List of First Aid Kit Dropshipping Companies

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We will discuss wholesale first aid supplies and what resellers need to remember.

First Aid & Health Facts

A wholesale first aid kit is a collection of first aid supplies. The contents of first aid kits can vary based on the experience and knowledge of those who put them together, the first aid requirements in each area and any changes in laws or regulations. Worldwide, first aid kits are produced and sold, particularly in the developed world.

There are two main types of first aid supplies: first aid products and accessories. The category for first aid treatments consists of four segments: ointments/antiseptics, anti-itch products, insect first aid products, and smelling salts. Tape, bandages, gauze and cotton are the first aid accessories category.

Sports Medicine Products

There are two types of sports medicine products on the market: accessories and treatments. The category of sports medicine accessories consists of two segments: body and muscle support devices, heat and ice pack, and muscle and body support devices. Sports medicine treatments include external analgesics and rubs.

Segmentation of the global market for sports medicine is based on product. Based on the application, the market can be divided into shoulder, knee, hip, and spine treatments. The market can be divided based on its application into tendinosis and tendon to bone.

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Basic First Aid Supplies kit

Everyone needs a basic first aid kit. Keep one in your car for in the event of an emergency. One is handy for hiking, running trails, and mountain climbing. In case of injury, keep one in your gym bag. This is what you should look for in a basic kit everyone should have.

  • Size – If you only need the basics, or if it’s your first purchase of a first aid kit, choose a small one that can be carried in your bag, purse, gym bag or car. It’s easy to carry a small kit.
  • Do-it-yourself vs. all-in-1: It’s often more cost-effective and definitely more efficient to have an all-in-1 first aid kit. You can save time and not forget an essential component of your kit. For the best storage, all-in-one kit are packed in a compact way. These kits take up the least space and are lightweight. It will be invisible to you.
  • You may need to add items that are specific to your sport. The following items are recommended for those who just want to get started, or for general first aid.
  • Gauze pad
  • Tape for medical purposes
  • Sterile adhesive bandages
  • Topical antibiotic ointment
  • Cold pack
  • Use disinfecting wipes
  • Storage: Not all first aid kits are created equal. It is always a good idea to have a sturdy nylon bag. The bag is durable and easy to refill with supplies. You should look for pockets with mesh to make it easy to see all the contents.
  • The best use of Individuals can benefit from the smaller first-aid kit. These kits are useful for all activities that can lead to injury such as daily life, trail running, and backpacking. These small kits can be used as a precaution for individuals, small groups, and leagues.
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First Aid Kit for Athletic Training

You should consider an athletic training first aid kit if you’re serious about your exercise routine. You can either customize the kit for your sport, or you can buy one that is ready-to-go. This is what you should look for in an athletic training kit. These are ideal for casual and weekend athletes.

  • Size:Kits that are shaped like cubes have the highest storage capacity. For easy packing and unpacking, choose a fully-open design.
  • Do-it-yourself vs. all-in one: The best way to get started is with an all-in-one kit that’s well-stocked and then modify it for your specific activity. Many kits for athletic training come with customizable options. This allows you to always have what you need in the event of an injury.
  • The Athletic training first aid kit offers more options for common injuries. These kits are more versatile than a standard first aid kit, and offer better options for sports-specific injuries. These kits will include the following:
  • Gauze pads available in many sizes
  • Gauze roll.
  • Closure strips
  • Disinfecting spray.
  • Medi-stat spray.
  • Pre-tape spray.
  • Abrasion ointment.
  • Roll of elastic bandage.
  • Tape roll
  • Elastic wrap
  • Exam gloves.
  • Instant cold pack
  • Coolant cold spray
  • There are many sizes of adhesive bandages.
  • Storage: Look for bags that are durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Even in extremely cold conditions, the best bags will not crack or split. For quick access to essential items, nylon bags with a full-opening design are the best. Look for one that has durable zippers and handles. You can even find high-quality options with reflective materials that allow you to see in low lighting.
  • These kits are best usedMany people can benefit from them. These kits are ideal for coaches, casual athletes, and trainers. It’s smart to have one of these kits if you travel to remote areas for trail running, mountain climbing, and hiking. This kit has enough supplies to last a small group. This is the best option if you are looking for something to supply a small or mid-sized team or league.
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First Responders and Heroes

A medical bag is a great option if you’re CPR certified and/or a qualified first responder. These bags are great for coaches and serious athletes.

