Pexda vs Ecomhunt Dropshipping Tool Comparison

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You want to learn all about Ecomhunt vs Pexda? This is the place for you. Let’s get started!

Dropshipping is a business that you must have heard of. Are you unsure how dropshipping works?

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shopify dropshipping store set up

There will be many opinions and dropshipping businessess tores. Pexda and Ecomhunt are the best on the market. With Ecomhunt and you will not only make profits but also receive countless recurring payments at the end the month.

The question is, which one should you choose?

Which software is best to help you reach a wider audience?

Although you might have spent a lot on SEO and Social Media Marketing, it did not help you grow as quickly as you had hoped. How is Pexda and Ecomhunt different?

Each client has their own needs and requirements. This is why they did a lot research. Why is this so difficult?

Let’s make this easy for you!

Let’s compare the two software and decide which one is best for us.

Are you ready to learn all about Pexda and Ecomhunt


Pexda Overview

It is a nightmare to open a drop-shipping store without any prior knowledge. Pexda is here to help you. You won’t waste your time looking for the best products.

Pexda, a product search tool, helps you avoid wasting money on low-profitable or average products. This tool gives you a completely new outlook for selling products on Amazon’s Shopify Store.

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It allows you to easily find winning products, and make a decent amount of money by selling them online. It can also be used as a spy tool to give you a better understanding of your competitors. You will receive analytical reports about your products and the ability to drop shop on Aliexpress.

All products have been tested and come with daily analysis reports. This allows you to discover new productions that go viral every week. It targets your customers and automatically adds winning products into your store.

Ecomhunt Overview

Do you spend hours looking for the best products on the internet? Imagine if I told you there were tools that could quickly identify the most popular products and do the research for you.

Believe me! Ecomhunt does the exact same thing! This software can make product sourcing easier than you could ever imagine.

Ecomhunt’s expert team chooses and lists new products daily. All details about the product are available to you, including the description and image, profit margin, related Analytics. You can also link to your store.

Common Features

Chrome Extension

Pexda Extension

Keep track of the most popular and trending Facebook ads! Pexda makes this possible. To make your products stand out from the rest, you can keep track of the viral ads on Facebook.

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This extension is free of charge. The engagement generated by the comments and shares via the advertisement can help you decide what search terms you would like to perform.

If you already belong to Pexda, you can download the Chrome Extension and then add it to your Chrome browser. Once the extension has been downloaded and activated, click the “Auto Hunt” option. It will amaze you to see how it works.

Ecomhunt Chrome Extension

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Ecomhunt provides you with the add Hunter tool, which is an incredible tool that allows you to monitor and track your competitors’ Facebook ads. It is basically a Chrome extension.

It allows you to view and analyze the performance of any Facebook sponsored ad. It allows you to see many elements such as traffic increase, targeted countries, ADS duration, and other detailed data.

This feature is very useful, and it’s available for both the Pro and free versions of Ecomhunt software. You can use this app immediately by becoming a member of Ecomhunt and creating an account.

Verdict – Which Ecomhunt Chrome Extension Is Better?

Both the Chrome extension and the software are extremely unique and useful to their users. Both extensions are very similar in many ways, but have distinct features that make them unique. Users will have to decide which features are most helpful for them based on their needs.

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Easy of Use

Pexda Ease to Use

Pexda has given the most importance to the user-friendliness of its product meaning tool. It is easy to use and very user-friendly. It will not be difficult to find what you need. It is organized by its products and features, making it easy for customers and users to find what they are looking for.

You can filter products by order, from newest to oldest. This lets you see the most popular products on the market. To learn more about the products, click on them. In a matter of seconds, all the relevant information will appear on your computer screen.

Ecomhunt Ease of Use

The Ecomhunt dashboard has a simple interface that is easy to use and provides comprehensive information. The dashboards are updated daily with the winning products and new products make it higher up the list. We won’t have to scroll down to find new products. They are right under your nose.

Members who subscribe for free will have limited access to product data, and they will be able to see fewer new products.

With just one click, you can create your own niche store and have access to all relevant data to promote your product. This data includes the profit, analytics reports, Facebook ad reports, your engagement on social networks, and links to suppliers from other stores.

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You don’t have to worry if you are a rookie. The software will not cause any problems. It’s simple and straightforward, and you’ll be able to use it in no time.

Verdict – Which Is the Easiest To Use

The features of both tools are very similar, making it difficult to decide between them. Both are easy to use and very user-friendly. This particular feature is neutral in terms of work and they are both equal.

Practically, however, I found that both the software and the tools were easy to use.

Product Analysis and Reports

Pexda Analysis & Reports

Proper analysis of sales and product data is crucial for the growth of any business. The store owner can use data to improve and rectify various aspects of the reports. These detailed Data Analytics can help you grow and succeed.

Pexda gives you product information in a single click. They integrate with basic product details to provide complete and up-to-date data.

What is your role?

Users need only choose a product to promote and then they can go. These Reports include an Aliexpress report, Amazon report, suggestions for Facebook targeted, acuity and more.

It can provide almost everything you need or desire. Pexda helps you to promote your product and solve existing problems with suggestions.

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Ecomhunt Analysis & Reports

How do you determine if a product has become outdated? How do you promote your product if you don’t have any ideas?

What should you do in such dire circumstances?

Don’t worry! You can rest assured that Ecomhunt will answer all your questions with its detailed and advanced analytical report. This report will help you to understand what to do and how you can make use of the product data. All aspects of your product will be covered in the reports.

