List of American Dropshipping Products Recommended by Oberlo

What is Oberlo?

This Oberlo review (2021 Update) is a great resource for anyone considering dropping shipping to start an online business. Dropshipping is a popular method of selling products online. It’s an excellent way to get started in e-commerce.

Are you looking to start a dropshipping company but aren’t sure where to begin? Are you worried that drop shipping is too complex? Are you unsure who to contact? Enter Oberlo.

Oberlo makes it easy to import AliExpress products directly into your Shopify store. You can then ship to your customers anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. Oberlo is used by more than 6500 Shopify stores and has already made over $36,000,000 in sales.

Oberlo is free to try for 30 days. No credit card is required. Their cheapest plan is 5.00 per month. Each account comes with a free trial to the Pro Plan. You won’t be charged until the trial ends.

Oberlo was founded in 2015 by a group of close friends and Oberlo has quickly thanks to its powerful features and ease of use become a leading drop shipping app in the Shopify app marketplace, with nearly 7,000 active Shopify stores that so far have made over $36 million in sales.

Oberlo makes it easy to import AliExpress products directly into your Shopify store. The products are then shipped to your customers in just a few clicks.

Oberlo is committed to helping people succeed no matter where they are in their e-commerce journey. No matter if they’re just starting out, or looking to expand their online business in new ways.

Oberlo works with AliExpress and Shopify. You can import thousands of AliExpress products into your Shopify store.

Oberlo connects to AliExpress and makes it easier to sell products there. Oberlo is available in the Shopify App store, and the Chrome extension can be purchased in the Chrome shop.

Hello, you guys are always telling me that you’re afraid customers will not wait for long shipping times from China, and I’m always telling you you’re incorrect customers will wait. We have a solution that we both can agree on. Ten products are hot right now and you can sell them from American warehouses. And the best part of it is these products are all already on AliExpress. So you can still use Oberlo and Shopify to get these products to your customers, but you can get them to your customers a lot faster.

For every product I will tell you today, I’ll share both the shipping costs and estimated shipping times. Faster shipping is more expensive. I am impatient as well as your customers. Let’s start with this list of 10 products you can dropship to America.

Body shaper

Although you might be a little irritated by the first product in this list, I think you will enjoy my new perspective. The first product is a body shaper. You’ve probably heard these products are selling well before. Let me tell you why they are so popular.

A body shaper isn’t something women want to purchase. They would rather purchase this product online. That’s great for you, the online entrepreneur.

Why is this the best time to sell a body-shaper? We’re filming this fall 2019, and as winter turns to fall, holiday functions will be held, which means that women will need to wear cocktail dresses they haven’t worn in a while. These body shapers can be a lifesaver as they are shipped directly from America so you can deliver them to your customers before the next holiday event.

This particular body shaping machine is my favorite. There have been a lot orders and there are many reviews. But it isn’t cheap. It costs less than $20, so if you want to make a profit, it’s likely that you will need to price it higher than $50.

To get around the high price: you must be able to answer any questions a customer might have. This means that you have to measure the product. I tried selling clothing online before, and you can do it, but you’re gonna get a lot of questions about measurements, so order test products, whip out your tape measure, and make sure you’re right about that, so you can answer customer questions ahead of time. They can also click buy quicker.

Although the product is expensive. Shipping to America via USPS is free. This is a great advantage because your customer will receive it within 5 to 7 days. This product isn’t the most glamorous, but it sells quickly. If this product is not for you, there are nine other products on my list that ship from the US. Let’s now move to product number 2.

Magnetic phone holder

The next product on this list is a magnetic air-vent mount for mobile phones. This is basically a small device that can be mounted onto your car’s air vents. Magnetic and equipped with a magnetic sticker, the device can be stuck to the back of your smartphone. This will allow you to drive long distances on Google Maps.

The best thing about this product is that you can choose where you want your phone to go in your car. It can be placed on any air vent nearby or on your left-hand side. You have the freedom to do what you like. It has that unique flexibility that makes it stand out. You can see the orders if you don’t believe me. This product has 33,000 orders. This product is extremely popular. Now you might say, “Well this product is saturated.” But I beg to differ because if you look at the reviews for this product, there are about 17,000 reviews, which is about half of the number of orders that tells me that a lot of consumers are buying this direct from AliExpress, which means that a lot of people aren’t yet dropshipping this product.

This product is also a great way to market it. Video ads are what move products off shelves these days. But the nice thing about this product is, you don’t need to go through the trouble of making your own product video ad. Simply click on that video to download it and use it in your Facebook ads instant conversions. This product is also inexpensive which means you can price it low and still maintain margins, and take advantage of impulse buys and that is the golden ticket for dropshippers. You don’t have to be put to sleep by the number of products available for shipping to America. I have product number 3, which is great for anyone looking to get some zs.

Anti-Noise Sleep Headband

Product number three is an anti-noise sleep headband. There’s a lot of room for branding, here, but what I love about this product, is it solves a problem which is what every successful dropshipping product needs to do to be compelling enough to buy.

