Lessonly Pricing, Features, Pros, Cons, and Reviews

Online education is now more popular than ever. Experts predict that the market for eLearning could reach $24,000 million by 2027. It’s not surprising, considering how simple it is to log in online and learn new skills.

A learning management system (lms) is a way to make a living online if you have valuable skills or insight. We’ll be discussing Lessonly, one of the most popular online learning tools.

Lessonly, a cloud-based learning platform, supports individuals and businesses in creating educational and training experiences. Lessonly is especially useful for new employees and onboarding. You can quickly log in to Lessonly from your Chrome browser and begin gaining job skills.

Lessonly provides everything, from course creation tools to analytics and custom learning paths, and much more. This is a great resource for customer support and enterprise groups. Let’s have a closer look.

There are a few cons and pros to consider.

Before you decide Lessonly for your business, it is important to understand the basics of this solution. There are mixed reviews on the internet. Some people praise the drag-and drop interface and the ability to create reports.

Others say Lessonly is not suitable for them because of the limitations of the software and what it can do. It’s still a new product and it will take some time before it becomes a more rich learning service.


  • Cloud-based flexibility
  • Software for learning management that is easy to use
  • Sales teams can learn from each other
  • Drag and Drop customization options
  • Reports and user-friendly insight
  • A range of intuitive eLearning experiences
  • Mobile devices are super compatible


  • Some features may have limitations
  • Formatting and customization options for customizing are restricted
  • It is better to assist employees to do better work than it is to teach students.

The Less-only Review: What can you do?

Lessonly, as mentioned above is a type of LMS software that allows for course authoring and lesson creation. Lessonly, however, is a training program tool that focuses on professionals.

Lessonly is a great tool for creating training materials for your employees. You have a lot to choose from, and you can also add elements that will increase user engagement like videos and SCORM files.

These features include:

  • Lesson creator: Lessonly’s overall rating often shows that they have a drag-and drop interface for creating lessons and courses. Lessonly is a great way to make simple training courses for your staff using computer software. It is great for any size business and supports text, video, audio, SCORM files and AICC.
  • Learning paths: The Lessonly learning path feature allows you to create different types of training experiences for different roles. With different resources and tools available, you can create learning experiences that are unique for each member of your staff. You could create a series of courses for salespeople and then create a completely different experience for client service managers.
  • Content HubLessonly university comes with a comprehensive learning library and tons useful templates that can be used to transform your education experience. Your organization has access to a collection of pre-built courses that the Lessonly system provides. Lessonly’s support team can copy any content you wish into your platform so that all your employees have access to it.
  • One sign on: This tool is great if you are concerned about security training for your business staff. Single sign-on allows you to log in to your Lessonly account with one set of credentials. This makes security much easier. It integrates with many functions including Azure Active Directory and SAML 2.0.
  • Admin Tools: Lessonly offers a variety of administrative tools that will make it easier for you to keep track of common tasks and get things done. Bulk uploading, for example, allows you to add multiple employees to your lesson plan at once. You can also export PDFs to save important files for offline use. Webhooks allow you to send information such as reports to different database environments and many other tools.

What is the cost?

Less-only pricing is difficult for beginners. There are many things to think about when buying a learning tool or a plugin for websites such as WooCommerce and Salesforce. Integrations with tools such as Slack or Asana as well as premium and/or paid add-ons might be something you should consider. You should also consider custom branding, which may be more expensive in certain cases.

Transparency in pricing is crucial when buying business tools. Unfortunately, Lessonly doesn’t make this information available online. It tells you what packages you can buy, including Pro and Pro Coaching plans, as well as the Enterprise Learning plan to support global teams.

You must speak with a member to get an accurate and complete Lessonly price.

These are the available packages:

  • Pro:Includes an intuitive lesson builder, powerful training software and a client experience manager. Interactive quizzes, surveys and automation tools are also available.
  • Pro + Coaching This plan includes additional support, interactive, and feedback tools as well as all the benefits of the Pro plan. You can also use the Webcam Recording, Screen Recording, Email Practice, and Chat Practice features. You can also use the audio and ticketing practice features.
  • Enterprise Learning This package is designed to support large global teams and is the most expensive.

It was priced on the pay per learner basis by Lessonly before it removed the information from its website. This seems to be the case. However, all packages include support for 25 or more users. Each package includes support for custom branding, API access and insights.

