How to Dropship from Taobao to Shopify?

How to Get Started Dropshipping With Taobao

Do you want to establish a Shopify dropshipping business with Taobao but don’t know where to begin?

In only a few clicks, Dropast allows you to import winning Taobao items into your Shopify store, allowing you to run your own profitable dropshipping business from anywhere you choose to be in the world.

Dropast Shopify app helps you in finding profitable products, listing them in your Shopify store, and automatically fulfilling orders as they come in – making your life easier!

One of the newest dropshipping systems, Dropast connects Shopify with Taobao and Tmall, as well as a fulfillment center, on the same platform.

What is Taobao?

Taobao is one of the major marketplace in China, providing an online platform for both consumers and businesses.

It offers a variety of items, including clothing, accessories, baby items, pet supplies, and household equipment, among others.

On Taobao, there are around 287 million products available. These products come from more than 26 thousand brands with more than 3 million monthly active sellers, making it the world’s largest online marketplace.

However, Taobao, which is sometimes referred to as the “Chinese Amazon” or “Chinese eBay,” is significantly larger than both of these online shopping titans.

It is the most popular e-commerce website in the world, and it is ranked in the top ten most visited websites in the world (according to Alexa).

What is Tmall dropshipping?

Tmall is a Chinese business-to-consumer marketplace that was established in 2008. It includes more than 400 million buyers, more than 50,000 firms, and more than 70,000 brands.

Tmall enables both domestic and international businesses to sell their products to consumers in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan while taking advantage of the local manufacturing capabilities of those countries. Its primary target market is the B2C industry (Business-To-Consumer).

Taobao dropshipping Shopify Advantage

Taobao is a Chinese online marketplace that offers some of the most affordable products on the market, making it an ideal area for dropshipping businesses to thrive.

  • Taobao Marketplace is the greatest place to find products for your dropshipping business because it has a large selection of products.
  • Because the site has about 288 million distinct products, you can be sure to find anything with a high selling potential quickly and effortlessly!

Learn “How to Search for Winning Products on Taobao” by reading this article.

  • Taobao includes a feedback system that allows buyers to rank the sellers after each purchase is made on the site. Buyers accomplish this through the use of a point-based rating system and related labels, such as positive or negative, which assist you in selecting the finest suppliers for your dropshipping business needs.

Learn “How to View Taobao Rating System and Choose a Reliable Taobao Sellers” in this article.

Shopify merchants can easily import Taobao products because they come with detailed product descriptions, high-quality photos, and videos. Despite the fact that Taobao dropshipping is a new business model that has evolved in recent years, it may not be as popular as Aliexpress due to a number of variables, including the following:

  • Those who do not speak or read Mandarin fluently may find it difficult to navigate Taobao’s primary language of Chinese. However, even though their website is written in Chinese, all content may be translated into a variety of other languages on request. (solution below – “Taobao to English Translation”)
  • It is impossible to navigate Taobao’s website unless you have an account. (solution below – “How to create a Taobao account”)

The fact that Taobao is a Chinese local marketplace means that many vendors are unfamiliar with international shipping and do not welcome overseas buyers, making it impossible to operate an international dropshipping business.

But, thanks to Dropast this is no longer a concern. Dropast is the Best Taobao dropshipping agent.

Dropast Review – Create a Taobao in 2 steps

Step 1

Go there. To switch to English, click on the “English” button located at the right side of your screen.

From the drop-down, choose the country in which your mobile phone was registered. Enter your mobile number without spaces or parentheses and click “Get verification code”.

An SMS verification code will be sent to your mobile. You will receive a message in Chinese, but all you need is a 6-digit code. Enter the code, then click “Agree to Register”.

shopify taobao dropshipping

Step 2

Taobao will open in a new tab; you just need to confirm the Terms and Conditions by clicking on the orange button.

You are now ready to start. Log in to the homepage after you have registered and begin your Taobao dropshipping search for Taobao-winning products and suppliers.

shopify taobao dropshipping

Optional: Create a Password to Your Account

You can create a password to your Taobao account to allow you to log into without the need to receive the SMS code. However, this option is optional.

Step 1

Go there. Next, you will be taken to the page with the “Alipay” logo. This page will perform some checks and load. After the loadings and checks are complete, you’ll see a page that displays a green alert. There are two options. You will be able to click the second orange button “from the top to the bottom”, which will take you back in the row with a phone icon.

shopify taobao dropshipping

Step 2

The redirection to the next page will take you to three steps. Select the “Dian Ci Mian Fei Huo Qu” button in the first step. After you click the button, you will receive an SMS code.

shopify taobao dropshipping

Step 3

Once you have received the code via SMS, enter it in the area indicated and then press the orange button.

shopify taobao dropshipping

Step 4

In this stage, you will need to create and enter your password. You must use the same password in both boxes. Click the orange button.

shopify taobao dropshipping

You now have a password for your account. You can log in to with your username and password.

shopify taobao dropshipping

Register with Username & Password in Taobao

Go here. To log in, you must know your username. After you log in to Taobao you will see your username at the top-left corner. If you don’t know your username, log in to Taobao with your mobile number and SMS code (read below).

shopify taobao dropshipping

Register with your Mobile Phone in Taobao

Step 1

Go here. Click “Duan Xin Deng Lu” (1) and then select the country in which your phone is registered from the drop-down menu. After entering your phone number, click “Get Verification code” (2).

shopify taobao dropshipping

Step 2

Scroll the bar from left to right if necessary. A green alert will then display. After receiving the SMS code, enter the code in the area below the username box and then press the orange button.

