List of eBay Dropshipping Management Software

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Dropshipping is a business model that 33 percent of online retailers use to sell their products. It has generated over $85 billion in online sales.

Dropshipping offers retailers a 50% chance of making higher profits than those selling on-site inventory.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Dropshippers still have to find the right product to sell.

A staggering 84 percent of ecommerce sellers stated that finding the right product was their most difficult task.

Dropshippers on eBay aren’t always successful because they can’t find the products they need.

Dropshippers are struggling

Unfavorable truth: Dropshippers lose nearly 90% of their business within their first month. This is because they didn’t make any profits.

Some of the common reasons for these failures include:

  1. Incorrectly Niching
  2. Pricing errors
  3. Lousy customer support
  4. Sending delayed shipments
  5. Management of businesses is inept
  6. Tasteless website design

You’re in luck. These problems can be reduced or eliminated with the help of reliable dropshipping tools. Dropshipping is easy on eBay.

If you are able to use ebay dropshipping software, dropshipping can prove to be a great option.

Let’s get going and see the top dropshipping tools on the market.

Best Dropshipping Software for Your Business on eBay


AutoDS allows you to import product listings into eBay and Shopify stores.

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This tool was originally designed by Lior Pozin, a dropshipper who is an expert in the field.

The platform boasts over 20,000 dropshippers who have signed up for their newsletters.

Dropship software can increase positive feedback by over 60% with three personalized messages.

This is how the feedback system works. After the automated order registrations, the customer receives the first message.

The second message contains the tracking number. The third message requests positive feedback from the customer.

AutoDS Features

  • AutoDS tracks the prices of suppliers every hour and updates your product based on any changes.
  • The tool automatically orders your supplier when your customers place orders. It also monitors the order process.
  • It reduces cancellations and prevents losses
  • AutoDS Finder Premium scans over 40,000 eBay dropshippers each day and saves their top products to a database.
  • It displays a detailed view of your business using a state-of the-art dashboard.
  • This includes graphs as well as filters.
  • The platform updates the tracking number whenever the supplier releases it.
  • AutoDS makes it easy to modify bulk listings frequently.
  • It allows you to price products according to their demand and delists products that aren’t being sold for a while.

AutoDS pricing


  • Plan Just Started – $7.99/month
  • Dropshipper Plan: $16.79/month
  • Professional Dropshipper Plans – $151.99/month
  • Dropshippers in juniors can start a custom plan starting at $23.99 per Week
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The annual payment plans are slightly less expensive. The trial is free at the moment.


  • Free – $0
  • Starter – $47 per month
  • Warrior – $97 a month
  • King – $197 per month

These plans are free to try.

You can also subscribe to add-ons such as Product finding and Auto-ordering.


AutoDS uses Messenger chat to provide customer support.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

This Dropship Software is the Best!

  • Software follows a process that ensures your customers leave positive feedback about you
  • AutoDS supports all languages, so language is not a problem.
  • The platform saves users a lot of time, which is something that most users love.
  • Support can be reached via the Messenger chat app

This software needs to be improved

  • There is no phone support for the platform.
  • Paid trial


PriceYak was the first dropship software, and it has been around for approximately 11 years.

It allows you to manage an arbitrage between eBay and suppliers such as Costco, Walmart, Costco and Aliexpress.

You might find on Amazon products that are in high demand.

You then list it on eBay for a higher price.

This is often a good thing, as most people only shop on certain platforms.

PriceYak Features

  • PriceYak lets you customize your template and other settings using business policy profiles.
  • Before you publish your listings, preview them and make edits.
  • It also has an ID graber that quickly captures product IDs from retailers.
  • This tool uses advanced filtering to automatically find high-quality accounts, and prevent duplicate accounts.
  • Listing is free
  • Software monitors your stock and adjusts the quantity you list based on your availability.
  • PriceYak Pricing
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PriceYak offers a free listing and 100 first-prices listings.

Your first 300 ZMA order every month is automatically ordered by auto.

However, auto ordering and subsequent repricing attract payments of $0.10 to $0.40.


  • PriceYak answers questions in the Common Problems and Solutions section.
  • You can also request information.

This Software is a shining example of what shines

Software allows you to automatically update and repair products, even after they have been listed.

This software needs to be improved

There is no phone or chat support available on the platform’s website.


Pricefox software helps you monitor eBay price movements and respond to them, without having to visit eBay.

The software now offers an all-in-one platform that allows dropshippers to sell on eBay.

Pricefox is primarily focused on pricing but you can use it to do competitor research, listing SEO and duplicate listing checker. Pricefox also has an API that allows for data extraction.

