Private Label Hair Extensions Dropshipping Suppliers

Private Label Hair Extensions Dropshipping Suppliers in the USA

The global hair extensions market is expected to develop at a rate of 4.5 percent during the forecast period, reaching a value of $1.2 billion by the end of 2024. Many cosmetic and hair firms have understood that adding hair extensions to their product line will almost certainly improve sales and have sought out the top private label hair extensions companies to stock up on the many varieties of hair extensions now in demand. Therefore, we looked for and located some of the best private label hair extensions manufacturers, dropshipping suppliers, and distributors in the United States and overseas to save you time.

The Top sellers/key players in the hair extensions field, according to Market Watch, are Great Lengths, Balmain, Hair Dreams, Easihair, Socap, Donna Bella, Cinderella, Hairlocs, Klix Hair Extension, UltraTress, Racoon, Hair Addictionz, FN Longlocks, VivaFemina, Femme Hair Extension, LocksandBonds, Godrejcp, Anhui Jinruixiang, Ruimei, Xuchang Penghui, Shengtai, Yinnuohair, Xuchang Haoyuan, Meishang, Rebecca, and Evergreen Products Group.

“Private Label” “Dropship” Hair Products

Everybody has different hair needs. This market is huge and has a large customer base. There are many segments, from natural curls to bald men – there is no shortage of them.

These are some private label options for hair care.

  • Hair growth shampoo (12K Amazon Searches per Month)
  • Beard Oil (61K)
  • Hair mask (26K).
  • Bundles of human hair (21K).
  • Hair growth vitamins (11K).

Types of Private Label Hair Extensions

Real human hair (from a donor) and synthetic hair extensions (typically plastic) are available in a variety of colors (including balayage) and textures. Because it is collected, human Remy hair is considered the greatest quality—and thus the most expensive—a type of hair extension available. The strands are aligned with all roots and tips facing the same direction, producing a considerably smoother appearance.

Hair extensions can be temporary (placed in and taken out every day), semi-permanent (last 4-8 weeks), or permanent (last a lifetime) (with regular maintenance appointments). Hair extension application can be made in a variety of ways, the most common of which are:

  • Clip-in hair extensions/wefts: Ready-to-wear hair pieces with an open/close clip at the root that can be clipped in. These are only temporary and simple to install and remove, and they should be removed at the end of the day. Clip-in wefts are the least invasive type of hair extension, and they don’t harm your natural hair.
  • Tape-in hair extensions contain an adhesive strip at the root that allows the extensions to be glued onto either side of a piece of natural hair that is aligned at the root. These extensions are semi-permanent, but they must be handled with caution when washing to prevent the hair extension from slipping out.
  • Hair extensions are woven or sewed in with a needle and thread into the natural hair (braided first). The hair extension is not likely to fall out, and it can last up to four months.
  • Pre-bonded/fusion hair extensions: Hair extensions are put in small parts to the natural hair near the root using bonding adhesive using a hot glue gun or a heat clamp. These are permanent. However, they do require repositioning of the extensions every few months as the original hair grows out.
  • Hair extensions are fastened to the natural hair at the root in small parts with the help of a little plastic bead, which the natural hair is dragged through to secure it in place. This procedure, like pre-bonded hair extensions, necessitates bi-monthly maintenance appointments.
  • Wigs/hairpieces: Wigs come in every style, shape, length, texture, and color imaginable and are stretched at the cap and placed on the head. Hairpieces, like clip-in wefts, can be clipped in and come in various designs for a specific portion of the head, such as bangs, ponytails, or buns.

Our list of the top private label hair extension dropshipping manufacturers is your first destination whether you’re seeking real or synthetic hair extensions to add to your inventory list.

Top Private Label Hair Extensions Companies in the USA

This table lists some private label hair extensions companies in the United States, ranked by annual sales (where applicable). Below are summaries of each company’s activities and more information on each company’s headquarters location and personnel count.

USA Private Label Hair Extensions Company Summaries

Perfect Locks LLC sells virgin (non-chemically processed) Indian hair in bulk. It has a distribution center in California and has been in the hair extension industry for ten years.

Private Label Extensions is a top lash and hair extension dropshipping supplier in the United States, offering a wide range of wigs, weaves, and hair extensions for private labeling.

Hair Extensions by Monica can help you create your line of human hair extensions—tape-in, clip-in, and wefts—with a minimal profit margin and free rebranding and packaging.

Viva Femina, Inc sources hair extensions from ten various dropshipping manufacturing plants across the world in various styles and colors to meet the needs of its customers and private label packaging, labels, and catalogs.

For almost a decade, Remy Chic, LLC, based in Pennsylvania, has been producing hair extensions and providing private label services for businesses worldwide.

Dropship Bundles and Dropship Extensions are two Georgia-based firms founded by the same person. They offer unique private label packaging for all hair extensions, including bundle tags, silk hair extension packing bags, edge control labels, silk hair bonnets, and hair oil labels, as well as dropshipping to your clients.

Top International Private Label Hair Extensions Companies

This table lists some of the top international private label hair extensions firms, ordered by annual sales in millions of dollars (when available). Below are summaries of each company’s activities and more information on each company’s headquarters location and personnel count.

International Private Label Hair Extensions Company Summaries

Bio Takara is an Indonesian eyelash, wig, hair extension, and toupee maker that offers custom-designed unique items and bespoke white label packaging.

Barclay Wolf Hair Extensions is a Chinese manufacturer that produces private label hair extensions in over 80 hues, allowing customers to customize their collection.

Malaysia Hair Import Export Company Limited, based in Bangkok, Thailand, offers private label hair extensions made from Cambodian, Malaysian, and Burmese raw hair, as well as four new hair startup business packages for those looking to break into the market.

Hairmiles Hair Extensions provides private and white label branding and packaging for various hair extensions, including keratin bonding, clip-in, tape-in, and bead extensions.

For private labeling, JC Hair Factory has virgin Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, and Malaysian human hair extensions in various straight, wavy, or curly styles, in several hues, including balayage.

Sach Hair Inc, situated in Turkey, offers a variety of private label hair extensions with branded tags and bags and assistance with logo and branding design.

SGI Indian Human Hair Exporters, a family-owned facility in Chennai, India, offers free customized private label packaging on 100 percent raw Indian Remy human hair extensions and wigs, with a history dating back to 1977.


Where available, we listed some of the top private label hair extensions companies in the United States and globally based on annual sales. We hope you find this information useful in your dropshipping supplier search. Visit Thomas Supplier Discovery to discover more about private label firms or create your own unique shortlist of suppliers. Thomas Supplier Discovery also includes information on the many types of cosmetics and cosmetic production.