The way this works is there’s a little audio set that feeds into this soft terry cloth headband, and as you can see in the product photos, customers can either wear the headband around their eyes are just around their ears, but they can play white noise into the headband, as they’re trying to fall asleep. This is a great solution for people who have difficulty falling asleep, especially those who travel. That is a fantastic niche store, to build around a product like this. It would also be great to create a niche store for people with trouble sleeping. There would be many products. I digress.

The product is $7 and ships in under a week. It’s also a great product that you can market to customers who have a trip in the near future. Just make sure that if you do that you advertise that on your product pages, let customers know that they’ll receive this product within seven days so that customers can plan, “Yes, I need to buy this now so I have it in time from my next business trip.”

Another tip. Another tip. You can find that in the AliExpress product description, but just make sure to put it into your own words in the product description on your Shopify page.

You want to anticipate the reasons that a customer may not purchase because they aren’t sure how they will use the product. Then answer those questions before the customer buys the product.

Endurance Sports Mask

With product number 4, things are about to get strange. This is product number four. Who was that guy from Batman?

Producer (off-screen): Christian Bale? Bane

Jessica,Bane. Because it has this, I don’t know, grill in front, it looks exactly like Bane would wear it. It’s clearly meant for athletic use. And in fact, that is exactly the purpose of this training mask.

These masks reduce oxygen flow to the mouth. This sounds counterproductive to me but CrossFitters and endurance athletes love it. The mask will be worn and they’ll soon get used to working at a higher level with less oxygen. As if they were taking high-altitude training, or anything similar that improves their performance. Personally, I think this could be worn to nightclubs and receive a lot positive attention.

However, this is not the only reason you would want to sell this product. Dropshipping this product is a great way to reach people who train hard for intense sports. CrossFit’s crew tends to have some disposable income. This is a good thing. CrossFit isn’t cheap. You can still sell this product at $59.99. It is important to focus on the benefits.

That means you might have to do a little bit of research about why this is helpful, and how people can use it, and how long. You should also research the safety of this product and inform people that you won’t wear it for hours. Although I don’t have the answer, I do know that it is something that customers will need to know before making a purchase.

This product is new to me and I am quite athletic. This product has the potential to be a big hit with Facebook ads. This might be the perfect product for you if you are looking to stealth sell a product. We’re now going to be talking about moms and CrossFit athletes.

Personalized Birthstone Ring

Because the next product is a personalized birthstone ring. This tiny ring is brilliant. This ring is a wrap-around and you can customize it to have your name and birthstone engraved.

Customized products sell because you just can’t find a completely customized ring like this in stores, you can build a whole store around this ring in particular and have blog posts about what birthstones match each month and what that means. If you want to target this product, you should target it towards mothers. They’ll most likely want the birthstones and their names on the ring.

Don’t forget grandmothers and men. As the holiday season nears, many people will need to purchase gifts. This is a great gift to give mothers and other mother figures. The product is delivered to your doorstep in just four to seven days. It is also very affordable.

This ring with shipping comes to just under $12, but you can afford to price it pretty high. Because it is custom, I would suggest $39.99. You can set the price higher when you offer custom products. That is amazing. You should make sure you get all orders completed on time. Otherwise, you will lose money. So be patient with that, process or hire a virtual assistant to help.

You know what? I actually believe what I said earlier. When I first saw this ring I thought it was great to give mothers. I still stand by that opinion. You can have one band with one name and one birthstone. This could make a great gift to anyone, or even as a birthday gift. As you sell this ring, make sure to keep your audience diverse and let Facebook decide who is most likely to purchase it.

Oh, and actually, you know what’s genius about this particular product is when you’re creating a Facebook ad, you can target people who have a birthday in the month of the birthstone in the product. You can buy the test product, get the December birthstone, and then target people who have December birthdays. Let them know they can get a personalized ring for their birthday with their birthstone, and it will be delivered fast from America.

3D Brick Wallpaper

Although this product is slightly different, I believe it stands out and has not yet been seen in dropshipping shops. This product is a 3D brick wallpaper and it’s selling well on AliExpress. It has received approximately 2,000 orders and 1,200 customer reviews.

This tells me that most people who order this product are ordering directly from AliExpress. This product is not available from many dropshippers yet. This product works by sticking it to your wall. It will appear as if your wall has a rougher brick texture. It’s almost like an industrial loft.

I am a sucker of exposed brick so this might be why I favor this product. However, I believe it would sell well to anyone interested in home improvements. You might be tempted to think the price is ridiculously low. However, this is only one dimension of the product. Your customers will measure how much they require and then purchase the required number of squares of three-dimensional wallpaper.

One thing I love about products that people have to buy multiples of is that you can give volume discounts, so for example, you can give a little bit of a discount if someone buys two or more squares of this wallpaper, a note about this product and other home improvement products: These are going to sell well at the beginning of 2020, when people are starting to think that they’re ready for a fresh start, they want to redo their space. And so while other products that I’ve mentioned might be great for holiday sales, this is the product that you wanna stock now to get ahead of the competition in the new year.