  • Size: These bags can be a bit larger than usual, but they are still compact. You should look for bags that measure approximately 15” x10”.
  • Do-it-yourself vs. all-in one:Get an all-in-1 kit with customizable options. All-in-one kit are efficient and allow for quick access to every item.
  • ComponentsChoose a component that includes at least one of the following items. You may want to add some of your own items. Sanitary mouth covers may be useful for CPR by first responders. A brace might be a good idea for athletes and coaches to protect themselves from common injuries in their sport.
  • Gauze pads available in different sizes
  • Gauze roll.
  • Closure strips available in different sizes
  • Disinfecting spray.
  • Medi-stat spray.
  • Pre-tape spray.
  • Abrasion ointment.
  • Roll of elastic bandage.
  • Tape roll
  • Elastic wrap
  • Exam gloves.
  • Instant cold pack
  • Coolant cold spray
  • There are many sizes of adhesive bandages.
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Nasal plugs.
  • Tape remover spray.
  • Safety cutter for athletic tape
  • Topical antibiotic ointment packs
  • Storage: Use the same storage guidelines as you would for a smaller training kit. Make sure you choose a durable, fully-open bag that has plenty of pockets and compartments.
  • These bags are indispensable for first responders and serious athletes. A well-stocked bag with medical supplies will make you the hero in any situation.
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We are open to selling our products through your website. A sales representative will review your information and determine if it is a good fit. We will send you a dealer catalogue that includes pricing and descriptions for all of your new products, if approved. You will receive a Drop Box link and high-resolution images to use on your website. We can design customized first aid/medical kit based on your requirements.



  • Send us a PO for your product once you have received an order from your site. We will ship it within two business days.
  • Send us a copy of your PO if you’d like a packing slip to be included with your order.
  • Once your order has been shipped, a tracking number will automatically be sent to you.
  • Eachdrop ship order will incur a $3.00 handling charge.
  • Dropship orders will be shipped by the internet retailer. Shipping costs vary depending on how large the order is.
  • Lifeline ships items “best way” via FedEx or UPS. Whichever is less expensive, it will always do so. We are happy to accommodate any shipping preferences or collect numbers.
  • DropShip orders must be paid by credit card. Accepted major credit cards (Visa/Master Card/American Express).

Dear Jane

Australian wholesale and dropship company that supplies medical devices and products related to nursing and patient care. Dropships offer a wide range of medical products, including urinals and bed pans, transfer aids and toilet stools, shower stools and patient stools, rollators and patient lifters, patient and leg protectors, and body wedges.

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They also provide diagnostic devices such as stethoscopes and vital sign monitors. Products and medical devices include suction machines and penlights, oxygen concentrators and nursing alarms. Dear Jane offers a variety of physiotherapy products including wheelchair cushions and aides as well as splints. Headquartered at Chatswood in Sydney, NSW Australia.

First Aid Only

Major supplier of first aid equipment and products. A large selection of first aid supplies for the home, office, or industry. Smart compliance cabinets for workplaces. Vehicle first aid kits. Burn care, bleeding control. CPR first aider equipment. Bloodborne pathogen clean-up. Biohazard clean-up. Eyewash and flushing. First aid kit refills.

You can also find a variety of over-the-counter drugs and medicines that are ideal for first aid kits. These include aspirin tablets and pain relief medications, advil and antacid tablets. American Red Cross, Coretex and Mossy Oak are some of the most popular brands.