You also have access to over 150 listings, 500 suppliers, bulk upgrades, and many other services.

Pricefox Features

  • More than 500 suppliers
  • VA accounts
  • Research tool for competition
  • Repricer
  • API
  • Chrome extension

Pricefox Pricing

Pricefox offers 12 pricing options, ranging from 150 listings starting at $14.99 to 20,000 listings starting at $599.99.

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Pricefox only provides support through its Facebook page.

This Software is a shining example of what shines

  • Offers a free trial
  • The price is lower that most of the competitors
  • There are more than ten Amazon product fetching techniques
  • Feature-reach software

Where this software needs improvement

  • The trial period is only for three days
  • Only PayPal is accepted for payment
  • Support options are minimal: There is no phone, email or chat support.

DSM Tool

Dropshipping on eBay is made easier by the DSM Tool. It will help you find the right products for you to sell on eBay and list them.

You will find plenty of suppliers with this tool. It is compatible with all major eBay marketplaces:

Canada, USA, UK, Germany France, Italy, Australia and Spain

DSM Tool maintains a Facebook community in several languages.

Support communities can be found for English, Hebrew and Thai as well as Russian, Greek, Spanish, and Russian. This platform is accessible to a worldwide audience.

DSM Tool is a great resource for dropshippers who are just starting out.

The software sports tens of features to help dropshippers build a successful business, and they add new and helpful features regularly.

DSM Tool Features

DSM Tool has many useful features. Here are some:

  • More than 50 suppliers are available for product sourcing
  • Every hour, price change monitoring
  • Listing of managed activity
  • Every hour, stock change monitoring
  • Lister of single and bulk products
  • Multi-variation lister and listing scheduler
  • Listing SEO
  • Management of duplicate listings
  • Auto-restock
  • VA Access
  • Listing repricer
  • UPC management and tracking converter
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DSM Tool Pricing

  • Monthly or Annual Plans: Free – $0.00
  • Basic – $24.97 per month or $19.97 annually
  • For businesses, $99.97 per month or $79.97 annually
  • Enterprise – Monthly Plan: $499.97 or Annual Plan: $399.97


This software provides support through its knowledge base, Facebook communities, and live chat.

This Software is a shining example of what shines

DSM Tool offers many advantages over the competition. These are just a few:

  • It’s Facebook communities offer support for international languages
  • Get 30% off your yearly plan
  • Offers a free plan that covers up to 25 item listing
  • Offers a learning environment for users
  • Get a free trial

This software needs to be improved

  • This tool does not offer phone support
  • DSM Tool entices you to sign-up before it reveals its pricing


Easync is an eBay arbitrage tool. It allows users to find out which products are better than their competitors and generates significantly more profits.

This software is a Chrome extension that has been very popular.

The browser tool is used by over 6,800 people and has received 4.5-star ratings. They also offer API access to Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress, and AliExpress.

Easync also offers a web application for users. Easync can help you to find a product, guide you in setting prices and auto-reprices, assist you with copyright management and other needs of eBay sellers.

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Easync Features

Easync features include:

  • No cost listing creation
  • Cashback on eligible Products
  • eBay messaging CRM
  • Templates for listing
  • Supports eBay variations
  • Pricing scrapper and competitor titles
  • API for product sourcing at AliExpress, Walmart, and Amazon
  • Automated ordering
  • Management of duplicate listings

Easync Pricing

Easync offers a free forever plan with 100 active listings, Easync fulfillment and instant access to other features.

You get the paid plans.

  • $0.04 per Month for 30,000 or more active listings
  • $0.05 per Month for more than 15,000 active listings
  • $0.06 per Month for more than 5,000 active listings
  • $0.10 per Month for more than 1,000 active listings
  • $0.11 per Month for more than 100 active listings

This Software is a shining example of what shines

  • You can list up to 100 products with this robust, free plan
  • Get APIs from AliExpress, Walmart, and Amazon
  • It is easy to find lower supplier prices
  • User interface is simple and intuitive
  • Get a free 10-day trial

This software needs to be improved

  • No telephone support
  • Limited supplier options

Black Lister

Black Lister, another tool, allows you to dropship on eBay. It’s an eBay listing tool that also has other features to enhance its offerings.

This tool helps you list your items on eBay. It also focuses on repricing and virtual assistant platform. Search engine optimization is another focus.

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The software sports a Chrome extension that has over 1,000 users. The Black Lister browser extension has a near perfect 5 star rating.

This platform has more than 150 suppliers. You can also create an eBay variation listing.

