SharpSpring Pricing Guide to Choose the Best Plan

This blog has previously discussed the pricing of SharpSpring. If you’ve been a regular reader of our CRM review articles, I bet you’re already familiar with the topic of SharpSpring pricing. Our in-depth article on SharpSpring examined the summaries of the software packages and their associated costs.

While the article details SharpSpring’s features, it is not as thorough in pricing. SharpSpring is comprehensive marketing automation and customer relationship management system. For newcomers and beginners, the system’s wide range of pricing options may initially seem confusing.

Here is a thorough analysis of the SharpSpring pricing strategy to aid you. The pricing options for SMBs, agencies, and enterprises, as well as their associated package features, are differentiated in this article beyond the fundamentals.

In the end, you ought to be able to decide on a pricing strategy appropriate for your company or agency and get a good idea of what you can expect to pay over the long term.

To refresh our memories, let’s go over what SharpSpring is all about now.

What Is SharpSpring?

Okay, I’ll admit it—describing SharpSpring is more complicated than it first appears. Although the company still refers to itself as a whole sales and marketing platform, over the past few years, it has evolved into something a little more complex.

Why do I say that?

Let’s face it, though. Most of the common software choices in this industry can be categorized as “sales and marketing solutions.” On the other hand, SharpSpring includes many tools that go beyond these limitations.

According to the results of our review, SharpSpring appears to be a mixture. It blends email marketing with these strategies and enhances contact tracking, social media marketing, blogging, customer relationship management, and on-site engagement through web forms and landing pages. All of these features come in various scales to accommodate multiple user groups.

As a result, SharpSpring functions as a multifaceted cloud-based platform for omnichannel marketing, customer relationship engagement, automated interactions, and intelligent multi-device tracking. It aims to support small, medium-sized, and extensive internet businesses in attracting leads, qualifying them, and converting them into devoted clients.

Introducing SharpSpring

Now, when we delve further, it becomes clear that the particular target market is far more niche.

Starting from the bottom, we have small and medium-sized enterprises.

SharpSpring provides rather big sales and marketing teams with various tools for interacting with up to 20,000 contacts simultaneously.

We then reach the agency level after that. This area of SharpSpring was created especially for digital marketing businesses, as you may have already guessed. They receive various tools for managing and launching automated omni channel campaigns on behalf of their clients.

So, it stands to reason that SharpSpring for Agencies will undoubtedly be more expensive and feature-rich than SharpSpring for SMBs.

On the plus side, whichever pricing package you select, you’ll get the same exceptional simplicity of use required when trying to develop and grow your company. For instance, unlimited support, campaign tracking, and many more features are included in every level of the Sharpspring pricing structure.

This could be your answer if you’re seeking a practical marketing automation platform that’s best for larger businesses and you’re not overly concerned about money.

Sharpspring Features

But the platform doesn’t end there. SharpSpring has the unique ability to expand its reach and enter markets occupied by well-established big enterprises. This bundle is called SharpSpring for Enterprises, giving huge teams tailored programs.

Consequently, SharpSpring is essentially the kind of solution you’d think about if you wish to:

Host your agency’s clients on a multi-client management interface, from which you can launch automated campaigns through email, social media, web forms, landing pages, blogs, and other online media.

Integrate modern digital marketing automation with form builders, content management systems, customer relationship management systems, etc.

Utilizing a single system, streamline the activities of several sales and marketing teams.

Utilize real-time intelligent analytics to keep track of your digital marketing strategy and lead engagement initiatives.

Utilize artificial intelligence to identify, target accurately, and successfully convert leads using insights based on their past behaviour.

Automate most of your time-consuming CRM and marketing responsibilities to free up your time for other business-related pursuits or, alternatively, strengthen agency-client relationships.

Now that there are so many different use cases, it is clear why SharpSpring spent the effort classifying its product possibilities. Instead of having all-inclusive product bundles, SharpSpring for SMBs, SharpSpring for Agencies, and SharpSpring for Enterprises is a lot more organized setup.

And yes, we will soon review every one of the plans.

Have you ever pondered who now uses this platform, though?

Pros and Cons of SharpSpring

SharpSpring Pros

  • If you have a massive team of users, SharpSpring is economical.
  • There is no limit to the number of users that any SharpSpring pricing plan can accommodate.
  • For all users, the functions and customer service are limitless.
  • SharpSpring offers strong marketing automation capabilities with cutting-edge customer relationship management technologies.
  • SharpSpring is designed with three main usage scalae: enterprises, marketing agencies, and small and medium-sized organizations.

