List of Dropshipping Affiliate Program Companies


Dropshipping affiliate programs explode as more eCommerce businesses adopt this simple and lucrative business model.

This market segment is expected to continue growing, which is good news for entrepreneurs and internet marketers who don’t have anything to sell or much money to invest.


Affiliate Commissions: Three Tiers of Commission

  • Bronze – 20% – up to $717 for your first year subscriber
  • Silver – 25% – up to $897 per subscriber during your first year
  • Gold – 30% – up to $1,076 per subscriber during your first year

Description of Affiliate:

Spocket is a top dropshipping supplier of original US/EU products. Spocket makes it easy to select the best products from thousands of dropshipping sellers around the globe.


Affiliate CommissionGet 30% commission on every sale

Wholesale2b is owned by LLC. It was founded 15 years ago to develop software and focus on drop shipping.


Affiliate CommissionAll sales are 50% off

Description of Affiliate:

SaleHoo is an online marketplace for dropshippers, wholesalers and e-commerce sellers. It’s a powerful research tool and supplier directory. You can earn money by promoting SaleHoo on your blog, newsletter list, or website. There is no need to sell anything. You simply send people to our site and get commissions when they purchase something.


Affiliate CommissionsYou can sell up to 284 units

Description of Affiliate:

Alidropship is trusted by thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. Our affiliate program makes it easy to use and is highly accurate. We do our job, and you get your money.


Affiliate CommissionsYou can earn up to 30% commissions

Description of Affiliate:

WooDropship allows you to create an AliExpress Dropshipping shop. You can add AliExpress products to your WooCommerce shop. WooDropship assists you in fulfilling orders from your dropshipping shop by automatically adding the order products to AliExpress as well as auto-filling customer information during check-out.


Affiliate CommissionFor the first 12 months, you earn 30% of the customer’s monthly subscription fees.

Description of Affiliate:

All you need to automate your drop shipping business is one dashboard. Dropified makes it easy to list, find and fulfill the top-selling products for your ecommerce store. Dropified turns online distributors into ecommerce powerbrokers.


Affiliate CommissionFor a full year, you’ll receive 2% of all the revenue generated by users who sign up through your affiliate link.

Affiliate Description

Create your CJdropshipping affiliate URL in seconds. Share it with others. You will receive a 2% commission on all orders placed via your link during the next year.

Shopify and Woocommerce customers are our main customer base. They also sell on eBay, Amazon, Lazada, Shopee, and Lazada. We focus on marketing and take care of other tasks like order processing, product sourcing, and shipping. Our ability to be responsive to our customers while remaining highly competitive has made us one of China’s most trusted drop shipping partners.

We have shipped our products to more than 60 countries and regions, and still offer the same level of service. We are looking forward to working with you and helping your company grow. For more information, visit our website or contact us directly.


Affiliate CommissionFor every product import package sold, you’ll receive 50% commissions and 30% for each customer who orders a Turnkey Custom Store.

Description of Affiliate:

DropshipMe lets you import more than 50,000 AliExpress hot products with clear titles and descriptions directly to your WordPress store.


Affiliate CommissionRecurring commissions of 20% will be earned.

Description of Affiliate:

FindNiche, a powerful dropshipping tool, allows people to quickly analyze profitable products and generate a huge return on their investment. Dropshipping via platforms like AliExpress or Shopify is possible for eCommerce store owners and dropshippers. FindNiche could help them solve the problem of finding a profitable niche. __S.53__


Affiliate CommissionYou can choose between the Referral Commission and Reseller Discount plans.

Affiliate Description

Volusion ecommerce sites have received over 185 million orders from shoppers who have placed more than $28billion in purchases. Get your share of the revenue by becoming a channel partner. Businesses, freelancers, and web agencies that build stores for their clients. This program is completely free and includes many resources and incentives to help clients and you grow.


Affiliate CommissionGet 50% commissions

Description of Affiliate:

DropShipping One connects drop shipping sellers with online buyers.

Suppliers of goods may register for the visibility service at no cost to subscribers to online sales and purchase additional visibility.

Online sellers have the option to consult the public area free of charge and to purchase a subscription to access the entire subscriber database (over 700 suppliers from around the globe).