The Pro Coaching function has a lot more coaching and practice features, but this is the area that stands out the most. Both plans include tons of lesson-building and automation features. There are also integrations with Zendesk, Chrome, Slack and many other tools.

You can also add additional functionality to your Lessonly package by speaking to the team.

  • Salesforce integration
  • Tutorials
  • Internationalization
  • Custom branding (advanced).
  • User management (advanced)
  • Roles custom
  • Support for preferred services

Many companies will find it difficult to decide whether they want to use Lessonly because there is no price. Every business wants to know the cost of a service before signing up. Lessonly promises to make it as easy as possible.

What kind of customer support is there?

You’ll be able to see one thing when you shop for learning tools: sometimes you will need to pay more to get the right customer service and support. This is a problem with many cloud-based software services.

Lessonly offers more dedicated customer service and client success guidance, depending on how much you pay. Regardless of your plan, you will still receive good support. With access to expert and customer service managers, personalized services provide support for companies after purchase. Ask professionals for assistance or consult the knowledge base to resolve your own problems and answer common questions.

You can find tons of downloads in the Lessonly Help Center. You can also sign up for services to help you train and create courses for your staff. You can reach the company via telephone or email if you require additional guidance.

Options and Integrations

Lessonly is an excellent professional training tool with many great features. Unlimited lessons can be created with gamification to engage your audience. This will increase your chance of having people complete your course.

Lessonly is similar to Litmos in that it allows you to tailor your training to meet the needs of your staff. Even more capabilities can be added with amazing integrations.

Lessonly can be integrated with Chrome, which is ideal for those who need quick access to information or training without having to log onto another app. To streamline sales training, you can link your Lessonly experience to Salesforce and measure the impact of your lessons on your bottom line. You can also integrate with:

  • Zapier
  • Slack
  • BambooHR
  • No.
  • Zenefits

Lessonly, based in Indianapolis, makes mobile learning easier by providing access to the platform across all mobile operating systems. All pricing plans of Lessonly allow you to log in from any device. This is a great option for remote workers who need to train.

Who should use less only?

You may be wondering why Lessonly is better than other LMI options. Although Lessonly has many great features for enterprise educators it is not the best option for all customers. Lessonly is best suited for training professionals. It is not the best tool to host any type of course.

Based on the Lessonly tool’s user reviews and our experiments, we believe this is a great tool for those who want to experience real-world situations for learning. It allows you to walk students through a task with video and give them presentations. Agents can also be given feedback via star-rating and comments.

The benefits of Lessonly are not limited to small businesses and large corporations. It is simple enough to use the back-end environment. The system provides insights in the form a variety of metrics that can help you track the success of your training initiatives. The system can also track engagement rates, team satisfaction and how many people have completed certain courses.

It is easy and quick to manage roles and groups in the Lessonly backend. Permission settings can be used to limit the rights of users when they work with Lessonly. There are several groups that can be used to limit the access of users. You can also create new users and assign them custom groups so that your entire team receives the best training.

There are options for support for employees who can’t access the online training they need. Send learners an email inviting them to attend a training session.

Business leaders can use Lessonly to create smart groups and give specific content to those who are most in need. You can also tag each lesson to organize it and make it easier for people to find specific information. Lessonly also allows you to organize content according to who it is for or what type of skills it supports.

The Verdict: A Lesser Review

Lessonly enjoys high ratings from business users of all backgrounds. Lessonly allows companies to use screenshots, videos and other content to improve the performance of their employees and track their results.

Lessonly can be used to improve employee engagement and training. Trunk club and other companies rely on Lessonly for the best results.

Lessonly can be a great way to help your employees and increase productivity at work. Lessonly is used by hundreds of companies around the world, including U.S. Cellular and Cisco. This is a good thing. It is easy to use, ideal for corporate training, as well as a great way to improve workplace performance.

But, Lessonly isn’t right for all teams.

This service has its downsides. There are limited formatting and customization options, as mentioned above. This means you have limited options to personalize courses and brand them.

Some of the features that are available can be difficult to find. Customers complained about the difficulty of changing the fonts or colors within their courses.

Many people agree that Lessonly is better for small and medium-sized businesses than large enterprises. Some smaller businesses might find pricing difficult to manage. Good luck in finding the right training solution for you.