Looking to Start Dropshipping from Taobao? Tips to Follow

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Dropshipping on Taobao allows you to connect with millions of users every day and offer your products from China.

Dropshipping with Taobao is a great option if you want to sell high-quality products at low prices.

This is the main guideline for Taobao Dropshipping. Continue reading for more information about TaoBao dropshipping.

What is Taobao?

Taobao has become the most popular business-to-consumer and consumer marketplace. The company started its working in 2003, as a marketplace where individuals or small companies c sell their products online via their stores.

Taobao is referred to be the Amazon or eBay of China, but in actual it far surpasses them. It is the most visited e-commerce site in the world and the largest.

It is China’s largest website with over 600 million active users monthly. 60% of all e-commerce transactions take place here. The majority of users are either Chinese, or Asians.

With more than 1 billion product listings, the company appears as the largest online marketplace in China. You can find everything from cosmetics to dead moths here at an affordable price.

Taobao has virtual shops that are owned by companies or individuals. The sellers place the product into their Taobao shop.

The sellers list the products to sell them at fixed prices or through auctions. Buyers can review and rate the products to help them choose the best product.

Taobao Dropshipping Vs AliExpress Dropshipping

Chine is known as the world’s factory, and Chinese suppliers are the top choice for most of the dropshippers. Alibaba has three independent stations: AliExpress and Taobao. These sites are the platforms for the vendors to sell the products. They are all very different.

These are some of the key pros and cons to using these sites.

Taobao Dropshipping

Taobao, a well-known e-commerce platform for Asia, is highly regarded. It has strict policies regarding sellers and provides millions of products to users around the world. While some sellers work with the factory to obtain the products, most have no stock.

The company provides products and services at very low prices. But the sellers are not the manufacturers. Therefore the amount available is for the consumers but not for the wholesalers and dropshippers.


  1. Taobao is quite cheaper
  2. It offers a wide variety of goods
  3. There will be many suppliers who offer the same product. This will allow you to locate the best product at a low price.
  4. This is a real sale


  1. The main issue you will have to deal with is language
  2. Dropshipping is possible from Taobao. However, most sellers are not experienced.
  3. The description may not accurately describe the product’s quality.
  4. There are only a few payment options.

AliExpress Dropshipping

AliExpress ships products worldwide and offers multi-language versions. Most of the dropshippers prefer AliExpress, as it is quite simple to source and buy the products from AliExpress.

It does have its downsides. The company won’t fulfill your orders unless you don’t use different apps. Dropshipping the products will result in higher shipping costs.


  1. There are 16 language experts who can help you communicate and understand any language issue.
  2. Dropshipping is free at this platform. There are no fees, starting costs or additional charges.
  3. Once you have received the order, there is no need for storage. You can drop ship directly to your customers.
  4. The platform provides excellent customer services which give additional value and help to build the reputation and trust among your customers
  5. Based on platform data from different countries, the company updated the hot products frequently


  1. You will find many other competitors performing the same task if you have no inventory or low investments
  2. The consumer will scream if the supplier doesn’t ship the product on time.
  3. You will face many issues related to the packaging and shipping
  4. All the product that you buy from AliExpress comes from China. It becomes difficult to return products to original sellers if quality issues exist.

1688 Dropshipping

1688 is well known to source the best products at low prices. The website allows you to import products very quickly.

It is a platform for the local Chinese and international businesses to sell the products to consumers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.


  1. The product can be purchased in 1688 for a fraction of the price as the AliExpress and Taobao.
  2. 1688 has more than ten times the AliExpress goods inventory so you have more options for your store
  3. You will enjoy a more user-friendly experience and a customizable branding strategy.
  4. Dropshipping with 1688 is easy. The company will take care of all issues related to fulfillment and shipment of the goods. You will only need to concentrate on marketing to increase traffic to your store.


