juicer is the first available juicer. This juicer is safe and non-toxic, thanks to the use of these materials. It is easy to use and clean the juicer with wide mouth. It also features lock design and an anti-drip function, three speed modes, and lock design. It is a very useful tool in your kitchen.

American Standard J02 Juicer

The 600W and 110V ZOKOP American Standard Juicer is the second pure juicer in our inventory. This kitchen tool is very durable and is small enough to be easy to use. The juicer comes with a large 75mm caliber, a 600ml Juice Cup and a 1000ml Slag Cup. This juicer is highly recommended as one of the finest.

ZOKOP American Standard HTMLW-J09 Juicer

This electric juicer is a reliable kitchen appliance . It is very easy to use. The juicer is also considered one of the most useful kitchen tools on the market. It is large at 85mm and has a 1000ml Juice Cup and a 1500ml Pomace Cup. This juicer is also great for those who want to make the most of their juicer.

These include a feed chute measuring 3.3 inches. This means that we can juice an entire apple. The safety lock and overheating protection are two other great features of this juicer. This allows the electric motor’s to stop when it reaches 105 degrees. This juicer is the best juicer 2020.

Juicer vs. Blender: The Differences You Need to Know

People often mistakenly believe that juicing is the same as blending. To make the best choice for your health, you need to know the difference between a juicer or a blender. A juicer will usually separate the fibers from the vegetables or fruits, while a blender will also include the fiber in the process of processing the vegetable or fruit. A juicer’s drink is quick and easy to consume, while a blender will take longer but leave you feeling fuller for longer. It is difficult to decide between juicing or blending, as each has its benefits.


Dropshipping juicers are a great option if you’re able to identify the right products to dropship. This article is meant to help you identify the needs of your customers, and guide them accordingly. It will allow you to make a decent living from dropshipping.