Men and Women Shoes Dropshipping Suppliers USA

It is not surprising that the shoe reselling business is valued at $ 1 billion. Entrepreneurs have entered the industry to take their piece.

Drop shipping is a popular method for selling men shoes. Drop shipping is a method where the retailer takes over all marketing responsibilities for the supplier. The supplier, on the other hand, will ship the products directly to the customers of the retailer. Wholesale pricing is also available to the retailer. Both the supplier and retailer make a profit, while customers receive amazing products. It’s a win-win scenario.

This page will provide a guide to choosing women shoes and a list of suppliers that drop ship shoes to the USA.

How to select dropship shoes

One blogger said that men shoes are similar to the stock market. When a shoe is first released, there is a lot of hype. However, as the product sells, the hype slowly diminishes. Women Shoes that don’t sell very well end up being a valuable piece. It is important to pay attention to the latest trends and make an informed decision about which shoes you should buy.

You will quickly see that there is agreement when you search the internet for information about where to buy men and women shoes. Some people sharing this information are scammers and more vigilant than others. Others are experts and just sharing their knowledge. This information is shared with you in the hope that it will help you make better business decisions.

It is best to buy online from a trusted platform, especially if they offer a return policy. Drop shippers who have a good reputation will not sell footwear that isn’t up to standard.

It is also possible to request a detailed invoice from the seller. PayPal has many features that make it easier to create an invoice. This may save you a lot of hassle if the transaction was done online. Invoices should include the names of the buyer, seller, quantity of men shoes purchased, details such as size, price, shipping information, and should be written. This will help in the event of disputes. A detailed product description is also recommended to ensure buyers know what they are purchasing. Before you complete the sale, make sure that both parties agree to the terms and conditions of the invoice.

No matter how popular the product, dropshipping women’s shoes from USA requires that you have enough stock in order to list the products. You will be in trouble if there is high demand for your shoes.

Here’s a list of 8 dropshippers for shoes in the U.S.A.

The ability to distinguish the drop shippers from the rest is essential for a prudent merchant. How do you screen drop shippers to ensure that you are only dealing with professionals? What criteria should you use? Here are some tips and key facts that will help you make your job easier.

Chinabrands leads the pack. It is a leading global drop shipping platform, with more than 10,000 suppliers and over 1,000,000 products in every category. They offer high-quality men shoes at a low price. Dropshipping footwears can be a great way to find fashionable fashion shoes such as designer shoes, comfortable shoes, and sport shoes for women. They will also be available in large quantities.

In case you have any questions, there is a 24/7 customer support team with more than 10 languages available, including Chinese, English and Deutsch. They also provide real-time responses in Portuguese.

The product sourcing company will do everything, including checking the goods physically, preparing labels and customizing information. You just need to add your sourced products into your online store. Dropshipping women shoes are available in many styles and fashions for men and women.

It has coverage in more than 200 countries and regions, with over 1000 routes. The company also benefits from partnerships with top global couriers such as DHL and EMS for timely shipping and meeting deadlines. It covers all five continents and more than 50 countries worldwide, with an outstanding 95% order fulfillment rate.

Chinabrands integrates with other platforms such as AliExpress and eBay. This allows distributors to easily access markets in the U.S.A. This feature is available on Chinabrands with more than 20 websites. Customers can also receive orders automatically from these platforms, except Linio.

Additional services include training courses on Amazon and Ali-Express daily operations, advanced operation with Wish and eBay, store statistics analysis and product selection in peak season, advanced training courses to CPC, store promotion and key word optimization, terms & conditions, and all other aspects of Chinabrands.

Cheng’s Enterprise, Inc.

Cheng’s Enterprise, a wholesale footwear company founded in 1980, is an importer/exporter of footwear. It serves over 5,000 customers in South America and the Caribbean. They pride themselves on being reliable and accurate. Easy USA is a brand that offers both classic and modern styles. They ship worldwide and nationwide. They deliver to most areas of New York City and Northern New Jersey. They offer a wide range of ladies’ shoes for all seasons, including winter boots and casual shoes. They offer friendly customer service and are keen to find the latest footwear.

Star Bay Unique Footwear

Stare Bay Unique Footwear, a New Jersey-based footwear importer and drop shipper, is located in New Jersey. They sell slippers including moccasins, slippers with beaded sequins, moccasins, EVA, indoor, casual, sports, sandals, et cetera. Star Bay is a wholesaler in the United States as well as South America. Star Bay stocks over 500 products in its warehouses, and has partnered with many men shoe manufacturing plants.

Dropshipwiz allows clients to manage and promote their drop shipping platform without having to manage inventory. Over 100 name brands such as Reebok, Levis and Nike, plus over 5 million worth inventory of preowned domain names and designed site templates. All their products are dropshipped and wholesaled nationally.

Doba, an American drop shipper, is based in Lehi in Utah State. It was founded in 2002. Doba boasts a catalogue of more than 2 million products across hundreds of product categories, including home, electronics and jewelry as well as general merchandise. Doba sources products from 170 suppliers that have been carefully selected and vetted. With the help of a strict technical supplier scorecard, the user can evaluate any of these suppliers. Doba’s database integrates with more than 100 e-commerce platforms, including Amazon and eBay. Doba links suppliers and merchants, while the supplier takes care of shipping. Drop shippers use software to manage orders from the moment a member places an order until the customer receives it. It offers education and other resources to assist its members in their success.

Doba retailers have access to advanced search capabilities, product research and regular reports about top-selling products and retail strategies. In-house sourcing specialists provide selection curation services. Doba has partnered with many companies and integrated them to offer additional tools such as designing and hosting webstores and payment processing. They also research products and markets, market research, marketing products more effectively, building trust, customer support, and managing a retail store.

Dropshippers Nationwide

Joel founded it. J. Khoury II founded the e-commerce company in December 2002. Prices range from 33% up to 66% MSRP. National Dropshippers offers thousands of products from many manufacturers and distributors. This site is only for members and offers a drop shipping service to fulfill orders. Their goal is to offer reliable and fast service to its members. They provide a standardised service that combines technology with standardized procedures to enable their members to run profitable businesses.

Kole Imports DropShipping

Kole imports is an importer/wholesaler of general merchandise. It was founded in Carson, California in 1989. The company boasts a catalog of over 20 categories and over 4,000 merchandise items, including wholesale and dropship shoes for women and men. Dropshipping allows anyone who has an e-commerce site to include Kole Imports products. They are available for any online marketplace, such as Amazon and eBay.

The website allows users to order items online with a simple interface. They also offer real-time package tracking updates. Users can also download product information and upload it directly to their website database. Kole imports charges no fees and the users keep all profits.

Shoespie is an online retailer that stocks all types of women shoes, including fashion heels, comfort flats and casual boots. Shoespie offers an easy and quick online ordering process and provides knowledgeable and dedicated customer service to all of their customers.


Drop shipping can make men shoe reselling a profitable venture, provided you find the right market. This is a list of dropshipping women’s shoes in USA. It is only for comparison purposes. The list did attempt to rank the top dropship men shoe companies from USA suppliers. Chinabrands was the first ranked because it is the most trusted of all seven drop shipping companies. Chinabrands footwear is affordable and easy on the wallet. This is why it is the most preferred global drop shipping platform.