Review of DollarDays Dropshipping Program and Benefits

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DollarDays is an online wholesale shop that offers a large selection of products at incredibly low prices. They are breaking through an expanding market and have made a name for themselves. They were founded in 2001 with the goal of creating a company that could facilitate non-profit organizations, small business owners and consumers. The dropshippers have received positive DollarsDay reviews.

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DollarDays claims it supports 125,000 small businesses, non-profits and schools in the United States of America through supplying these products at very low prices. DollarDays does not appear to limit its product ranges, unlike other wholesale stores. You can find all types of products such as clothing, home and kitchen items, personal care products and sports equipment.

You can also support an NGO through their charity program. A decent 5% donation is made by them to schools, charities, temples, churches, or other institutions of your choice. If you’re socially conscious and are concerned about your social responsibilities, this is a great program.

DollarDays: The Pros and the Cons

Online wholesale is growing rapidly and many companies have entered this market. Dollardays, despite being on the market since 1997, is one such company. Dollardays is well-known for its support of small businesses and NGO. Dropshipping with DollarDays is possible, but you might not enjoy the same conveniences and luxury of an offline business.

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Dropshipping was a new business that emerged in the marketplace. Although there were very few dropshippers, Dollardays was eager to help them. Dropshipping is now a well-known term and many people and businesses around the world have taken up dropshipping. Dollardays has made dropshipping more popular and their guidelines, permissions and rules for dropshippers have been tightened. This is partly due to the fact that there are many dropshipping businesses in the market, but no sales.


Diverse Inventory

DollarDays offers a wide range of products and a varied inventory. DollarDays has a wide selection of products. They have a wide range of fashion options, even in the clothing section. You can find even the smallest accessories at DollarDays. DollarDays has a wide selection of products.

It’s affordable

DollarDays is very affordable. You can get high-quality products at wholesale prices, as opposed to other online wholesale stores. For as little as 4 dollars, bag packs are on average available. DollarDays matches the low prices of some of the most popular online wholesale shops.


Dollardays is not accepting new dropshippers. This is the most important drawback for dropshippers. Since sometime, DollarDays’ dropship program has been closed to the public. DollarDays is no longer an option for dropshipping businesses. Dropshipping is only available to established merchants.

Dropshippers are not welcome

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A fully functional e-commerce website or an established marketplace business on reputable online stores such as Amazon and eBay is the minimum requirement to qualify for DollarDays Dropship Program. A store must be operational for at least 90 days. It should also have positive feedback in the past. membership is available to registered web sites that have regular feedback from customers. might not be the right choice if you’re looking to start a dropshipping business.

To be eligible for fee membership, you will need to make USD 2500 in annual sales. This may seem daunting to newbies.

Further, DollarDays doesn’t support in establishing your stores’ inventory. You won’t be able to link your store directly with the products you choose, as many online wholesale shops offer dropshipping. DollarDays can only provide spreadsheets that include product information, price, and images. This makes it more difficult to integrate your store with the products you want.

Shipping and membership fees prohibitive

DollarDays ships every order for $9.99, regardless of its size, weight, or quantity. This delivery fee can sometimes be more costly than the product price.

This could be advantageous if the order or shipment is larger in size or weight. Customers may not be able to benefit if the shipment isn’t very heavy or large in size. Many customers will purchase products that are cheaper than the price of the product. They may find it difficult to pay a shipping cost that is higher than the product’s price.

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DollarDays could be a good option for dropshipping. You will often lose out on a variety of products with a low price and your profits may plummet.

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Dollardays also offers an annual membership at 125 dollars You get a discount of 5% for each order. If you’re generating large sales, this membership can pay for itself long-term. This does however increase the investment required to launch your business. DollarDays might not be able to help you reduce the initial costs of dropshipping.

Return Policy

DollarDays will pay shipping costs for products returned to them. This clearly states that DollarDays will accept returns of merchandise it has authorized. This policy could lead to your loss and cause your customers not to shop at your store.

DollarsDay Dropship Reviews

Below are some DollarsDay Dropship Reviews from customers.You can find products at such low prices! Wow!

Although they are polite and helpful, they don’t accept newbies or beginners. They won’t allow you to work with them.


DollarDays is an established brand in online wholesale. It is well-known for its support of small businesses and non-profits and giving them the opportunity to grow. Their customers have always received high quality products at a low price. Dropshippers may not find DollarDays to be an ideal source of products, but it is a good place to start. DollarDays is miles behind Chinabrands when it comes to dropshipping. Chinabrands provides excellent customer service, 24 hour delivery options and free delivery. Shipping products is not easy or quick with DollarDays.