Opencart Aliexpress Dropshipping Management Extension

Opencart Dropship Management module: This module allows the admin to import products from AliExpress into their Opencart store. They can then start selling the products in their store. This module allows the admin to add multiple warehouses and assign products to them. The AliExpress Orders are automated so that the admin only needs to click one button.

Streamline Shipping Process

This is a time-saving option that ships the order from the closest warehouse to the customer.

Multiple Warehouse Support for Stock Management

Multiple warehouse management systems make it easy to manage customer orders quickly.

Automated Order Process

The store owners can use an automated, “no-hassle” payment process.

Opencart Dropship Management module: The AliExpress Dropshipping module allows the admin to import AliExpress products into their Opencart store. After this, admins can sell those products directly from their store.

All products are kept in different warehouses throughout the region. So, when a customer places an order, the product is directly shipped from the nearest warehouse instead of the main store. After the order is placed, admin can place the order via AliExpress by clicking the automated order process.

Please note:

  • If you are using an updated version of the AliExpress Chrome extension then you must have installed the latest version of the OpenCart AliExpress Dropship Management module for proper functioning and vice-versa.
  • Server Requirement
  • This module supports all templates, themes, and Journal themes.
  • Opencart Aliexpress Dropship Management module supports Multi-Store functionality of default Opencart.

Highlighted Features

AliExpress Product Import

The Opencart Dropship Management module allows the admin to import Aliexpress products in a matter of minutes into the Opencart store.

Modify Product Information

Administrators can edit product information such as images, price, description, review, and so on. While importing products from AliExpress.

Import Product with Variations

AliExpress can be imported by the admin with variations

Review of Import Product

Administrators can also import reviews with AliExpress products.

Remove Keywords

The AliExpress admin can remove any keyword from the product description, product name and description.

Real-Time Sync

Imported products from AliExpress can be synchronized with Opencart stores in real-time while the cron is running.

This module is necessary for what?

Do you want to open a drop shipping company? Drop shipping is an eCommerce model that allows the store owner to sell the product online and not keep it in their store.

Instead, the products are kept in various warehouses throughout the region. When a customer orders, the product is shipped directly from the closest warehouse and not the store.

AliExpress is a popular marketplace for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Opencart Dropship Management Module has been introduced to allow Aliexpress users to import products. The module allows the admin to manage products from the backend.

What are the advantages of the module’s warehouse manager?

Let’s say that the store owner doesn’t have any inventory in their warehouse. The store owner has a contract with several suppliers, who have their warehouses or inventories. However, they don’t have a website to list their products.

The store owner can now create a warehouse. Suppliers (users) can then be granted limited access to the backend panel to manage orders placed by customers or products that have been assigned by admin to that warehouse.

A contract between the supplier or admin will incur an additional cost. This can be added by admin using the price rule feature. This supplier can also be called the warehouse manager.

AliExpress Products Imported

This module allows the admin to import products directly from Aliexpress. Administrators can import products from Aliexpress.

  • Aliexpress allows you to import single or bulk items to your chosen store.
  • Aliexpress allows you to manage the product name, price and title, as well as the description and review.
  • Import the products from the Aliexpress with the product variations
  • The “Price Rule” allows the administrator to increase or decrease the product’s price.

Pricing Rule

Administrators can determine the price for each channel. Administrators can set the price rule for different-different channels.

  • You can set the price for products imported from AliExpress manually or automatically
  • To apply the price rule to the products, select the price range
  • Choose whether you want the amount to be fixed or percentage
  • Edit, add, or remove the price rule.

Place Your Order from The Back-End

After the order has been placed successfully from the front-end, it will appear under the Aliexpress Order section. The back-end allows the admin to place an AliExpress order. Administrators can place AliExpress orders from the back-end.

  • Make payment and place the order on AliExpress via automated order process
  • You can place the order via the back-end, which will redirect the admin at Aliexpress. The product will then be added to your cart automatically.
  • Before placing an order, review the AliExpress Order Status.
  • The address of the order will automatically be pulled, or the administrator can manually enter it.

Warehouse Management

The warehouse can be managed by the admin from the back-end. The admin can manage the warehouse from the back-end.

  • You can add a warehouse by entering the warehouse code, title and description.
  • Choose the appropriate shipping method for this warehouse.
  • Check out all the warehouses that have been built.
  • Disable or delete any particular warehouse from the back-end easily.

Opencart Dropship Management module Features

  • AliExpress allows you to import single or bulk products to your store.
  • The admin can also import products that have variations.
  • Before importing to Opencart, edit product information on AliExpress.
  • Along with AliExpress Imported products Product description, Images & Additional Images, variations, variations with range, and Reviews are also imported.
  • Administrators can modify the store information and token keys.
  • Configure AliExpress to enable the products automatically or based upon the configuration.
  • You can view all AliExpress Orders in one section.
  • The extension popup allows you to view AliExpress orders placed.
  • View AliExpress order status details with their status(Not placed, Processing, and Placed).
  • At the time of product import, choose AliExpress product images.
  • When importing products with a variant, set all variations prices
  • Chrome extension popup now offers the option to update your authentication credential.
  • After product import from AliExpress, view the Seller Information.
  • AliExpress Orders can be automated using an automated order process
  • Administrators can set different pricing rules for different channels, such as AliExpress and Manual.
  • The warehouse can be managed by the admin.
  • Administrators will have the ability to add additional warehouses.
  • Filter warehouses that use the filter types
  • Administrators can assign multiple products warehouses.
  • You can assign the same product to multiple warehouses from the same supplier (Warehouse Manager).
  • Administrators can approve/disapprove warehouse product orders and view the warehouse product list with warehouse product quantities.
  • You can view the warehouse income and click the button to pay the warehouse managers.
  • Warehouse transaction log for all payouts to warehouse managers.
  • Warehouse managers can have their own logins.
  • Warehouse managers have the ability to add products directly from their end.
  • Warehouse managers can view their warehouse products.
  • Warehouse managers can view their warehouse orders.
  • Buyers can choose products from different warehouses within the same order.
  • Store is easy to manage
  • Increase Store Efficiency
  • Real-time sync
  • Choose the minimum and maximum price for your product.
  • AliExpress import products should be removed from keywords

Dropshipping has 4 benefits

Dropshipping may not be a premium shipping or fulfillment option like using a 3PL, but there are plenty of dropshippers who have found success using this business model. These are some of the many benefits that dropshipping can bring to your business.

1. Low start costs

Dropshipping is a great option for first-time entrepreneurs with tight budgets. The initial startup cost is minimal since the stock is already purchased. Instead, you can focus on selling.

2. Minimal overhead

Dropshipping can also reduce overhead — a key component to the survival of some startups — since you won’t need to invest in a warehouse, storage locker, or fill your house with inventory to launch new products.

3. There is no inventory to keep

Dropshippers do not need to purchase, move or retain inventory in any quantity. It can be costly and time-consuming to coordinate freight, inventory tracking and ecommerce shipping.

4. It takes very little effort

Dropshipping not only eliminates the need for an inventory storage system, but also the need to monitor each sale as it comes in to pack boxes and run to the post office. Dropshipping allows for more flexibility, from being able to work full-time to taking vacations or just getting away. You can have a great system as long as you have a reliable supplier. This can be a major problem for ecommerce companies.