How to Create an Effective On-Click Popup in Squarespace?

Promo popups allow your brand, discount offer or newsletter subscription list to be promoted on desktop devices by appearing above your site’s content.

Use the Promotional Popup panel to choose your popup layout and customize its appearance options. You can even opt to show it only once to each visitor or keep it hidden from future visits.

Steps to Create an On-Click Popup in Squarespace

Popups can be an effective way to expand your email list and drive sales. A modal popup could display a signup form, promote free downloadable content offers (such as ebooks or checklists) or announce any special product promotions.

To create a promotional popup in Squarespace, log into your account and select Marketing from the Home Menu. Next, navigate to the Promotional Popup panel for layout selection; this may involve showing it across all pages or just certain page categories or individual blog posts. When finished, Squarespace will prompt you for campaign title information as well as goals such as “Sign up for newsletter”.

Once that’s complete, you can choose a style for your popup. Squarespace provides nine distinct popup styles, some that are fairly nonintrusive but provide plenty of customizable features such as font and color changes for newsletter signup forms, entry animations, image overlays and more.

Customize the size and shape of your popup for optimal use if your site is compact. Furthermore, adding mobile style capabilities to your popup could prove extremely helpful if visitors to your site use smartphones to access it.

Once you’ve created a popup, the next step should be connecting it to an email marketing system. Squarespace offers built-in integrations for MailChimp and ConvertKit; alternatively you could connect it directly to Google Drive.

Once your popup is connected to an email marketing platform, you can begin designing content. Generally, lead magnets such as an ebook or checklist should be promoted via call-to-action buttons; alternatively, discounts or coupon codes could encourage people to subscribe.

The Basics

Squarespace provides built-in popup functionality to help expand your email list. A promotional popup appears when someone clicks a certain button or link on your website, providing an effective way of drawing attention to sales-oriented content without leading visitors off your site altogether.

To add a promotional popup to your Squarespace website, open the Editor and click Add Block. Choose Gallery block then access its settings dialog box in the bottom right corner. Use video as thumbnail image but don’t add play button yet as that can be completed later when creating Success screen for new subscribers.

Once you have added the thumbnail image, you can add text and an opt-in form for promotion. Additionally, select a post-submit screen so your visitors can be shown once they’ve completed their form.

To enable your promotional popup, switch the toggle in your popup panel so it becomes green. This will cause it to appear whenever someone visits your site except when browsing in private mode (incognito mode). To disable your promotional popup again, just switch it back gray.

Once your popup is designed to your satisfaction, the Style panel allows you to edit its text, background color, overlay button and animation – as well as choose whether to display it only on certain pages or across your entire website.

After creating your popup, the next step should be integrating it with MailerLite so your subscribers can sign up for your newsletter. To do this, follow these steps on how to connect OptinMonster and Squarespace; after this has been accomplished, copy the Universal Code from this guide and paste it directly into Squarespace via Advanced > Code Injection.

The Design

Squarespace templates give you plenty of customization options for the look and feel of your popup window, including adding images as backgrounds, choosing fonts for header and body text, incorporating custom form fields for collecting email addresses or data collection, as well as whether or not it should display on every page or only those protected with passwords.

Next, it’s time to add the code to your website. There are two options for doing this – either using the Pop-Up Window block or adding custom code directly. If using the Pop-Up Window block, to edit simply click “Edit” from its drop-down menu before entering your code into Custom HTML box and saving.

Add custom CSS classes to your popup window by clicking “Edit” in the dropdown menu for your Block, and entering them in the Custom CSS box. This way you can ensure it fits with the style of your website perfectly!

Once you’ve customized the design and added code, it’s time to test out your new popup. Navigating to another page on your site, clicking the button or link that triggers it should display a popup window with an opt-in form for users visiting that particular page. If everything works as intended, website visitors should notice an opt-in window with sign-up forms as intended.

If your popup window meets all your requirements for layout and design, the next step should be making it user-friendly for mobile visitors. In the Popup Settings menu, click on Overlay Mobile Styles to temporarily turn off its default mobile styles for your popup – this will ensure it appears smaller and less intrusive on mobile devices, helping avoid annoying visitors and losing subscribers/customers in the process.

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The Code

Promotional popups can be an effective way to draw visitors in to sign up for your mailing list, download your app or buy products. But they must be used appropriately or they could become irritating to visitors and drive them away altogether. Squarespace provides two simple solutions for creating effective yet free popups on websites.

To add a popup window that appears when someone clicks a link or button on your website, log into Squarespace and navigate to Pages section. Locate the page on which your popup should appear and click ‘+’ button followed by selecting ‘Pop up window” from drop down menu.

This link opens a modal window editor where you can design your popup. The content panel enables you to add headline and body text for your popup; best practice suggests keeping this text short and to the point; too much text may make your popup appear like an scroll bar (which may not be ideal on mobile devices).

Use the Settings panel to personalize the appearance of your popup by customizing fonts and colors that will be used. Keep in mind that it will appear both desktop and mobile browsers; therefore, test out various styles on both types of devices before committing to one style.

Once your popup looks just how you like it, simply press the toggle switch at the top of your panel to enable it. If at any time you decide you no longer wish for your popup, return to the settings panel and toggle back off its toggle switch – there’s always another time when you might change your mind!

Squarespace provides software services for website building and hosting, offering pre-built templates and drag-and-drop elements that make creating webpages fast and straightforward. If you know your way around Squarespace well enough, it can even create sales-driven popup campaigns to increase e-commerce conversions! OptinMonster for Squarespace also allows more advanced targeting options so you can craft popups that grow your mailing list and drive online sales!