  1. These products have minimal order requirements. You may encounter some difficulties.
  2. Dropshipping starting at 1688 can cause language, payment and shipping issues. Dropshipping fulfillment services can be more expensive.
  3. The customers will have wait for a long time to get their orders, as to deliver takes a long time at 1688

Taobao vs. Tmall

China is a growing power and, most importantly, its middle class is increasing their purchasing power. Tmall, Taobao and other platforms are important for online businesses.

Taobao can be used by small and medium-sized businesses. Tmall, on the other hand, is great for large or medium-sized companies. Both of these websites are operated by Alibaba.

These apps are interconnected, so it can be difficult to distinguish them. Below is a comparison between Taobao and Tmall.

Taobao Shop

It is the biggest Ecommerce platform based in China and is owned by Alibaba. It was founded in 2003. Taobao, China’s largest marketplace, is China’s most popular consumer-to-consumer shopping destination.

Most sellers on the site are small businesses or individuals. You can also find over 10 million sellers.

Everything else you might need can be found here. The app is only available in Chinese, so communication may be a problem. There are many products available, including clothes, accessories, gadgets and computer hardware, at a very low price. There are also second-hand and pets items.

There are over 800 million products and more than 189 million active users each day. You can create the seller’s account there quite easily.


Tmall is another successful platform of Alibaba for the online business. Tmall, unlike Taobao, is a business-to-consumer platform. Taobao, on the other hand, is the consumer of this consumer marketplace.

Because consumers can purchase the goods more easily from the company than from individuals, the company was established.

This company provides small brands with the ability to manage sales, product offerings, branding, and marketing. Tmall is different from other western online marketplaces.

Taobao: The difficulties of sourcing

Everyone loves to buy amazing products from Taobao, but there are also many downsides that you may worry about:

Language barrier

It can be difficult to understand the language, especially when you consider that the wholesale market is located in Chinese. Google Translate can be used to translate the conversation into English.

Customers face many difficulties when talking to sellers, since they cannot usually speak English. It becomes difficult to negotiate prices.

International Logistics: Less than Zero Experience

Many Chinese sellers take advantage of foreign buyers, charging high prices. Taobao sellers don’t know much about international shipping and won’t accept international buyers.

Many people have reported that this platform is a victim to scams. When making transactions, you need to be careful. Before you place an order, make sure the seller is legitimate and trustworthy.

You can also view the shop’s reputation and customer feedback.

Dropshipping Suppliers: The Problem

In Taobao drop shipping, you may face many difficulties, and one of them is finding a reliable supplier.

A reliable and experienced seller is always recommended. You can verify how many transactions they have completed to find a trustworthy seller. You can also view the seller’s ranking.

Scammers can appear anywhere. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant when interacting with suppliers. Taobao is a trusted place to shop, but scammers can be so sneaky that you won’t know what’s going to happen to you.

How do I find products on Taobao

These are the things you should know before you begin your search for products.

  1. The goods cannot be purchased directly, as the payment must be made via Alipay or RMB.
  2. International shipping is not possible as they don’t have experience with international proceedings.
  3. Because more than 90% of vendors speak Mandarin, it is impossible to ask them questions in English.
  4. You will have to get a Chinese source and will have to ask the agent to buy it for you.

You can use the CJ Google Chrome extension, and it will help you to get the products from Taobao while Taobao dropshipping.

Select China Mainland Site

The company is primarily focused on the Chinese market, which is the largest consumer-to-consumer platform. It also imports products from other regions to China.

A foreigner might encounter many different types of site when he visits the site. Dropshippers are planning to target the Chinese market, and Taobao dropshipping is the best way to get into the market.

Change Site Language from Chinese to English

You can change from Chinese to English or another language. Once you have switched the language, translate it in your preferred style.

Dropshippers often have difficulties communicating with suppliers and finding products. This is the best way for you to reduce this problem.

Create a TaoBao Account

You may find it useful to create an account on the website. The account can be created easily using your mobile number or email. The process of Taobao drop shipping will become very smooth if you have an account on the Taobao world.

Search by Product Keywords

Searching for the right products will help you find the best ones. Search the products using product keywords. This will show you the range of products available from different suppliers.