SharpSpring Cons

  • Individual users, solopreneurs, freelancers, and startups may find SharpSpring expensive.
  • SharpSpring forbids paying for only particular features. Either you receive everything or nothing.
  • A free trial and a free package option are not available from SharpSpring.
  • SharpSpring regulates the amount of touch.

SharpSpring Pricing – Target Market

SharpSpring has attracted a respectable number of customers despite not precisely being the most well-known platform for clever marketing or CRM automation.

According to published industry reports, nearly 8,000 businesses are currently using SharpSpring for their automated advertising. Most of them work in the marketing and advertising, with IT coming in second and computer software in third.

But how big are the businesses?

If you’re curious about the team sizes, it turns out that SharpSpring is rather popular with companies with a workforce volume that ranges from 10 to 50 employees. Small to medium-sized businesses with average yearly revenues of $1 million to $10 million fall within this category.

Despite the company’s continued global expansion, more than half of SharpSpring’s users are based in the United States. The rest buy its cloud-based solutions from South Africa, Brazil, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK, Canada, and the Netherlands.

Following are some well-known organizations and businesses that have made significant investments in SharpSpring:

  • Search Revolutions, LLC
  • PlanStartGrow
  • Lighthouse Marketing Services, Inc.
  • GetIT Comms.
  • FunnelBud
  • Easyfish Marketing
  • Demodia GmbH
  • Brytons Home Improvement
  • Biznet Digital
  • Bright Dials
  • ProShred Security
  • IntelliCheck
  • Shaw Floors
  • WellCare
  • PraxAir
  • Hyundai
  • Staples

SharpSpring’s Pricing Strategy

The bad news is that SharpSpring isn’t very inexpensive if you’re a freelancer, startup company, blogger, or solopreneur. And no, you do not receive a free price plan here; I’m sorry to report. Not even a brief, risk-free trial period.

A free demo is the best you can hope for in this case. Otherwise, you might anticipate a starting monthly salary of $550. See the snapshot below for the most recent pricing information.

But don’t get me wrong. Not everything about the SharpSpring pricing model is bad. You have ensured a complete feature set and unrestricted support on the plus side.

Yes, that is accurate. SharpSpring’s marketing automation and customer relationship management capabilities are freely provided to every user.

Additionally, each plan supports an infinite number of users.

Essentially, this means that for about $550 a month, you may introduce a team of more than 55 coworkers. And after that, the price would plummet to a pitiful $10 per user.

Running a business with numerous agency partners gives you the benefit of distributing your blog builder and dynamic forms to a large number of employees without having to provide each one of them with a unique visitor ID. This significantly impacts any business trying to track things with a big crew, like Google Adwords and form performance.

Not at all awful, just fine. Especially for a solid solution that unifies web forms, landing pages, CRM, marketing automation, intelligent multi-device monitoring, and email and social media marketing on a single platform.

Sadly, there turns out to be one significant caveat right as things start to look up.

SharpSpring is generous enough to provide limitless users, features, and support; nevertheless, the number of contacts is constrained. The entry-level plan can support up to 1,500 connections, while the following program can support up to 10,000 contacts.

Only after we reach the Agency level of SharpSpring’s pricing do the terms begin to alter. Users at the Enterprise level pay the highest prices while receiving slightly more expensive packages.

Let’s examine each of the three options, SharpSpring Pricing for SMBs, SharpSpring Pricing for Agencies, and SharpSpring Pricing for Entrepreneurs, to learn more about the specifics:

SharpSpring Pricing Schedule For SMBs

SharpSpring focuses primarily on providing services to small and medium-sized enterprises. SharpSpring gives organizations a selection of options to pick from because the requirements of this market area are pretty typical.

Get this, though. All of these plans’ unlimited features are their best feature.

SharpSpring for SMBs comes with everything you’d need to execute your automated campaigns, even though this package is the entry-level choice.

For example, each of these plans includes email marketing features like automated trigger emails, email marketing workflows, smart mails, up to 5MB of attachments, after-the-click behavioural email tracking, transformative email analytics, test email sending, lead nurturing campaigns, an HTML editor, custom merge variables for personalized email marketing, customizable HTML templates, a drag-and-drop template designer, responsive email design, and dynamic email marketing.