Black Lister Features

  • More than 150 suppliers supported
  • Supports multiple repricers
  • Virtual assistant access
  • Search engine optimization
  • Keyword research tool
  • Image editor
  • Management of duplicate listings


Black Lister offers support via two channels only

It has a Facebook Support Group as well as an Error Page guide page to provide support and customer service.

You can also find video tutorials on their website.

Black Lister Pricing

Black Lister is $19.99 per month, and you receive a 30% discount on your first month.

This Software is a shining example of what shines

  • Straightforward pricing
  • 30% off your first month
  • UPC Management
  • Video guide library with robust features
  • Auto-lister

This software needs to be improved

  • Black Lister’s user interface could be improved
  • There is no chat, email, or phone support

eBay Title Optimizer

The title of your eBay item can either attract or detract from sales. But that’s not the problem.

Problem is, you don’t know what your product title does – whether it is winning or losing customers.

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Hence, you can’t optimize your titles effectively.

The eBay Title Optimizer tool allows you to see a complete breakdown of the performance of your title and make data-backed recommendations to improve it.

Title Optimizer has some useful features.

The eBay Title Optimizer: Features

  • Keyword score and title
  • Keyword suggestions for new keywords
  • Title optimization length
  • Duplicate keywords removed
  • Eliminating punctuation marks


The software offers an online ticketing option and a Contact Us page for customers to communicate with them.

Title Builder Pricing

This tool is simple in pricing.

  • Get a free trial: $0.00
  • Silver Plan: $0.10 per item title
  • Unlimited: $0.07 per item title

This Software is a shining example of what shines

  • Unhelpful characters should be removed from your title
  • No credit card required.
  • Strong title and keyword reporting
  • Free options let you manage 10 item titles

This software needs to be improved

Ads can be harmful to the free tool.


Salefreaks is focused on Amazon to eBay dropshipping.

It connects to thousands of stores and can be set up in just three minutes.

This software is a major player in the space, with over $100 million in eBay sales, and 8 million listings.

Salefreaks launched Sales Hunter to eliminate repetitive tasks and make the eBay listing process a breeze.

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This tool is designed to personalize the user experience.

Salefreaks users will be able to start gaining benefits from the platform within minutes in just five steps. These are the steps:

  1. Locate a product
  2. Register the listing
  3. Optimize prices
  4. Communicate with buyers
  5. Fulfill your orders

Dropshipping training is available for potential and current users of this Israel-based platform.

They also offer coaching one-on-one for their clients.

Features of Salefreaks: The Amazon to eBay Dropshipping Software

Dropshipping software from ebay has many great features. These are just a few.

  • Product research: The Sports Product Finder features make it easy to identify profitable opportunities for sports product sellers.
  • Auto-pricer
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimized listing generator
  • eBay CRM: Manage customer communications
  • Amazon Coupon Hunter: Search for heavily discounted products to sell at a high price.
  • Title Optimizer: Salefreaks takes the guesswork out of optimizing titles for command clicks.
  • Auto-ordering

Salefreaks Pricing

Salefreaks breaks down its pricing into Bronze and Gold based on listing ranges, as well as other features.

By clicking on the pricing bar, users can view how much they are willing to pay for their listing.

Salefreaks also offers auto ordering, monthly and annual payments, as well as 50 percent off your initial month.

  • Bronze: Listings 100-250
  • Listings for Gold: From 500 to 4500
  • Platinum: 5000+
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Salefreaks offers its users unlimited training and mentorship. You also have multiple support channels.

  • Telefon
  • Skype
  • Email
  • Social media

This eBay Software is the Best!

  • Live support available 24/7
  • To prevent bulk scanners, hide UPC
  • High-profit item locator
  • Trial for free
  • Mentorship program
  • Training is free
  • Multiple-channel support
  • 50% off your first month with the monthly plan
  • Enjoy two months of free service with the yearly plan

This software needs to be improved

  • You cannot use the free trial to access key features such as UPC hiding and title optimization.
  • Only Platinum plan customers have access to dedicated mentors


ShopMaster is a cloud-based ERP platform.

They provide a complete solution for product listing, product sourcing, sales management and other tasks.

ShopMaster is a simple tool for dropshipping ebay products.

They have created a platform that is accessible to non-techie audiences.

Dropshipping suppliers are supported by the platform. They support more than 20 suppliers, including Bang Good.

Chinabrands, DHGate and GogoMall. 1688, Alibaba, WalMart. AliExpress.

ShopMaster offers auto-translation between Chinese and English. It also auto-prices products as they change on their origin platforms.

ShopMaster is used by more than 80,000 dropshippers to process more than six million products annually.

