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Skateboard decks custom printed on demand and sent to your customers one by one!

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Drop shipping premium skateboards is the most cost-effective way to ship them to your customers.


The highest quality ingredients are made using the most recent manufacturing techniques. 7 ply American maple cold pressed with skateboard-specific glue


Combining screenprinting with digital printing creates a high-resolution print. Just like a professional would, the ink is attached directly to the veneer.


To add your artwork, download the template. Follow these instructions.


Choose the product that interests you and then upload the artwork you have exported from our template. Choose your options, then proceed to checkout.


Drop shipping is provided for your custom skateboard. The product is shipped in unopened packaging. You can include your packing list. * International shipments require an international invoice to be attached with the package.

Why now?

Since years, we have been receiving daily requests for custom-made skateboard dropshipping. With the development of printing technology and internet technologies, it is now possible.

Advancements in Printing:

A print process was developed that allows digital printing to be combined and screen printed. This was possible by adding screen printing to the digital print. This is the layer of specially formulated ink, which is chemically bonded with the wood veneer. It ties together the prints. The skateboard deck is not bonded with vinyl or plastic. What’s left is the ink of the same composition as the lacquer used to seal it. This type of print is required by professional skateboarders. The ink must slide smoothly and not stick like a sticker. This method can also be used to print ‘one-offs. This was impossible before because screen-printed decks required a screen for each color. Set-up fees were in the 100s.

Technology Advancements:

The costs of customizing skateboards are much cheaper thanks to advances in web technology and business process technology. These savings can be passed on. Drop shipped custom skateboard decks can be sold with a good margin without having to carry inventory.

Your own board

Chinese dropshippers electric skateboards and longboards. We offer a variety of motorized skateboards and long boards with commuting technology that uses hub or belt motors. This allows for maximum speed, efficiency, and reliability. Dropships and wholesale carbon fiber and bamboo boards. Available in many sizes, shapes, and designs. Distributes and supplies motor parts, spares and motor kits, as well as wheels, batteries and other equipment, for motorized skateboards. OwnBoard is an Asian company with its headquarters in Longhua Shenzhen China.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

Surf, Wind, and Fire

American wholesale dropshippers sports and outdoor gear. A range of products and equipment for skateboarding, including wheels, parts, sizes, and skatewear. Outdoor clothing and apparel, including headwear, beies, gloves and wallets, as well as bags, backpacks and other accessories, are also available. You can find camping gear and equipment such as tents, warm and cold weather clothing for hiking, base layers, thermals, hammocks and outdoor lighting. Also, you can get sleeping bags, sleeping bags, and backpacks for camping. There are many styles of footwear available for children, men and women. Surf Wind and Fire are headquartered in New Bern, North Carolina .

Skateboard Dropship from Aliexpress

High quality skateboard dropshipping new. Skateboard dropshipping usa stock skate. Perforated design, accurate hole position fits most skateboards. It is ideal for skiing, droppingship, and all other outdoor activities. This accessory is suitable for all electric scooters and can be used as a replacement for your skateboarddama. This cool keyring is in an astronaut design, makes your keys stand out and is very popular with both men’s and woman’s dropships. T-shirt for girls, boys and women, casual pullover top, cartoon tops, fashion tops, youth girls.

The socks are made from spandex and cotton, which makes them soft, comfortable, elastic and breathable. They can also be machine washed and kept in a good condition. These socks are suitable for all types of skateboards. AliExpress also offers great deals on fashion jewelry and underwear as well as scooters, bikes, and other accessories. You can save a lot on your skateboard by keeping an eye out for deals and promotions. AliExpress offers a great shopping experience. Our goal is to make online shopping easy and smooth. AliExpress allows you to save more while getting more. To make an informed purchase, read the reviews from other customers to get a better idea. Check out our website to find the best skateboard.

Related information about skateboard dropship. You can purchase a variety of items such as socks and sneakers. You may be interested in different types of skateboard dropships, including fashion, harajuku and hiphop. Aliexpress has the right product for you. You can find everything you need on Aliexpress.

AliExpress offers more savings on fashion jewelry, underwear and scooters online. You can also shop safely with AliExpress. To find trustworthy sellers, read each seller’s skateboard review. Real reviews of skateboards will help you make an informed purchase decision. To help you choose the right skateboard, check out real reviews left by customers to narrow down your options. Skateboard reviews can help you make safe purchases. Before you buy, read reviews by other buyers of popular skateboards!

Related products to skateboard dropship include sneakers women running shoes and sports shoes. It can hold two handles for a skateboard and a pulley. The food is scattered on top of the striped socks while the words are concealed at the bottom. This shirt will make you look effortless stylish. The new fashion trend is to wear the shirt looser at the front and leave the back plain black.

Socks are suitable for almost all sports, including basketball, softball and baseball, as well as football, softball, soccer, volleyball, running or walking, and even tennis. Browse through our extensive collection of top-rated skateboard dropships to find the one that fits you best! To narrow your search for skateboard dropship, you can filter items that come with free shipping. You can always come back and discover a new variety of skateboards. Use the multiple filters to help you narrow down your search for a skateboard. AliExpress allows you to find the best skateboard by filtering for price, best match, and number of orders.

AliExpress offers skateboard dropship at great prices. You can shop from your home and enjoy all the benefits of skateboard dropship. Deal hunting is a great way to save money on your skateboard dropship purchase. AliExpress has many ways to save money on skateboards.

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