Dropshipping Tool Sell the Trend Review, Pros, and Cons

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E-commerce businesses must do product research. This includes private label, wholesale and, most importantly, dropshipping. Dropshippers are skilled professionals who spend weeks searching for the best products that can make them $1000+ per day.

Dropshipping platforms that speed up research and fulfillment are what you need.

Although product/market research can be a time-consuming process, there are some great tools that make it easier. Although manual research is still the best, third-party dropshipping platforms can help you save a lot of time. You can also add a lot of winning products to your store in a matter of minutes.

Let’s not waste time, and let’s discuss the latest sensation in dropshipping: Sell the Trend.

Selling the Trend: Overview

Sell The Trend was initially launched as an independent product research tool for dropshippers to help them find the best products in different markets. It is well-known for its AI-based product search tool, NEXUS which automatically adds thousands hot and trending products into a store.

Sell The Trend evolved into a dropshipping platform. It does product research, competitor research and one-click order fulfillment. Ad tracking is also available. It has strong data that allows it to check what’s hot on Amazon, AliExpress and Shopify.

Although Sell The Trend might seem to be a simple data-fetching tool at first, the benefits are much greater than many dropshipping platforms and tools. You can integrate it with Shopify and woo-commerce to import products directly.

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The strong explorers (we will explain them later), AI technology and large databases are just a few of the key features that make Sell The Trend stand apart from other similar platforms.

You also have access to a dropshipping course, which is a fantastic deal for beginners.

What is the best way to sell the trend?

After you log in, you will be redirected the dashboard – which is the main page of Sell The Trend.

You will find a menu that lists the powerful product research elements of the NEXUS explorer.

The NEXUS Explorer

NEXUS is Sell The Trend’s most prominent feature. It is amazing at first glance how much data it can retrieve for all products in the library. Here is what we found about a random product when we opened it.

You will find the following information in the above image:

  • Margin of profit
  • The cost of the product
  • The selling price of the product
  • There are many AliExpress and Shopify online shops that sell the product.
  • The total product orders in a given month
  • The date and time when the product was added to Shopify’s store.
  • The date/time when the product was added to Shopify’s first store
  • This timeline shows the entire history of the product’s import. It also includes a list of all Shopify stores which have added this product.
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It is also evident that the graph for this wooden board game keeps going up since October.

You can also check Amazon’s products as well as their selling prices. The NEXUS Explorer is a powerful and useful tool that allows you to see the products of your competitors, how they run their stores, and what their prices are.

It also displays all untapped winning products to the dropshipper. Untapped winning products refer to products that aren’t often found on marketplaces, but are relatively inexpensive. Using the NEXUS explorer, you can see the original cost and selling price of each product. You can then set a price that is relative to what your competitor has on Shopify.

Advanced filtering and sorting options

The NEXUS explorer offers a variety of NEXUS filtering and sorting options. You can further reduce the time it takes to search for products. Whether you are looking for high-ticket items, low-priced products or a specific rating level, the NEXUS search can be filtered to get the desired results.

The NEXUS Explorer also allows you to narrow down your search using a variety of filters. You can search them by their star rating, price, type of product or sales. Although it is impossible to list all of the filtering options available, here are the most popular ones dropshippers use:

  • Niche
  • Price
  • Orders
  • Category
  • Content (such as a Video)
  • Dropshippers (who are based in the US)
  • Top Customer Countries
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The video option can be used to get ideas for your product video. There are thousands of product videos that dropshippers created. If you want to create a Facebook campaign that is successful, these product and video ads creator tools are great.

You can use the country filter to see which products are selling well in your area if you intend to sell across-country.

Additional information about a product’s data

Sell The Trend allows you to view the complete product information if you are interested in it. Click on the product image to open a pop-up box similar to this:

The pop-up box will provide a lot information, including the number of orders. If you see a lot of orders per month, this product is highly in demand. You can add it to your shop and make a profit.

You will also see the top countries that have purchased the product. The complete list of Shopify stores selling the product and a clear selling graph.

You can also sell the trend to get a link to all Shopify stores. You can see the products and prices of your competitors by visiting their stores.

Dropshippers also love the suggestion box in NEXUS explorer. If you’re ever considering running a Facebook campaign, it will give you helpful suggestions on what to do, who to target and how to build an audience.

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You can download a video of the product that you are interested in and include it in your product description. The supplier should not have any problems uploading the video to your store as long as you are buying directly from them. If you don’t have permission to use the video, you can still create it yourself if it is important to you.


