Lashowroom Fashion Marketplace Dropshipping Review

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We are the leading online wholesale clothing marketplace.

Through virtual showrooms, we bring together designers, apparel distributors and buyers from all over the globe by offering pre-screened boutique clothing and accessories.

Every week new fashion designers, manufacturers, and distributors are added to the site. Make sure you check back often for the most recent wholesale fashion clothing, accessories, and other fashion items.


Register buyers can place orders with multiple vendors using one account on our online shopping marketplace.

They have access to hundreds upon hundreds of showrooms that include menswear, childrenswear, bags, shoes, and accessories.

Buyers have special access through to services such as the Buyer Rewards Program or product images for promotional and website use.

WHY APPAREL MACHINERS AND DISTRIBUTORS LOVE US serves as a virtual showroom for accessory and apparel manufacturers and distributors. Our vendors sell their products to buyers all over the globe through this online shopping destination.

Vendors can sign up for professional fashion photography, customized email campaigns for their virtual shop, website administration, and graphic design services.

Dropshipping: How do you start?

This is the big question: “How do I dropship?”

Here’s the deal.

  1. Conduct extensive market research.
  2. Locate a trustworthy supplier (called “source”)
  3. Make an online shop
  4. Advertise your store.
  5. Optimize and grow your store.
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This is it.

Conduct extensive market research

This is the most important step in starting a dropshipping company. Learn about the market. Learn about the market, including who are the sellers and what products are sold at what prices.

Do your research. Dropshippers often make the mistake of starting something that is already in existence, but not knowing what it was.

Locate a reliable supplier (“source”)

Dropshipping is possible only if you have a source. Let’s call it “iPhone cover” if you have a product in your mind. Look for reliable iPhone cover manufacturers that will dropship their product at wholesale prices.

It is necessary to obtain their complete product list, customization options and product images, as well as prices.

Also, you need to ensure that your source will accept orders from you and deliver the products directly to your buyers.

The second step is to create an online shop for dropshipping.

Start an online shop for dropshipping

Dropshipping is simple, but it’s important to choose the right platform for you.

Google “best dropshipping platform” and you’ll find a lot of legacy platforms that are expensive to start.

You will also need to learn a lot. You will need a marketer, a coder and a designer.

These are the areas where Dukaan, a new platform for millennials, offers value.

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Dukaan makes it easy to create an online dropshipping store.

Simply download the app and sign up. Then, you can list your products, and you are ready to go.

It’s as simple as updating your profile picture or managing a WhatsApp group to set up your store and list your products.

Dropshipping is a great way to make money, provided you can focus on selling and promoting your products, rather than tweaking your store.

Dukaan comes with everything you need, and it’s ready for plug and play. This allows you to focus on marketing your store, and increasing sales.

Promote your store

The third step is to market your store and increase sales.

SEO (search engines optimization) and social media are both options.

We have written many tutorials about here as well as here. You should check it out.

These are the complete instructions on how to dropship in India.

Optimize and grow your store

Learn everything you can about your store once the sales start to come in. What products are most popular? Where are they coming from? When is the best time to get traffic?

Dukaan allows you to easily access all insights with a plugin such as Google Analytics.