Translate Taobao into English – Chrome

These are the steps you need to enjoy a pleasant and smooth experience on Taobao/Tmall.

Step 1

Go to Click on the Translation Icon in the Address Bar.

shopify taobao dropshipping

Step 2

Choose English or another language. Now you are ready to explore Taobao using your preferred language and begin dropshipping.

shopify taobao dropshipping

Translate Taobao into English – Firefox

Firefox does not have a built in translation option. Although you can install the Google Translator plugin, it won’t work correctly. We recommend that you use a Chrome browser with an integrated translation function.

Dropast makes it simple to get started with Taobao dropshipping.

Dropast simplifies the process of dropshipping with Taobao.

It is possible to import successful products from Taobao and Tmall and sell them through your Shopify store using Dropast  (which is a Shopify app).

It is as simple as possible to import winning products from Taobao or Tmall into your Shopify store using Dropast – not only can you import these products quickly, but Dropast also offers some of the most cheaply priced international shipping options available.

  • Shopify Integration: Synch and import Taobao and Tmall products with your Shopify store has never been easier; by installing the Dropast app in your Shopify store, you can connect them in only one click.
  • Automatic Updates: Get automatic updates of price changes on products imported from Taobao and Tmall to your Shopify store.

If a product you sell on Shopify is out of stock on Taobao or Tmall, benefit from the regular inventory updates with Shopify and Dropast, which will set a quantity to zero if it is out of stock on Taobao or Tmall.

  • Automated Order Synchronization: When clients purchase products from your Shopify site, those orders are immediately forwarded to Dropast that purchases the products from the Taobao sellers directly and prepares them for shipment. Whenever a single order involves products from multiple Taobao or Tmall suppliers, Dropast combines the products and ships them in a single packet to save time and money. You may quickly set up automatic payments for your orders using Dropast’s built-in payment options, which will save you time. Moreover, orders are fulfilled and shipped straight to your buyer by Dropast, which offers over 200 worldwide shipping choices at a reasonable price that are both reliable and trackable.
  • Best-selling products and suppliers: Dropast’s product and supplier filtering tool allows you to search proven best-selling products and best suppliers from Taobao and Tmall in seconds by category, relevancy, or price.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Dropast was created to be as responsive as possible for mobile devices, allowing you to operate your business no matter where you are in the world.
  • In order to respond to your inquiries and concerns as quickly as possible, the customer service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Dropast is the only Shopify app that makes it simple for anybody to start selling Taobao and Tmall products without any technical knowledge or experience.

With our competitive shipping costs, doing Taobao dropshipping through Shopify has never been more straightforward. Dropast is available right now! Try now for free!

Taobao Dropshipping Woocommerce

Merchants can import products from Taobao to Woocommerce with ease using the Taobao product importer. You can import images, descriptions, prices, inventory, and other details from Taobao’s marketplace in one step. Vendors can now migrate product data from the Taobao store to Woocommerce in a quick and secure way using the OT API keys.

Dedicated Manager

Our solution provides a dedicated project manager to ensure a smooth onboarding and seamless installation.

24*5 Support

Our team is available to assist you 24×5 via phone, Skype or Whatsapp. We will resolve all your queries and concerns in no time.

Tech support

Sellers have access to technical support for a period of one year. Our developer will assist you in setting up the plugin and resolving any queries.

Taobao Importer For Woocommerce Key Features

Administrators can export product photos, descriptions and prices from their Taobao store into their Woocommerce store using Taobao Importer For Woocommerce. Taobao importer for Woocommerce allows you to import products and photos in one step.

Filter based on keywords

This feature allows sellers to create filters based on keywords. These filters can be used by the seller to import products to their WooCommerce store.

Filter by Category

Sellers have the option to create filters based upon their product categories. The seller can then import all products from that category to their WooCommerce store via the Taobao shop.

Advanced filter setting

Advanced filter features offer additional options for filter settings. Merchants have the option to add a price range filter, a vendor rating filter, or a product rating filter. Sellers can add vendor rating filter and product rating to the product rating.

Price Increase

You can increase your product’s price either flat-rate or percentage as a seller. This feature allows you to make additional profits.

Import bulk products

This feature allows you to import large quantities of products. This feature allows you to save time and decrease the amount of manual labor required to import products individually from the marketplace.


From the date of purchase, you will receive a yearly support plan and free upgrades every year.