Simple Steps to Remove Powered By Squarespace Scheduling

Squarespace Scheduling (formerly Acuity) allows clients to easily view your real-time availability and schedule appointments, classes, workshops or consultations online with just a single click. They can even pay online and reschedule instantly!

To connect your Squarespace and Acuity Scheduling accounts, login to Appy Pie Connect and choose both apps as your apps. Next, configure triggers and actions accordingly.

Go to the Footer

The footer of your website is the bottom section that appears on every page and typically houses your business name, contact info and links to other pages on your site. It might also feature “Powered by Squarespace” links which could detract from its look by appearing less professional; here’s how you can remove them.

Log into your Squarespace account and launch your website editor, scrolling to the footer to locate where it says “Powered by Squarespace” then clicking Edit. What follows depends on your template but typically clicking Edit will bring up the Footer Editor where hovering over “Powered by Squarespace” text blocks will reveal a trash can icon; click that, and the text will disappear from your footer.

If your Squarespace template doesn’t allow for easy removal of text from its footer, or your plan doesn’t permit changing its text, adding a Custom HTML widget in your footer may still help remove the text without disrupting other aspects of your website. This code adds one line that removes it; adding more than one won’t change any functionality either way.

Appy Pie Connect can also help remove the “Powered by Squarespace Scheduling Link” at the bottom of your website without altering other aspects or altering functionality. This won’t affect other parts of your site and won’t change how your scheduler operates.

Rather than leaving your calendar open for anyone to take, password protecting it by adding it to a gated page on your site will protect its privacy and ensure only visitors with access can view it. In addition, paid members can be given exclusive booking rights by giving them an email address that allows only them access to the calendar (rather than just being sent directly by you). We’ll send 1-3 tips a week without ever sharing our contacts or giving out our addresses!

Click Edit

Squarespace Scheduling makes client scheduling simpler by making real-time availability visible, booking appointments online and paying or rescheduling instantly with just one click. It’s surefire way of modernizing your scheduling process and increasing revenues!

Once you understand how this tool works, there are a few points you should keep in mind when using it. First and foremost is remembering that this service is not secure and should never be used for sensitive or private data. If using this platform to schedule appointments or bookings, extra precaution should be taken to protect your data.

Keep in mind that Squarespace Scheduling isn’t meant to replace traditional calendar apps; rather, it serves as an easy way for customers to book services from your website – meaning all other scheduling is handled outside of Squarespace.

Not a big issue for certain businesses, but for others this can be an inconvenience. Freelancers who rely on online payments for their work often find this frustrating; that’s why many rely on third-party applications like PayPal or Stripe to accept credit cards and other forms of electronic payment.

There are ways you can remove the “Powered by Squarespace” text from your website without also closing your Squarespace account. One option would be editing your domain’s CNAME record to delete Squarespace from its address and make changes there instead.

Log into your Squarespace account and navigate to Edit. In the Footer, locate and click on “Powered by Squarespace”, to remove it and replace with whatever text you prefer.

Hover over the text block that says “Powered by Squarespace Scheduling”

Scheduling apps provide an efficient and effective way for clients to view your real-time availability, book sessions or classes online (even paying you online if applicable), reschedule with one click, and keep their schedules up-to-date at all times – preventing double booking or missed appointments.

Squarespace Scheduling is one of the premier scheduling apps available and integrates perfectly with Squarespace websites – so well in fact that Squarespace purchased Acuity in 2019. Clients can quickly view your calendar’s availability, book an appointment or class, pay you online if applicable and reschedule as necessary.

This platform’s extensive feature set also includes customizable intake forms, embeddable calendars, third-party application calendar syncing and email and SMS reminders – features that make this an excellent solution for businesses like wellness practitioners, coaches and consultants – not to mention group classes and workshops!

By using the built-in form builder, you can easily design a questionnaire that solicits information from prospective clients prior to scheduling calls or meetings. This feature is especially helpful when trying to learn more about someone’s goals or project before scheduling consultation sessions; for instance, website designers or coaches might want more details before working together on projects together.

One great benefit of the app is setting up a payment link in your booking form so that clients can only book sessions or classes by making purchases first. This feature is particularly helpful if your service business includes client meetings as part of its total cost, for instance when considering time spent as part of overall service provision costs.

Click the trash can icon

Some templates feature a “Powered by Squarespace” navigation link in their footers; when hovered over, an icon indicates which can remove both text blocks and links.

Alter the footer content by replacing the text block with other blocks or custom HTML, for instance by adding something such as Made With Love by (your name). In this way, the “Powered by Squarespace Scheduling” text could still be removed while another banner could instead read: Made with Love by (your name).

You can uninstall Squarespace Scheduling by going into your Domain Settings, locating the CNAME record for Squarespace-scheduling subdomain, and clicking “delete.” However, keep in mind that each Acuity subscription is unique to one website and cannot be transferred between websites.