Essential Steps to Building a Sales Page in Squarespace

If you’re selling digital products, membership programs/memberships or one-on-one services online, creating a sales page is an invaluable way to do it. Here’s how to build one that converts.

This sales page uses a customer-oriented headline and an informative 4-field form with only essential questions.


Your sales page’s headline is one of the most crucial elements of its landing page, as it will determine whether visitors stay or quickly navigate away from it. Your headline should be relevant and convey that your offer can solve a specific problem for your visitors; in addition to being brief and unambiguous.

Your sales page’s body should outline the benefits of your product or service in text, images and video format. Furthermore, social proof and reviews should also be provided in order to build trust with potential buyers and increase conversion rates.

If you are selling a cake decorating course, for example, videos featuring former students who completed it can help show that it is worth their investment and text can explain how your course can help them make an amazing wedding cake!

Make sure that your sales page contains a call-to-action (CTA). This could be as simple as including a button with text like, “Get Started” or “Buy Now.” A good CTA should clearly guide readers towards taking their desired actions; make it stand out by using brighter colors and more white space between itself and everything else on your page.

Your CTA should ideally appear near the top of your sales page; however, testing different locations to see which one yields optimal results is key to finding success.

No matter how tempting it may be to showcase all your products on your sales page, it’s wiser to limit yourself to no more than three items at any one time. This will prevent your audience from becoming overwhelmed and encourage them to take action. Furthermore, post-submit messages can help promote your email newsletter after someone subscribes – simply visit List Settings tab and select Default Submit Message option before setting Google reCAPTCHA or other verification methods so spammers don’t sign up!

Body Copy

Integrating value into your sales page is the key to getting visitors to convert. This may mean providing visitors with an outline of everything they will receive or offering an assurance section like that shown below that will convince buyers their purchase was well worth their while. In addition, the example shows an encouraging call-to-action that encourages visitors to fill out a short form for more info.

Another way to attract potential customers is to streamline your sign-up process quickly and effortlessly, like this example does by reducing the number of fields required for completion to just one. This makes the experience less daunting for visitors and may make them feel more at ease when providing their personal data.

Writing copy with your ideal buyer in mind is also key. Use language they would understand and avoid any industry jargon that might make them feel uncomfortable, while directly addressing them by pronouns such as “you” and “your”. By engaging with them directly and creating trust through effective dialogue, more quickly they’ll trust you and determine whether your product or service fits their needs.

Add visuals to your sales page in order to make it more digestible and bring your message alive. Including video, images and bullet points can help reduce text overload while improving readability; having lots of white space also aids skimmability and comprehension – Boho Social’s example page below does this effectively by clearly delineating each section and element on their page.

Addition of an Author’s Section isn’t essential, but can help build trust between yourself and the reader by showing that time has been invested into researching and creating your product. This section may also boost credibility by showing your dedication.

An FAQ or How It Works section is an invaluable asset when selling more complex products or courses, such as cybersecurity subscriptions or intensive courses. It gives your visitors the confidence to take that next step and sign up.

Call-To-Actions (CTAs)

No matter if it’s an offer of products, online courses, or services – your sales page needs to encourage visitors to take action and convert. Making sure the call-to-action (CTAs) are clear and concise can help achieve this. Although “Buy now!” might seem obvious as a CTA phrase; use phrases such as “Get started for free!” as alternative CTAs that encourage your target audience take the next step forward.

An effective value proposition demonstrates how your product or service addresses an audience member’s pain point. If you need help pinpointing it, do some competitor research; this will give you an understanding of how other businesses in your niche operate; you can then use that data to differentiate yourself and stand out.

Be sure to make your CTAs easy for readers by adding color and contrast, which will make them easier to read and more noticeable on the page. Also consider keeping CTA wording consistent across your site – for instance, your sales page shouldn’t feature different CTAs than contact or opt-in pages.

As important as it is to use vibrant colors and a clear value proposition, it is also essential to include an easy-to-find call-to-action button on your sales page, the location of which will have an effect on how many visitors click it. An optimal location would be at the top of the sales page where visitors will most easily be seen clicking it.

Establishing an effective sales page is crucial to any business, regardless of its industry. A well-crafted sales page can help expand your audience reach and increase revenue streams.


Your business may need to show multiple prices for its products or services, in which case your sales page should clearly present this information and link directly to full product pages where visitors can find more in-depth pricing data. This helps avoid confusion among visitors while making it easier for potential customers to make a decision.

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are another integral element of sales pages, prompting visitors to take action – whether that’s signing up for free trials or making purchases – on your site. It should be displayed prominently to increase conversions.

Your sales page should also contain social proof and testimonials to build trust among potential customers and boost credibility – these elements work especially well when coupled with your value proposition; PR Couture uses client case studies as evidence of their service’s ability to help businesses build relationships with media outlets.

An effective sales page is one of the key elements of your website, as it must be compelling, easy-to-read and contain all necessary information. Prior to launch, testing should take place to make sure it works as intended and without errors or bugs.

Squarespace provides beautiful sales page templates perfect for every type of business imaginable, making building sales pages less stressful than ever before. Customizable and easy to edit, these pre-loaded pages come equipped with everything needed to build professional and high-converting sales pages.

Your sales page should address the challenges and needs of your audience. For instance, when selling an online course to entry-level PR professionals, it’s essential that you identify their issues and how your course can address them. By understanding this dynamic fully, it will allow you to craft persuasive copy that resonates with customers while outshout competitors.

Squarespace makes creating an effective sales page easy. Utilizing their intuitive drag-and-drop editor, users can effortlessly add text, images, and videos directly onto their page – while customizing their template to reflect your brand identity.