Then, with the help of automations, you can track leads across multiple devices, convert abandoned shopping carts into redeemed transactions, engage website visitors with content that is tailored to their needs, set up simple third-party integrations in the marketing automation platform, keep leads hot with triggers and filters, update your team directly with email and text alerts, create rich personas to tailor your campaigns, boost marketing automation with dynamic lists, and focus your campaign.

On the other hand, SharpSpring’s web forms enable you to link via CMS integrations, design eye-catching call-to-action buttons, add a Postback URL to sync information instantaneously, test your web form automations, preview web forms before posting, and assign personas at form submission. Utilize Webex and GoToWebinar to get live leads and web form filling software. Create personalized reports to monitor and present the performance of web forms, modify forms using the drag-and-drop form builder, and utilize native and outside form builder technologies to integrate sophisticated data collection using custom fields.

When it comes to social campaigns, you can then demonstrate end-to-end social ROI, start automations based on social activity, find hot leads and brand advocates, keep an eye on essential conversations, post once across an unlimited number of accounts, manage all of your social media accounts, post immediately or schedule ahead of time, and review all of your planned content.

The platform also incorporates customer relationship management tools that let you track touch points with lead memberships, customize fields, deal stages, reports, and filters, view your progress and precisely forecast future performance, display a timeline of significant events for each contact, score leads based on engagement, page tracking, fit and completeness of information, and take part in conversations on various platforms with social links on contact pages.

The SharpSpring pricing packages that go along with these features are listed below:

  • 1,500 Contacts: SharpSpring can be used by small businesses with up to 1,500 contacts for $550 per month. This allows you an infinite amount of users as well as support and training.
  • This strategy is still appropriate for small firms. 10,000 Contacts Contrary to the first, it supports up to 10,000 contacts for an increased $850 monthly subscription charge. Fortunately, it still allows you an unlimited number of users and unlimited customer support.
  • The most costly of the three is 20,000 Contacts. The associated monthly fee is $1250 and includes unlimited users and customer support. Additionally, because it can accommodate 20,000 contacts, a typical medium-sized organization should have no problem using it.

But there are still more choices for the idea. As it turns out, you can add an onboarding plan to any of the three bundles as you get started. However, the starting price is a staggering $1,800.

However, that is only a one-time expense. Additionally, SharpSpring’s professionals will keep things in check for you for roughly 60 days. This corresponds to around two months of receiving instruction from experts who will also assist your team members in honing their specialized CRM and marketing automation skills.

SharpSpring Pricing Schedule For Agencies

The features of the product were substantially altered at this time. The three plans we’ve just looked at are designed with businesses in mind, but the SharpSpring price schedule for agencies also has options tailored to marketing agencies.

Considering that most marketing automation system suppliers ignore web-based firms, I’d say SharpSpring made a good decision with this approach.

Despite this, the tools provided here are marginally different from the SMB price options for SharpSpring. The Agency package essentially adds agent-specific management tools to what SMBs receive.

Here, SharpSpring wants to provide a foundation for digital marketing agencies to host and serve their clients appropriately while preserving autonomous-like control over the complete agency infrastructure.

In other words, while utilizing SharpSpring and its associated campaign tools, agencies have the opportunity to run their separate business systems, including their service pricing and branding.

You would anticipate being able to incorporate clients into your agency account from such a setup. And SharpSpring does just that, making it easier for you to manage your clients effectively.

You only need one login screen to access a rebrandable web-based interface for every agency account. Adding clients to your account and creating a unique access point for each one of them is all it takes to get them on board. As a result, your client operations and activities should be simplified.

SharpSpring still has you covered if your clients prefer using the tools from another CRM program. To save you the bother of persuading your customers to migrate, it integrates with a wide range of third-party form builders and CMS and CRM platforms.

Several pre-built app integrations are available, and there is also a dynamically rich API with lots of flexibility.

Don’t get me wrong, though. Regarding client CRM, SharpSpring doesn’t just rely on third-party systems. It has a built-in CRM that can accommodate your clients with no problems.

The tech support staff at SharpSpring is reachable through various methods and is well-known for being responsive. They can assist you in setting up your client and agency processes rapidly. You can also use the unlimited help provision if you encounter any obstacles or problems along the route.

Otherwise, using tutorials for self-help would be the alternate choice here. SharpSpring also happens to be entirely trustworthy because it offers many helpful films for businesses.

Now, it makes sense that SharpSpring for Agencies is more expensive than its alternative SMB package, given these and many other agency-specific capabilities.