Their services include product promotion, Facebook reports and audience targeting.

Verdict – Analysis & Reports

Our verdict is neutral. You will be equally amazed by all the similar features.

They almost offer the exact same services, seriously! What now? So how do we choose the best one for us?

You need to answer this question by moving to the unique features. This is where you’ll find all the distinguishing features of each tool.

Unique Features


Product Categorization

It is pleasing to the eye to see things well organized. This allows us to save time and requires less effort in order to find what we want.

Pexda recognizes this and provides a variety of sub-categorised products to suit your visitor’s needs. Once you’ve decided on your product, you can click on the appropriate category to see the best.

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These are the different types

  • Toys
  • Beauty and Health
  • Family
  • Pets for the home
  • Animals

Ad Insight

The Pexda team provides professional guidance and approves product ad insight. Ad copies are also generated attested. This is Pexda’s most distinctive feature.

You can view all add copyrights associated with individual products. These templates contain photos and videos that include actual text copies.

Ecomhunt Key features

Instagram Influencing!

Instagram is one the most popular social media platforms in the world. You can promote your products on Instagram. Ecomhunt offers you Instagram influencing tools that will allow your dropshipping product to be affordable on Instagram.

This is a great option for people who are just starting with social media marketing but are hesitant to invest in large marketing campaigns.

Instagram is one the fastest ways to convert product to profit. Influencing on Instagram will result in a quicker growth.

Join the Facebook Community

You can expand your knowledge by sharing ideas and communicating with others who are interested in the same business topics. Ecomhunt allows you to communicate with a large Facebook group.

After creating an account with Ecomhunt, you will receive an email containing the link to join our Facebook group. Click on the link to access all the benefits offered by the community.

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You will also find the most recent updates about the hot and viral products in this group.

What are you waiting to do? Grab the best out of this vast network of Business store owners!

The Pros and Cons of : Pexda vs Ecomhunt

Pexda Pros

  • It is a reliable and legitimate investment.
  • Ideal for those with a low budget.
  • Easy navigation with a user-friendly interface
  • All types of products should be taken into consideration
  • Let’s find the best product!
  • This feature provides audience breakdown

Pexda Con

  • Your expectations were not met by the product addition.
  • There is no video tutorial or video session to explain its features and utility.
  • There is no free trial
  • Targeted Facebook Ads may not be accurate. You should do your research before you advertise the product on social media.

Ecomhunt Pros

  • Users need not exert any extra effort in searching for and researching the Products.
  • There is no need to create all new products.
  • In no time, your dripping store will be full to the brim.
  • This tool will give you insight into the performance of your competitors
  • This tool will assist you in creating and imitating new marketing strategies for social media.
  • The Pro version is very affordable and gives you access to all features.
  • A money-back guarantee is also available
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Ecomhunt Services

  • You can only use a small number of features in the free version. This means you cannot fully explore all of the amazing benefits of this software.
  • Facebook insights are required.

Pricing Battle

Pexda Pricing Plans

Standard version- You will need to pay $1.95 the first 14 days and then $14.95 each month. This price includes a Facebook Ads report that can be used for unlimited products each day. All of this includes an Aliexpress report, Amazon and eBay sales reports, as well as an Aliexpress, Amazon and eBay sales report. An Auto hunt tool is included and there is a 3 day delay for any winning product.

Premium Version-Premium subscriptions are available for $24.95 per calendar month. All the standard features are included in the Standard Version. This plan is ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses and established companies. This is the most used version of the Pexda.

Ultimate Version – This is the plan for you if your goal is to grow your business to its maximum potential sales. The super pro version costs $99.95 per month. All the best features of Pexda are included in this package. This version gives you exclusive access to all of the unique and special products. This version should be explored, not just read.

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Ecomhunt Pricing Plans

Ecomhunt has created a free plan and a pro plan.

Ecomhunt free plan- Ecomhunt allows for limited data on 2 products.

You can delay new products up to 3 days by saving 5 products. However, you won’t have access to the community support or feature.

Pro plan-Pro plan costs $ 29 per month and offers the fascinating benefits of unlimited products, saves, and complete data access. You become a member of the Ecomhunt Community by purchasing the Pro Plan.


Are you also eligible for Pexda Coupons

Pexda offers you amazing coupon codes so you can get discounts up to 20%-30% on various products. A few coupon codes allow you to enjoy a maximum lifetime discount on all products. These coupons are not available online, so you’ll have to either wait or search the web for them. You will surely find the best coupon for you!

Is it worth the free version of Pexda?

Pexda’s free plans have many flaws. It is not very popular due to limited access and products. I believe that you can do more for your business if you switch to the pro version. The free plan is a marketing tool used by Pexda for a low-key experience.

What is the Ecomhunt’s “Webinars & Tutorial” section?

Its support system includes the “Webinars” and the “Tutorial” sections of the Ecomhunt website. The section will be visible at the top of your screen once you’ve landed on their website. You will find a variety of videos related to different topics. This section helps you get the most from the Ecomhunt tool.

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Final Verdict:

It was a good fight! It was quite the neck-to-neck battle. After this lengthy read, you should have formed your own opinion.

Which tool did you find most appealing?

Both share striking similarities, but their unique features make them different.

Both tools are beyond their capabilities to demonstrate their value to the audience.

Pexda can be viewed here. You can also connect with them via their social media handles at Twitter.