ShopMaster offers a rich environment that allows its users to be successful in their dropshipping business.

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These include a Chrome extension and support center.

ShopMaster Features

  • You have many options for product sourcing: You can import products from AliExpress, Amazon, AliExpress and dozens of other sources.
  • Translate Chinese text into English with one click
  • Auto-pricing allows you to automatically price products from certain suppliers in order to match changes in prices.
  • You will also receive updates about inventory changes.
  • Listing management: Create or modify new listings instantly.
  • Sync tracking numbers: You have the ability to import tracking numbers from your suppliers and then sync them with yours.
  • ShopMaster allows you to manage all your employees from one location.

ShopMaster Pricing

ShopMaster offers four plans

  • Starter: $0.00, Free for Life
  • Basic: $19.90 per month
  • Business: $39.90 per month
  • Enterprise: $79.90 per month

Each plan has its own unique combination of software features and benefits. There are 21 benefits and features in total.


ShopMaster offers support between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm GMT +8. ShopMaster offers support from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm GMT +8.

This Software is a shining example of what shines

  • Access to multiple suppliers
  • Plan with strong features – Free
  • Auto-pricing
  • Auto-purchase
  • Supplier API support
  • Automatic tracking codes update
  • eBay auto-restock

This software needs to be improved

  • Some suppliers are limited in their order management
  • Multiple supplier registration fees when you use multiple suppliers
  • Support is limited to 12 hours per day and location dependent
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Dropship Beast

Dropship Beast is a leading eBay dropshipping software provider that offers an all-in-one solution for eBay sellers.

This software is ideal for sellers who need to automate their pricing and manage product shipping. It also helps with search engine optimization.

The platform sports a convenient Chrome extension to make your eBay dropshipping business run more seamlessly.

Dropship Beast’s Chrome extension allows sellers to semi-automate listing and order.

More than 1,700 Chrome users rate the software at 4+ stars.

It’s clear that users love the tool. You will often find raving fans commenting on the tool on social networks.

Dropship Beast users have access to the “Go Guide”, which teaches them step-by-step how the platform can be used for their dropshipping business.

You can also use the tool to remove active eBay content.

This platform is optimized for those who enjoy learning the ropes of a tool through video.

Dropship Beast offers video explanations to assist their users in reducing their learning curve.

Dropship Beast Features

Let’s take a look at Dropship Beast’s features.

  • Automatic updates: Price, shipping, and product quantities
  • Bay inventory management
  • Sending and receiving messages from eBay
  • Mobile-friendly and Search Engine Optimized product lister
  • Semi auto-ordering feature
  • Traffic reports
  • Virtual assistant control panel
  • Chat support
  • Uploader tracking
  • Chrome extension
  • Find item specifics
  • Sellers get two-level anti-scam protection
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Dropship Beast Pricing

Dropship Beast offers its users a 2-week trial that allows them to list up to 200 listings and track 100 of their transactions.

Six payment options are available in the software.

$30 per Month

  • 250 Listings Monitored
  • 150 tracks uploaded

$40 per Month

  • 500 Listings Monitored
  • 300 tracks uploaded

$65 per Month

  • 1000 Listings Monitored
  • 600 tracks uploaded

$90 per Month

  • 1,500 Listings Monitored
  • 1000 tracks uploaded

$100 per Month

  • 2 000 monitored listings
  • 1,500 tracks uploaded

Dropship Beast offers the option to create a custom plan. All plans include the same features as those outlined above.


Dropship Beast offers a chat function, but it is not available 24/7.

You can leave a message and they will get back to you.

You can also access their Contact Us page to fill out a contact form.

You can also access an active members area if the software is already installed, which allows you to get faster support when you need it.

What shines with this software

  • Dropshipper tools that will help you list, track, improve, and improve your listings
  • It’s a handy Chrome extension
  • Dropship Beast’s efforts to automate as much of its process, including supplier and ordering functions, is called Automating Dropship Beast.
  • Software that is easy to use
  • The openly accessible Go Guide
  • Demo that shows what the software can accomplish
  • Users rave about the customer service
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What Drop Shipping Software needs to be improved

Drop shipping software is loved by fans and users alike, but there are some flaws that you should be aware of before making a decision to purchase.

  • Support is not available 24/7
  • There are no telephone support options available. Support options are limited to forms.
  • Some improvements could be made to the user interface

Last Thoughts

You’ll have probably seen from the list of dropshipping tools that there are many dropshipping options. How do you decide which dropshipping option is best for you?

First, determine your needs and then search for dropship automation software to match them.

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