The NEXUS explorer is the same as the Explorers on Sell The Trend. The product research tool offers a list of explorers:

  • Shopify Explorer
  • Amazon explorer
  • AliExpress Explorer

NEXUS is a powerful product search feature. However, these explorers will bring you all the latest products on AliExpress and Shopify.

You can access all relevant data regarding AliExpress’s top-selling products using the AliExpress Explorer. The sorting and filtering options for the AliExpress explorer are identical to the NEXUS explorer so there won’t be any new filters.

The screenshot below shows the growth in various products since their last addition to Sell The Trend’s product collection. Click on the green box next to any product’s ‘Add’ button to get more information.

Integration with Woocommerce or Shopify is available through Sell The Trend. This allows you to import products and update your store easily. Before integrating these platforms, ensure that you have the Sell The Trend chrome extension installed.

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1-Click Order Fulfilment

The click order fulfillment feature is one of the most powerful features of Sell The Trend. It’s a gamechanger. This dropshipping tool allows you to ship multiple shipments in one click.

Sell The Trend’s one click order fulfillment feature allows you to automatically add your customer’s shipping address and number without having to lift a finger. It’s great if you’re a lazy dropshipper.

This allows Sell The Trend to be used as an all-in one dropshipping tool. Find products that you want to add to your shop, then add them to your store using their push to the site feature. The 1-click order fulfillment feature allows you to quickly complete orders.

Store Intelligence

Let’s discuss their latest addition, the “store intelligence” feature. You can paste the URL of Shopify stores to gain useful insights like monthly traffic, product prices, and monthly orders. This feature allowed us to access all kinds of information about Manitobah.

The store’s monthly sales, revenue and traffic can all be viewed. Scroll down to view the top-selling products.

Google Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension from Sell The Trend lets you add trending products directly to your Aliexpress store. This chrome extension by Sell The Trend automates the process and can be used to fulfill orders with one click. You can use the Chrome extension to replace Oberlo and Dropified.

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Dropshipping Course Free

You can get a free dropshipping course from Sell The Trend. It includes 9 videos that will teach you the basics and dynamics behind dropshipping. These videos will help you set up your first shop and run your first advertising campaign.

Although you can find these videos on YouTube, it’s still an advantage, as it provides a crash course with two additional videos that you won’t find anywhere else.

Sell The Trend Review: Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons to Sell The Trend

Sell The Trend: Pros

  • 1-click ordering for lazy dropshippers
  • There are many options for filtering and sorting
  • Shopify’s new store intelligence feature allows you to retrieve information about all Shopify stores
  • Dropshippers will find the best products in our extensive product database.
  • You can use video making tools to create unique videos for your marketing campaigns
  • Google Chrome Extension to Add Products Directly from Aliexpress – An Oberlo Replacement
  • Trending store finder feature in NEXUS explorer
  • Multiple explorers are needed to find the most popular products
  • Import more than 5,000,000 products
  • 9-in-1 tools

Cons of Sell The Trend

  • For new users, all the features available can seem overwhelming
  • The trial period is for seven days.
  • Additional courses are available that can be paid for.
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Sell the Trend Review: Pricing

Sell The Trend’s current monthly price is $39.97. To fully grasp the product hunting tools and to test their robust features, you will need to spend at least 3-4 months. If you are concerned about the value of your product, you can take a 7-day trial for full access to all features.


How do I remove Shopify from my website?

You can simply remove Sell the Trend from your Shopify shop. However, you cannot cancel your membership by removing the app.

I cannot see the Sell The Trend app in the Shopify store. How can I get it?

Sell The Trend can be accessed via a web application. You can therefore access all features and streamline your product research by visiting the website.

Why can’t AliExpress show me all the products?

Although there are many products in Sell The Trend’s Database, not all Aliepxress products are available. It is impossible to extract every AliExpress product. Clicking on “source the product” will take you to AliExpress’s search page, where you can add any AliExpress product to Sell The Trend.

Is it possible for a supplier to attach a customer receipt along with my order?

The business model is well understood by all suppliers. They do not include invoices in the packages.

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Sell the Trend Review: Final verdict

We’ve tried many product research tools to dropship, but Sell The Trend has more useful and advanced features than other apps.

You can’t go wrong when you have the right strategy for product selection, competitor research, dropshipping order fulfillment.

Dropshipping with AliExpress is a great option. For any further inquiries or suggestions, please leave a reply or contact .