Dog Car Carrier

The next product on our list is a dog carrier. You don’t have to be a dog carrier. This product has a unique feature that allows you to target Facebook ads with breed-specific information.

You’ve probably seen the dog carrier. It’s strapped into a car seat. However, it has a small box so it’s great for smaller dogs. This is not the same as the dog carrier you place in your back seat. It’s great for protecting the seats from fur from larger dogs. This is definitely for toy breeds, so make sure you are specific with your ads.

Create a copy for this ad that reads, “Perfect to your chihuahua,” then target people who are passionate about chihuahuas. It is your goal to reach people who love their dogs and would pay anything to have them safe while they travel.

This product is more expensive than the average product. It costs around $16 and ships for an additional $4. This product should be priced at $49.99. This product is very expensive. Some customers might be curious about the type of car seat it fits into. Do your research and email the supplier with any questions.

Don’t be afraid to contact suppliers. Suppliers are eager to work with dropshippers through AliExpress. They’re also very communicative, because they know that when you make sales, they make a sale. If you have any questions, or require clarifications, please reach out to the supplier. Avoid working with suppliers who don’t respond quickly to your inquiries. Many of these products are similar to products from other suppliers. It is important that your business and your margins work with a supplier who you trust, who you can rely on for prompt and reliable service. There are a few more things to look for when you are trying to find a dropshipping supplier that you can trust. We’ll cover that in Oberlo 101.

Oberlo 101 is our newest dropshipping course and I will literally hold your hand through the store build process, and I’ll even teach you all about Facebook ads, in addition to what to look for in a great supplier.

Satin Shoelaces

On to the next product, they are satin shoelaces. This is the product that you get an easy sale with Instagram influencers. This product is affordable and comes in many colors. It makes any sneaker look amazing.

Shipping to America is only $4. These shoelaces are priced at about $9.99 to $14.99. And then approach Instagram influencers that have around 10 to 50k followers. Because you don’t have the budget to pay for them, you won’t be targeting huge accounts. If you are just looking to sell your first product, this product is perfect.

My first sale was quite straightforward. I didn’t even have to send a product to any influencers. I simply contacted them and asked what their thoughts were about my store. After they gave me good feedback, they said “Thank you” and I gave them a 20% discount code. Boom. Sale. I did not pay any advertising. So don’t be afraid, as you reach out to influencers and anyone on Instagram, to remember that they are people too, they love a good deal, they love it when someone takes the time to talk to them as individuals. Even if you are not yet at scale, there is still time. Take advantage of this opportunity to get feedback about products such as these, make your first sale, and feel confident about investing more money in Facebook ads.

3-in-1 diaper changer

Let’s now move on to number nine in our list of products you can dropship from America. This is a travel diaper bag. Although it looks like a bag, you can open it to make a diaper changing station for your baby.

This is a very intuitive way to target people. Targeting parents with young children who change their diapers often is a good idea. This is a great time to market as the holidays approach. Parents are likely to travel to their relatives with their infants and may not have a place to change their diapers. Let me share with you a favorite trick for writing great product descriptions. Click on AliExpress’s product page and click on customer reviews. Customers will often tell you the product they are looking for that you didn’t know about.

When I was looking through reviews on this diaper bag, I noticed that some customers said that the baby’s headrest is padded. Although it is not something I noticed in the pictures, it would be a significant feature for anyone purchasing this bag. With this in mind, I’d include it in the product description. Also, there should be no strange odors or protruding threads that a baby could play with if the parent was not watching.

These details really matter. It’s important to describe the product so that the customer understands how it fits into their life. If you are selling to mothers or new parents, I recommend that you include this product in your store. And don’t be afraid to raise the prices. This product is of a higher quality, and people will happily pay more for products that are well-maintained.

Anti-Stain Tshirt

It’s time to move on to the last product in our dropshipping list from America. It is an anti-stain t-shirt. Quite frankly. It was also something I couldn’t believe, but the supplier posted a video on the website showing different colors of liquids being poured onto white t-shirts and then sliding off. It’s a mystery to me, but it’s not impossible.

This t-shirt is magic and solves a problem for customers. It’s especially useful for those who travel a lot or eat large meals with many sauces during holidays. This is exactly what you will describe when you promote this product via Facebook ads.

This product ships not only from America but also to other countries. If you don’t know this already, let me tell you, you can dropship to a long list of countries with ePacket shipping and you can dropship to a lot of places locally too if you do a little bit of research. Dropshipping products to countries like France and Spain is a huge business.

If you have the time and money to try selling to people in those countries, I recommend it. You can translate your ads to Spanish or French using a platform such as Google Translate. This will allow you to ship the product quickly to those countries. This is it.

Let me know what you think. Is your anti-stain tee shirt effective? Although I watched the video, I am still unsure about it. What do you think of the other products? Leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts and I’ll respond with my thoughts. Keep learning, improve your market and sell more.