However, don’t anticipate finding a thorough price list. For agency users, there are no standard SharpSpring price plans. Instead, you must contact the business directly to request a personalized price.

But in the end, you get to keep most of the money your clients make. SharpSpring even allows you to pick your agency fees without tying you to a lengthy agreement. Finally, you ought to be able to keep around 75% of the total money you make from the services.

That amount is undoubtedly generous and much more affordable than the prices most other agency automation solutions demand.

SharpSpring Pricing Schedule For Enterprises

On the other side, SharpSpring for Enterprises offers options similar to SharpSpring for SMBs but tailored for big teams.

In other words, this is the SharpSpring pricing tier that allows you to acquire endless features, including an unlimited number of templates, social media profiles, training opportunities, and users.

SharpSpring goes beyond unrestricted user privileges because enterprise teams typically have many users. Further, you must be able to manage your teams using flexible user roles and thorough audit records.

In addition to offering numerous logins, quick notifications, white-labelled sending domains, dedicated IP addresses, and sales and marketing email templates, the interface itself is rebrandable.

The excellent user experience offered by SharpSpring for Enterprises is another item to laud. You should receive professional customer assistance and onboarding as part of the high price so your staff can easily use the various marketing and sales tools.

SharpSpring gives you a personal account manager as soon as you sign up. They will assist you in setting up the entire system and customizing it to fit your business’s operations, structure, and marketing objectives.

But the story doesn’t end there. Your sales and marketing personnel can also take advantage of limitless training and specialized direction. They can contact SharpSpring’s representatives by phone, email, or chat for prompt support.

However, it should be noted that SharpSpring doesn’t provide any pricing information for its Enterprise package. This means that there won’t be a list of plans here. Your only choice is to get a personalized quote directly from SharpSpring.

Who Is SharpSpring Best For?

In the end, you need to carefully consider the type of business you’re trying to operate and the best solution for you when looking for the most significant automation and CRM tool. Every online tool, like Marketo and Google Adwords, has a specific target. While you can always add functionality to other products using tools like Zapier and third-party integrations, it’s simpler to pick a provider that offers all you require.

SharpSpring works best for small and mid-sized businesses that need to distribute their blog-building solution to numerous employees simultaneously. This multi-party CRM integration will keep your team connected and on the same page if you’re working on dynamic content for a website with a group of specialists.

With the help of online Android apps, you can update and improve your marketing strategies from your phone. With so much support for teams in this page builder, it’s much simpler to get work done without depending on Gmail messages for everyone, from office workers to independent contractors on LinkedIn. Furthermore, despite being sophisticated, the workflow builder has a very short learning curve.

Small businesses with tight budgets will probably not use SharpSpring as their builder of choice. This tool appears to be very pricey at first glance due to the pricing structure. The reality is that it was created for a different kind of business that needed various aggregate users in one location.

If you tried to spread the functionality across multiple users, you would pay a lot more for your marketing campaigns with any other SaaS solution available on the internet today, such as HubSpot or Salesforce.

Does SharpSpring meet everyone’s needs?

Without a doubt. However, the pricing for this product makes it evident that there is more to it than you might realize. Do not mistakenly believe that SharpSpring is the most expensive CRM available. It just prices things a little bit differently, in actuality.

Final Word

When assessing the price of a platform with as many features as SharpSpring, numerous factors are at play. Others believe SharpSpring’s pricing to be a little on the high side, while some may think it to be a decently priced choice.

You might even make the case that rival companies like SendinBlue are more affordable and generous with their free bundles.

And I have to admit; it would be a valid argument. However, it is not definitive. It’s far from it.

Even if SharpSpring’s pricing may appear frighteningly excessive initially, a closer look at its plans’ prices and associated package features might persuade you otherwise.

One of the few CRM and marketing automation programs that don’t hold anything back is SharpSpring. Regardless of the cost of your plan, it includes every feature.

And it is the primary pricing distinction between SendinBlue and SharpSpring, for example.

But I must agree that not everyone is a good fit for this software. SharpSpring does a decent job serving SMBs, agencies, and corporations, although the lower market segments find its pricing slightly constricting.

Bloggers, freelancers, small businesses, and solopreneurs cannot afford to spend at least $550 per month on a marketing solution. Simply put, the ROI wouldn’t add up.

Compare that now too big teams. You can work with as many team members as possible for at least $550 monthly. This lovely spot is there. In general, SharpSpring’s per-user cost drops as the size of your team increases.

SharpSpring is only cost-effective for sizable sales and marketing teams.