Lipsticks Dropshipping Business Information Need to Know

Why Sell and Dropship Lipsticks Online?

In the United States alone, approximately 133.54 million people use lipstick and lipgloss making this niche perfect for those looking to create a makeup store. By 2020, lipstick usage is expected to grow to reach 142.15 million U.S. consumers. Store owners have a wide range of colors available to offer customers, from classic reds to subtle nudes to bold blues. Online lipstick brands can expand their reach to include other beauty products like foundations, eyeshadows, and makeup brushes.

Dropshipping lipsticks and lipglosses is a better option than wholesaling because of the large number of colors available. Trends in lipstick colors change with every season. Wholesaling lipsticks can result in unsold inventory. Dropship lipsticks or lipglosses can increase your product range by up to 30%. Dropshipping allows you to expand your business into new niches with no additional costs. Dropshipping allows customers to order goods at their convenience, which helps to reduce unnecessary spending.

Main Dropship Suppliers for Lipstick

Oberlo has many distributors who offer makeup products, including lipsticks and lip makeup. Lip glosses, lip scrubs and lip masks are some of the many products that distributors offer in addition to lipsticks. Distributors offer the most popular types of lipsticks: matte or sheer lipstick, liquid lipsticks, moisturizing lipsticks, lipsticks with frosted or pearl lips, lip stains, lipsticks that are moisturizing, lipsticks that are liquid, lipsticks with a satin finish, lipsticks that are translucent, lipsticks with matte finishes, lipsticks with a gloss, lipsticks for smudges, lipsticks that are textured, lipsticks which can be used as a lipstick and lipsticks. Red, pink, brown and beige are the most common lipstick colors. There are many lipstick options that have gained popularity as lipstick trends change. These include lipsticks in black, blue and purple.

Most lipstick manufacturers are located in China (Mainland). However, lipstick products are most popular in North America, South America and Western Europe. A single lipstick can take over a dozen different ingredients. Manufacturers use a variety of waxes to create lipsticks, including ozokerite, beeswax and candelilla. For the manufacture of lipstick, manufacturers use a variety of oils, including olive oil, mineral oil and cocoa butter, lanolin and petrolatum. However, some manufacturers prefer to use vegan, eco-friendly and herbal raw materials when making lipstick.

Dropshipping Platform Lipsticks

Here are some lipsticks that have high sales and are available on dropshipping platforms. To illustrate the popularity of lipsticks on dropshipping platforms, I will also introduce Chinabrands.

Liquid lipsticks

Lipsticks can be classified into two types: liquid and solid. The following photos show one of the most loved liquid lipsticks from Chinabrands. This lipstick looks like a bulb, as you can see. The packaging and the colors are very unique. These lipsticks are also available in three colors. The common designs of lipsticks, whether liquid or solid, are not appealing to large numbers of people because they offer something unique and different. A unique design or a special color might be a good way to sell lipsticks in dropshipping.

Solid lipsticks

Solid lipsticks are now the most popular in dropshipping. But, ordinary lipsticks can’t make a lot of money unless they have unique designs and brilliant colors. Special effects should be the main selling point for lipstick dropshipping sellers. The following image is an example of a lipstick that has been selling well on Chinabrands. There are 20 colors available for customers to choose from. These lipsticks are waterproof, so they should not be affected with liquids like coffee and water. It can be easily removed with makeup remover. These lipsticks sell for $0.57 each which is very affordable as cosmetics on the market. Chinabrands should ensure that all products they sell are certified.

Dropshipping is a market where both liquid and solid lipsticks have the highest profit margins. However, it require unique designs or special effects for attracting consumers. Dropshipping lipsticks is a profitable business idea that can be made if the sellers are able to select the right products.

Are there any other products that we could sell that are related to lipsticks,

We know that lipsticks will be the most popular cosmetics in the future, so products related to lipsticks must have greater sales than those that are related to lipsticks. A lipstick holder is one of the most popular products that are related to lipsticks. There are 24 slots to hold lipsticks, liquid or solid. Lipstick holders will see a rise in sales due to the increasing demand for lipstick storage.

These disposable lipstick brushes are for liquid lipsticks. These disposable brushes can be used to replace the original brush that has been damaged or lost. It is available in 100 pieces for $0.84. This makes it very affordable and easy to carry around outdoors. It is expected that lipstick brushes substitutes will also increase in popularity due to the increased sales of liquid lipsticks around the world.

What are the top tips for lipstick dropshippers?

We know that cosmetics drop shipping is almost saturated due to the fierce competition from well-known brands like Armani and Cle de Peau Beaute. Dropshipping lipsticks from famous brands is difficult because of the difficulty in finding suppliers and the high costs. Dropshipping lipsticks is possible only if you work with reliable dropshipping platforms. Below are some benefits retailers can enjoy when they cooperate with a dropshipping platform.

Quality control

It is easy to understand that lipsticks are cosmetics that are applied to lips. Therefore, sellers need to pay close attention to quality control as it could cause health problems for consumers. Chinabrands, for example, has its own quality control team that ensures all products sold online are certified.


We all know that lipsticks, especially, are delicate and drop shipping platforms should be able to work with reliable logistic companies. Chinabrands, for example, is collaborating with many logistic companies around the globe such as DHL and EMS. It is easy to see that Chinabrands must ensure the safety and security for all lipsticks being shipped.

Customer service system

Lipsticks can be quite different to other products in that consumers might have questions before buying. Drop shipping platforms can offer professional customer service to help retailers communicate with their customers. It can also help customers make a purchasing decision. Chinabrands has a customer service team that is available 6/24 and covers more than 10 languages, including English, French, and Chinese.


We can conclude that dropshipping lipsticks can make retailers a lot of money in the global drop shipping marketplace. The common lipsticks are not able to make large profits worldwide so it is important for retailers to understand how to select lipsticks that have unique designs. Retailers should also work with reliable dropshipping platforms as they can handle most problems during trading, such as customer service and quality control.