Private Label Camping Dropship from Alibaba

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It’s officially summer! This means that it is peak season for outdoor activities. We’re focusing on CAMPING GEAR, although outdoor products are always a big seller at this time of the year. However, outdoor products have seen a dramatic increase in demand. This will make camping gear and other related products an attractive niche.

The trends show that camping gear is very popular. It starts to rise around May every year and continues on an upward trend until June, when it reaches its peak. It then coasts for approximately two months, before it begins a slow descent through autumn, landing back at its usual resting place in early December.

This trend is repeated year after year with the peak at the exact same level every year. In the summer 2018, however, demand spiked by 33%. Since 2007, we haven’t seen camping products as much interest. This is also not the highest level of demand in recent years, which suggests that we are still in the escalation phase. If you are thinking of dropshipping outdoor gear this summer, be aware that the demand for 2019 will likely be higher than in 2018. Even if the levels are maintained last year, camping supplies and related supplies will continue to sell well through this season.

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Private label camping dropship is one of the most popular refractory materials. offers a wide range of products that can be used in many industries. Private label camping dropship has many benefits. These materials are incredibly versatile and can be made into any number of different products. This is why metal is so in high demand.

Private label camping dropship products are resistant to oxidization, corrosion and other elements. The surface is extremely hard and cannot be penetrated by any harmful elements.’s products can be used indoors and outdoors for many years. These materials are excellent for marine and building applications and can withstand rain and seawater.

Private label camping dropship products have one of the greatest advantages: their strength. It is one of the strongest metals and can easily rival steel. These metals are popular because of their high strength-to density ratio. While many other metals are toxic to humans, they are biocompatible and therefore non-toxic to animals and humans. offers attractive private label camping dropship deals. You can also buy bulk to save even more on These materials are made by different manufacturers, who maintain a high level of quality for their customers. Shop online for more durable building materials today.

Dropshipping with 3PL

Outsourcing to a third-party logistics provider (3PL) is a way for suppliers to get into dropshipping quickly, easily and with minimal up-front investment.

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3PLs already have the people, space, technology and retailer relationships in place to step up as a fulfillment liaison between suppliers and consumers. This arrangement allows suppliers to pay 3PL for the items they move and can also take advantage of the 3PL’s volume shipping rate which can lower shipping costs.

The upside to using a 3PL provider to dropship is that the supplier can be up to Amazon-like standards. One example is positioning inventory in multiple locations. If a supplier has only one warehouse on the west coast, they would be unable to offer two-day shipping nationwide. They can however offer two-day shipping if they use large 3PLs with multiple warehouses across the country.

A 3PL may be able leverage the purchasing power of small and medium-sized suppliers to transport their goods. The supplier might be able to ship pre-paid to shipping carriers and pay a reduced rate to the consignee. This is between the 3PL’s negotiated discount rate and what they would pay to the shipping provider for a small volume shipper.

Dropshippers can also outsource their suppliers’ logistics to a 3PL, allowing them to concentrate on other operational tasks. Instead of focusing on leasing warehouses, finding shipping companies, managing warehouse employees and complying to different regulations, you can concentrate on growing your business. Order fulfillment is not a core competency for most suppliers, especially when it comes to dropshipping.

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