Redbubble-Like Websites to Showcase Your Work

Redbubble is one of the leading print-on-demand marketplaces. Offering an assortment of products at no cost and extensive help with shipping and delivery issues, Redbubble makes starting print-on-demand easy and free to start.

Society6 is another popular POD platform among creatives, offering modern home decor and wall art for sale at low costs. However, Society6 doesn’t receive as much traffic as Redbubble does.

Fine Art America

Fine Art America is a print-on-demand marketplace that allows artists to sell their works on various products. They have fulfillment centers all around the world that take care of printing, framing, packaging, and shipping of your artworks – free sign up as a creator but premium plans begin at $30 annually.

This platform makes it easy to create and manage all your sales from one website, with no upfront fees and royalty payments on every sale depending on product type and traffic volume. You will earn royalties for every sale made and can earn even more depending on whether your shop attracts a lot of traffic or not.

Fine Art America makes it possible for artists and galleries to sell prints at competitive prices while using effective marketing and keywords in descriptions that rank higher on search engine result pages, thus drawing more buyers. Furthermore, they offer a 30-day return policy.

Fine Art America may be an established company, yet some artists and consumers have expressed concerns with regards to quality control and customer service, pricing issues on the website as well as price fluctuations on items found there.


Society6 is a Print-On-Demand (POD) website that gives artists an outlet to sell their artwork on wall art, apparel and home goods products. Society6 recognizes the efforts of creators by offering one of the highest artist profit margins for products available for sale; furthermore using quality materials while supporting fair labor practices and upholding fair labor practices.

The site handles manufacturing and shipping for its artists, and pays them each month. All they need to do is upload their designs and choose which products they would like them sold on; additionally they can set the price of their art work and receive royalties accordingly.

Society6 tracks purchases made on its Earning Dashboard as “Pending.” Once approved, products are printed and sent out directly to customers while Society6 also sends artists payment for their commission.

Society6 also has an attractive referral program, enabling artists to earn $15 for every friend they refer who makes a purchase – making Society6 an excellent platform from which to start selling online artwork!

Society6 can take some time for customers to receive their orders, which may deter some potential buyers. Furthermore, artists don’t have direct contact with their customers which makes building loyalty and brand recognition more difficult.


Displate is an online marketplace where customers visit to purchase custom prints. Artists can showcase their work and sell various products such as T-shirts, wall art, mugs and home decor items through Displate.

Metal posters from this company are magnet-mounted for easy moving or changing, durable enough to withstand damage from weather elements, and an inexpensive alternative to paper posters that can be difficult or expensive to hang. Plus, the company has collaborated with many popular brands like Marvel and DC Comics to develop licensed designs!

Displate also maintains a zero-tolerance policy against intellectual property infringement, so if a content creator believes their content has been infringed they can submit a notice of infringement and should it be confirmed, Displate will take swift action to remove it from its platform.

Redbubble and Spring both offer easy setup processes; however, Spring gives more control over the color options for your listing. You can create your own brand logo to promote them in search results – increasing discovery among potential buyers! Furthermore, through their Share and Earn program artists can earn up to 41% of net price (after taxes and fees have been deducted) when selling designs through Spring.


CafePress provides artists a platform that enables them to upload and sell their designs on various products. In addition, this website provides numerous marketing tools designed to build brand loyalty and increase exposure. CafePress also offers sellers a free plan with access to its design editor and fulfillment network; there are also paid plans with additional features and pricing options.

CafePress offers an expansive range of customizable products similar to those found at Redbubble, including apparel, gifts and home decor items. Their print-on-demand technology enables customers to order one item or an entire collection at once – perfect for independent creators! CafePress boasts over two decades of offering unique personalized merchandise which make an impressionful impression in customers’ minds and lives alike.

CafePress offers an assortment of print-on-demand products, such as mugs, t-shirts and canvas prints that you can customize yourself. In addition, CafePress has a drinkware selection including flasks and tumblers – making CafePress an excellent place to find gifts for everyone on your list! With such an expansive selection of goods available from CafePress – find something suitable today!

You can tag your work to make it easier for customers to locate, as well as add a description to promote it. Unfortunately, however, the site does not allow for customization of colors in products; making your experience on it less comfortable than on other platforms like Redbubble.


Teespring provides an ideal platform to sell your artwork at a profit and reach new markets through selling products with your designs, such as apparel (t-shirts and hoodies), stickers, phone cases and home decor items. Furthermore, Teespring’s marketing tools can help expand your audience.

Print-on-demand eCommerce platforms provide artists with a number of advantages over those that require them to hold stock and handle customer returns themselves, such as Artist Market. No longer must artists hold onto unsold goods in inventory, risk losing money on unsold merchandise, or waste time and money marketing their work themselves; all production and shipping will be managed for them by this platform. This model also reduces customer returns.

Spreadshirt offers another solution for selling art: its online marketplace allows creators to build a branded storefront they can use either as their primary shop or an extension of their own website. Its platform is user-friendly and offers plenty of customization options; however, some users have complained about higher base fees than with some competitors.

Displate offers metal prints as another avenue for selling art online, similar to Redbubble with its community-driven approach that encourages collaboration and promotion of artists’ work. However, its photo quality varies considerably which could prove challenging for some artists.


Zazzle is a print-on-demand website that allows users to design custom products. Products available on Zazzle range from T-shirts, posters, art prints, mugs and stickers – with manufacturing, fulfillment, shipping and customer service taken care of so you can focus on creating designs. Plus they offer royalty rates ranging from 5% – 99%!

One of the main advantages of Zazzle over similar sites like Redbubble is its ability to enable users to design custom merchandise for special events like weddings and birthdays, making Zazzle an effective way of increasing sales while reaching new audiences. Furthermore, Zazzle utilizes advanced printing and production methods that ensure high-quality products.

Gelato offers an attractive alternative to Redbubble with generous free plans and transparent profit margins per sale, as well as eco-friendly merchandise selection and compliance with CPSIA laws. Premium plans begin at $24 monthly and provide premium mockup tools, fixed shipping rates and integration features among others.

As soon as you launch on a new platform, it is critical that you experiment with various designs and products to see which resonate best with your audience. Be sure to analyze data by looking at factors like color, style, title, tags and more – try finding your niche by creating something completely original!