You can also search online for products on demand. Google Translate is a great tool to help you find the product. This will be a great help.

Browse by Product Category

You can search for goods by category, in addition to keywords. This will allow you to filter the results according your needs.

The company will show you subcategories and product categories if you search for products using broader keywords. This will allow you to quickly trip over your search results.

You can search for the brand, material, or both. It all depends on what category you are looking at. You can also search to find the most popular products to sell. The company has a 30 day sales history.

Use the Most Powerful Tool: The CAMERA BUTTON

This tool is very helpful when Taobao dropsshipping, especially if the product name is not in Chinese.

It functions exactly like 1688. Both have the same search features: images by search. You will have to submit the photos, and it will give you a list of products with a brief description. Alibaba has lots of data and can easily identify what your photos are about.

Top Taobao Dropshipping Stores

Dropshipping allows you to sell products and not store inventory.

Taobao is a great place to open a store and sell Chinese products at affordable prices.

The following are the top Taobao shops from different categories, such as clothing, pets, or household items.

* Children’s Clothing Stores

Visit one of these stores if you’re looking for comfy stuff for your children.
The best place to buy clothes for kids is Hhlp99 This store has clothes for all ages and at a low price. This store is very suitable for babies because of its staff and high quality clothes.
b) shop103396461.taobao.com
This is one of the most popular Taobao shops for buying dresses for girls. This store offers trendy, unique and fashionable clothe for girls from five to ten years old.
c) kuozaizai.taobao.com
You will find a variety of furniture, clothing and other items for your children at the store. If you are looking for comfortable items for your children, this store is a good place to visit.

Clothing for Women

Women love the latest and most fashionable clothes. You can visit the following Taobao shops for the right outfits.
a) mgxxjia.taobao.com
All seasons are available. This store specializes in providing high quality clothing from all parts of the world, including China. Women love to shop at this store.
b) dreamy.taobao.com
Taobao’s Dreamy offers the best clothing for women. You can get clothes at factory prices and a 100% refund.
Misskkl can ship any kind of clothing. They will deliver your order within a few days. This section gives a quick description of the clothing and their images. It helps buyers choose the right product.

Men’s Clothing

Visit any of these stores to find the best men’s wear.
a) shop149667618.taobao.com
If you are interested in buying the men’s wear, you can visit this shop. The store stocks a wide range of men’s clothing.
b) shop141206214.taobao.com
It is the best place for both men and boys to buy clothes. If you are looking for high-quality clothing at low prices, the store is open.
c) padiwangzi.taobao.com
This store is one of the best ways to get men’s wear directly from China. If you’re looking for cheap clothes, the online store is also available.

Pet Items

These stores are ideal for pet owners who need to find food and other products for their pets.
a) qpet.taobao.com
This is the best pet store you’ll find in Taobao. You can find a large range of cat and pet food here at very affordable prices.
b) dogcaptain.taobao.com
There are many options for dog food in the store. The store has a wide selection of meats and other dog food options.
c) hoopet.taobao.com
This shop offers a great place to purchase pet products. There are many items available for pets such as toys and food, hairbrushes, and grooming products.

Home Appliances

Taobao is a great place to find unique, trendy, and cheap household products. These are the top stores where you can buy them directly from China.
a) xikd.taobao.com
You will find the best selection of household products at the most affordable prices in the store. You can order from any part of the world, and receive these amazing items in no time.
b) dageyaosha.taobao.com
You can get all types of household items, direct from China through Taobao at your door. All products are available at affordable prices.
c) xxxlll.jiyoujia.com
This store is known as your one-stop shop, offering a wide variety of goods directly from China at the best possible prices.

How to Find the Best Taobao Dropshipping Providers

Your business can be a success story if you have a reliable supplier. Below are the best ways to find a reliable supplier.

* Leeline Sourcing

This company is a place where you can find the best suppliers for your company.

Leeline sourcing provides you a list of the best suppliers from all over the world; you can contact them to get the products for your store.

