Organic and Natural Lotion Dropshipping Vendor Program

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RainShadow Labs makes oil-free, natural, and organic lotions. These body butters, lotions, and moisturizers are made with natural ingredients that nourish and rejuvenate tired, damaged skin. They won’t clog pores. Instead, they work at the cellular level to restore healthy skin.We have moisturizers for every skin type. You can breathe new life into your skin care routine with natural and organic ingredients that encourage moisture retention.

It can be difficult to maintain your skin’s health with so many external factors that constantly dry out and attack your skin. You can make your skin feel softer and hydrated by investing in high-quality organic creams and properly applying the lotion to your skincare routine.

You are giving your skin the care and attention it needs by using products from RainShadow Labs. Our products contain active, natural and organic ingredients which penetrate the cells and restore skin from the inside. Find out more about organic lotions and what they offer, as well as the custom manufacturing options that we offer our clients.

Benefits of Lotions

Organic lotions have many benefits, not least because of their action-packed ingredients. Some lotions only contain trace amounts of active ingredients, which can cause skin irritation and even permanent damage.

You don’t need to use organic lotion as often as you would with other lotions. The ingredients in high-quality organic lotion are hydrating and moisturizing for your skin. As your skin is still warm from bathing, organic lotion should be applied immediately after. This allows the active ingredients to penetrate your skin better.

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If you have sensitive skin, many of our organic lotions can be used without scent. Our lotions can also be scented with pure essential oils, which will make you feel and look your best.

Our Products

We have a wide range of lotions to suit your skin’s needs. These are some of our top sellers:

  • Moisturizer Anti-Moisturizer
  • All Purpose Lotion
  • Body Perfecting Lotion
  • Hemp lotion
  • Ocean Mineral Moisturizer
  • You can find out more about it!

These lotions are a hit because of their ability to hydrate, repair and deliver results. It is due to their active ingredients. These active ingredients include:

  • Organic Aloe Vera
  • Raspberry Seed Oil
  • Organic Cocoa Butter
  • Vitamins C & E
  • Ocean Mineral Concentrate
  • Organic Jojoba Oil

Custom Manufacturing

RainShadow Labs uses natural, proven ingredients that are just as good for the environment and skin. Our zero-waste facility is powered by wind and aims to be as organic as possible in our production processes.

We offer organic and natural wholesale dropship skincare. Additionally, we offer private label services. This includes contract filling and custom formulation so that you can personal label the products and dropship them to your customers.

Contact our skin care experts today to learn more about custom manufacturing and private labeling your products!

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No matter what skin type you have, moisturizing is important for your health. As the day progresses, skin will dry out. If you live in a less humid area, this may be even worse. The skin’s roughness can lead to itching, which can only get worse if you scratch the skin. This won’t be an issue if you apply a high-quality lotion.

Finding the right lotion can be difficult for you or your store. RainShadow Labs offers a variety of services to consumers, entrepreneurs, and businesses. Our products can be purchased wholesale dropshipping to allow you to have enough stock for the following week or for the remainder of the month. If you need it, we can even make a custom formula. Lotion is a very useful product and should be kept in every household.

Lotion: The Benefits

From the ancient Egyptian kings to today’s teenagers, lotions have been around for thousands of years. People with all sorts of illnesses have found relief from its use. To strengthen sensitive skin and prevent flaking or blemishes, people with sensitive skin can apply the liquid to their skin. If you use the right products, you don’t have to live with the roughness. Skins can heal themselves naturally by using the vitamins found in lotions.

Vitamins A, B5 and C help to maintain a firm layer on the skin while also preserving moisture. This helps to prevent the elastic and flexible appearance that age often causes. Stronger skin can prevent tears from occurring. This rejuvenation is made possible by many antioxidants, especially vitamins C and E. The oxygen in the air causes the skin to deteriorate. It is what causes wrinkles. However, it can be stopped. Organic and natural lotions are the best ways to improve your skin’s health.

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Organic Lotion

Lotion can be an extremely useful tool in your arsenal. It is important to select the right kind of lotions for dropshipping, as there are many that contain harmful chemicals. Although these chemicals may initially be helpful, they can also cause skin problems. RainShadow Labs only uses organic and natural ingredients to ensure the highest quality.

This practice has been carried out for more than thirty years thanks to our location in St. Helens. We can look to local farmers for the best materials and also grow our own. We know that St. Helens cannot grow all the ingredients in the world, so we have partnered up with farmers around the globe to ensure that you receive the best.

Our ylang-ylang oil, for example, is imported from Southeast Asia. Our products will not cause any harm to you or your customers. Every concoction that we make is physically tested. If we aren’t happy with it, we will tell you. We will even test your custom-formulated product to ensure there are no adverse reactions. Our pre-formulated products are just as effective as any custom made product.

There are many types of lotions available

There are many useful tools we offer, but these popular lotions will do the job. The basic all-purpose lotion is our most popular product. This lotion will penetrate deeply into your skin to provide maximum moisturization without leaving behind a greasy feeling like many other brands. The lotion is so strong that it can even be left on your skin after you have washed them. However, it can be rinsed off in the bathtub. Because of its effectiveness, it’s on the whole food list of approved products.

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Our honey lotion and coconut milk are also a favorite with our customers. Coconut milk is a great way to restore your skin’s natural glow and keep it silky smooth. The cream is absorbed into the skin by honey. We also offer facial moisturizers for those who don’t want an all-body lotion.

Our day moisturizer is for people with sensitive skin around their eyes. People often experience dryness around their eyes. This can lead to self-consciousness. This lotion can prevent dry eyes and wrinkles.

No matter what your condition, we have a solution. These products might be loved by you, but you may not wish to purchase them individually.

Where can I buy bulk organic lotions?

RainShadow Labs isn’t limited to making high-quality beauty and skin products. You can also buy them in bulk, so that you have the option to resell them or have enough to last you a month. Although wholesale dropshipping may seem risky, it can open up many opportunities. One of the best opportunities is to create a brand new item that everyone wants.

You will increase your revenue and save hundreds by buying wholesale. It can be hard to run a business. You need to manage manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. You can focus on the manufacturing, while we’ll take care of the rest. You will only need to work on marketing and distribution while we create an incredible product. Because we guarantee satisfaction, we’ve been able do this for over thirty years. For a private label consultation, or to learn more information about our wholesale program, contact us today.