SelltheTrend Dropshipping Tool Review

SelltheTrend Dropshipping Tool is an invaluable resource that provides entrepreneurs with a powerful edge to succeed in the competitive e-commerce world. Offering extensive training resources and a free Dropship Course, SelltheTrend is tailored for both novice and veteran dropshippers alike.

The NEXUS Explorer is an invaluable resource that makes locating winning products and their associated data effortless. Furthermore, this platform reveals those products on the rise and those which are trending up.


Finding winning products that resonate with your target audience requires a comprehensive strategy in the fast-paced world of e-commerce, but Sell the Trend’s suite of tools makes this task much simpler, helping you identify high-potential items and capitalize on emerging trends. Their advanced product research capabilities, market analysis tools, and automation features enable you to expand your business while realizing long-term success.

Sell The Trend’s AliExpress Explorer tool is one of the most efficient ways to quickly access trending products on AliExpress and saves you time that would otherwise be spent browsing countless choices. Additionally, this real-time indicator gives you insight into customer preferences so that your offerings align better with them.

Sell the Trend offers another amazing feature with its NEXUS Explorer, which allows you to filter and sort products based on popularity, price, ratings and popularity – making it easier for you to locate money-making dropshipping products for your store. Furthermore, using NEXUS you can create product videos or run Facebook campaigns!

Sell the Trend’s Product Change Tracker keeps you abreast of any modifications made to your product list, and makes viewing orders and forwarding them directly to suppliers easy – helping ensure customers receive their orders promptly for repeat purchases and customer retention.

For your online store to thrive, it must provide customers with an enjoyable shopping experience. Sell The Trend’s local shipping option allows you to do exactly that by connecting you with suppliers who offer fast and efficient deliveries in your local area, thus improving customer satisfaction and driving sales up. Plus, better overall experiences create higher conversion rates!

Sell The Trend is an essential tool for Shopify stores. With powerful product research tools, marketing automation features, and training resources at your disposal, Sell The Trend can help your store navigate a competitive e-commerce environment and achieve long-term success in e-commerce marketplace. Take advantage of a free 7-day trial to explore its capabilities!


Selling the right products to the appropriate audiences at the appropriate times is key to the success of any online retail business. Standing out requires making smart strategic decisions combined with powerful tools. Sell the Trend is one such solution which has become popular with e-commerce entrepreneurs thanks to its comprehensive toolset and data-rich platform.

Sell the Trend offers users an extensive suite of features, from competitor research and product analysis, Facebook/Instagram targeting, one-click order fulfillment, video ad creation, storefront optimization, sales growth optimization and video ad creation – making it an excellent solution for dropshipping entrepreneurs. With so much going for it, Sell the Trend makes for an excellent dropshipping business solution!

If you want a deeper insight into how the tool works, there are free tutorial videos that explain each tool and feature. These videos can help both newcomers and experienced users alike make the most out of the tool. Plus they also include tips that can help maximize its use!

Sell the Trend offers not only video tutorials, but also an in-depth product training course for free. The course features nine video lessons covering the fundamentals of starting and operating your own dropshipping business as well as topics such as competitive analysis and creating winning product strategies.

Nexus Explorer, one of Sell the Trend’s many powerful tools, allows you to filter by product type while also showing which Shopify stores sell that item – giving an indication of which products are popular and where you can source them.

Sell the Trend’s Nexus Explorer is unique in that it also shows you which fulfillment sources are available for each product, making it easier for retailers trying to meet target profit margins to find their optimal pricing structure. Without such information, finding a product could prove challenging.

Nexus Explorer also makes a handy sales history feature available, enabling you to view sales histories for each product in each category. This can help you monitor trends over time and see which items are selling well or poorly; ultimately helping you plan inventory effectively by understanding which purchases make sense at which locations.

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Sell the Trend is an invaluable resource that helps e-commerce businesses navigate the crowded waters of dropshipping with success. Boasting extensive features, comprehensive training resources, and automation capabilities – Sell the Trend is an indispensable resource that ensures winning products, trends, and sales growth for dropshipping e-commerce businesses.

Sell the Trend’s tools are easy to use and understand, with each feature having an accompanying explainer video to walk users through its functionality. Furthermore, this platform offers free trials so users can experience its products first before making their purchase decision as well as providing free trials of its products before buying and offering free trials to try before purchasing as well as having a useful FAQs page to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs).

As an e-commerce newcomer, it can be challenging to keep pace with consumer trends. Sell the Trend is an invaluable tool that allows you to identify emerging consumer trends and capitalize on them before they go mainstream – giving you more informed business decisions and positioning you as an industry leader.

Sell the Trend is distinguished by its NEXUS Explorer tool, designed to automate product research. Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), this unique feature of Sell the Trend uses artificially intelligent search to automatically add top performing products into your store, while simultaneously providing information regarding margin, revenue, orders and profit of each item in addition to competitor product prices and their availability.

With this feature, you can save time by eliminating products that are underperforming and prioritizing those with higher margins. Furthermore, this makes tracking changes in consumer demand easy, helping avoid costly mistakes and maximize ROI.

Sell the Trend provides an easy, one-click push to store feature that enables you to import products quickly into your Shopify store from AliExpress, saving both time and effort in uploading and importing products manually. In addition, this platform features lightning fast order fulfillment so orders can be fulfilled in seconds!


Sellthetrend is an innovative tool designed to quickly and efficiently help dropshippers find winning dropshipping products quickly. Beyond providing product research data, however, this comprehensive solution provides everything from millions of trending products all the way through store automation with order fulfillment capabilities – an all-in-one solution you won’t find elsewhere!

As an added perk, the platform offers a comprehensive collection of training tutorials to assist with its tools effectively. Each of these tutorials has been created carefully in order to familiarise yourself with each feature and functionality available on it – perfect whether you’re new to business or have decades of experience! Whether novice or veteran entrepreneur alike can use this help for making decisions quickly while streamlining workflow.

SelltheTrend offers more than an extensive product database; its trend finder makes it easy to keep abreast of emerging trends and popular items in real-time, helping you remain ahead of competition and capitalize on market demand. Plus, this tool lets you filter results based on price range, number of reviews or other criteria.

One great feature is being able to import products quickly and effortlessly into your store with just one click of a button, saving both time and effort by automating all product details such as photos, descriptions, prices, shipping information etc. It’s an efficient way of streamlining workflow and eliminating time spent on repetitive tasks.

Both SelltheTrend and NEXUS Explorer provide tools to assist your efforts at optimizing your ecommerce site for increased sales. For instance, NEXUS Explorer’s product search functionality enables you to compare products from different retailers by price, shipping cost and sales data analysis as well as viewing a detailed breakdown of profit margins for each item – providing valuable insight for making better decisions regarding which ones to purchase and when and how much to charge for them.