To ensure the highest quality products, the company visits the factory.

Search Online

To find the supplier of Taobao dropshipping, you can search online through Google. It may not be reliable. Many scammers will claim to be the best supplier.

You should visit the supplier’s profile before you make your decision. Here you can review the comments and view the reviews. This will provide you with information about the wholesaler.

Dropshipping tools are available

Dropshipping tools are available to assist you in your search. Dropshipping tools can help you find the right supplier for your business.

Once successfully get a reliable supplier, try to develop a good relationship with them, as they are going to assure you of the success of your business.

Some Tips To Help You Succeed In Taobao Dropshipping

These are the top tips for Taobao dropshipping.

  • Bring something new and innovative to the party. Online suppliers were a key part of the success story of online suppliers in the early days. They used to purchase the everyday’ products from china and made them available online.
  • Taobao has more than 800 million products online. You must offer something different to stand out.
  • Great contractors are available to hire. The experts will be needed to help with the packing and delivery of your products. It’s great to grab the attention of the public. It is important to choose your contractors carefully in order to increase the chance of Taobao dropshipping.
  • You should not expect to make money. Instead, you should wait and build a relationship with your customers. Taobao will provide you with a wide range of trustworthy customers. Your store will benefit if you can convince them to shop with your company.
  • If you tell your family and friends that you’re starting your business, there may not be any problem.
  • Your business’ success depends on your customer. While a customer might not always be right, you can’t ignore them.
  • If you successfully build a brand, your product will be copied. Your uniqueness is the key to your success.
  • Dropshipping with Taobao should be fun!
  • There are always mistakes. Practice is the best way to achieve perfection. Be patient when you make mistakes and learn from them.
  • They aren’t just going to make money; the most successful traders also help the community.
  • A Taobao entrepreneur must do certain things. It is important to be at the right place at the right time with the right people.
  • Above all, you need to focus on the marketing of your business. You have many options to help your business succeed, including social media, tradeshows, and many others.
  • Sellers often offer amazing offers to customers in order to get them to buy.
  • So that everyone can purchase your products, keep the prices low.
  • You can automate many of the tasks that Taobao dropsshipping requires, such as stocking the products, by using multiple apps.
  • A website must be attractive, appealing, and presentable. You must attract the attention of consumers.
  • It is important to establish a niche store. You will need to do market research to determine the best products for your store. Then, sell them to make a profit.
  • You should provide exceptional customer service to your buyers. Make them feel valued and happy so they will shop with you again. They should receive the same services each time.
  • Everyday, update product listings and product availability.
  • You should be available 24 hours a day to answer any questions and communicate with buyers.
  • Take advantage of holidays and festivals such as Christmas. Giving attracts to customers can help you generate leads for your store.

FAQ about Taobao Dropshipping

These are some of the most common questions that people ask about Taobao dropshipping.

How do I contact the store owner?

You can reach the shop owner via the product page if you have any questions about the product.

You will find the option to contact support on the product page. This is how you can get in touch with the supplier.

How to use Reverse Image Search in Taobao

The image search option allows you to search for products on TaoBao. Taboo’s search by image options uses an algorithm according to similar colors, patterns, shapes, and to match the uploaded image to the product images quickly listed by Taobao.

To use the reverse image, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the camera icon at the homepage
  2. Crop and re-crop your image.
  3. Upload the image from our gallery.
  4. Check out the results of image research

Is Taobao eligible for free shipping

Delivery services are not provided by the company. These services can only be provided by Taobao sellers.

Most suppliers will offer free delivery to a wide variety of locations, provided your address is not in remote areas.

Is Taobao shipping expensive?

The company ships products directly to customers without any extra cost. In some cases, shipping costs may be higher than the estimated.

How do I import items from Taobao to my Shopify store?

You can therefore visit the Taobao website to find the products you want to import and then go to the products page.

Click the Add button in the upper left corner of your browser. Then, edit the product information like title/ description, etc. and then scroll down and click add the product to import the items to your store.

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