ShippingEasy Reviews, Pricing, Pros, and Cons

Have you come across ShippingEasy before? You’re not alone, you’re in the right spot. This ShippingEasy review will cover everything you need to know. This blog post will hopefully help you to determine if this platform is right for your company.

Do you find that sounds good? Fab. Let’s get started!

Who’s ShippingEasy?

ShippingEasy, as you might have guessed from its name, is a shipping software. Their goal is to simplify your order fulfillment process by automating as many of the steps as possible.

This solution is a software-as-a-service type bundle delivered as a web-based app. ShippingEasy is a company based in Austin, Texas. It excels at streamlining the shipping process.

How can they do this?

ShippingEasy offers native integrations to almost every major ecommerce platform. ShippingEasy’s automated shipping system can be launched through these integrations. ShippingEasy will also offer steep postage discounts. You could save up to 46% if you choose USPS.

The best part is that you can manage all orders from all of your sales channels from one dashboard.

ShippingEasy: How do I use it?

You will be happy to know that ShippingEasy lives by its name. It is easy to use. The entire ordering process takes less than five seconds.

It’s easy to use and intuitive. ShippingEasy will be your best friend before you know it.

There are no apparent bugs in the system and all menus and features are clearly labeled. !

How does it work?

First, import your orders into ShippingEasy using the ecommerce platform that you are currently using. If you have a Shopify shop, then you can simply enter your Shopify URL and it will automatically redirect you to the Shopify admin panel.

The ShippingEasy app must be downloaded from the Shopify App Store. After you have downloaded the plugin, click “Sync” in ShippingEasy to transfer your Shopify orders without any additional steps.

You can view your ShipEasy orders by clicking on them and then selecting “Create Shipments”. Next, go to the “Shipments tab. Here you can adjust your shipping parameters. :

  • Choose your preferred shipping carrier
  • The postage rate
  • Type of packaging
  • Delivery weight

This is the basic idea.

After you are done, you can choose to print and buy your shipping labels. You can also skip this step and go straight to paying your bill. You can print the following materials if you visit their printing page.

  • Picklists
  • Shipping labels
  • Slips for packing

Once you have printed all the documents you are ready to ship the orders to your customers.

Top Tip Create shipping rules to automate the process. After you have done this, click the “Buy and Print” button on “Orders”. This will instantly purchase and print your shipping labels or packing slips.

Handy Hack To filter and create custom views of your orders, you can also use shippingEasy This will make it much easier for you and your staff to locate specific customer orders. ShippingEasy also makes it easy to combine, split, and then re-combine customer orders. These customer service questions are no longer a hassle!

What is ShippingEasy Automate?

ShippingEasy’s automation capabilities have been briefly mentioned. ShippingEasy does not just print shipping labels automatically. What else does ShippingEasy offer?

All of the above, in short:

  • ShippingEasy will automatically map carriers based upon the delivery preferences of your customers.
  • You can set shipping rules for parcels based on their weight, delivery preference, and package size.
  • You can choose to automatically add insurance to certain types of shipments

These are just a few.

ShippingEasy Features

These features are available in all ShippingEasy paid-for plans

  • Alexa Skill: Amazon Echo users can use Amazon Skill for voice commands to play their order information aloud, to send shipping labels to the printer and to find out how many orders are still unfulfilled, to request shipping insights, and so on. All this can be done by speaking.
  • Free Account
  • Multi-channel sync: Orders can be managed from any sales channel in real-time.
  • Automated and branded confirmation emails with tracking information.
  • Shipping calculator: See real-time rates from multiple carriers.
  • Shipping labels that can be printed in batches
  • International shipments require custom forms
  • Send return labels that are scan-based or send them upon request.
  • Shipping insurance at a discount
  • You can automatically print shipping labels after an order has been placed
  • You can create custom integrations using an API.

What about inventory management?

They are here:

  • All your sales channels can be managed in one inventory management system.
  • Alerts and stock thresholds that are low
  • This is useful for re-ordering stock and helps you assign products to suppliers.
  • You can create purchase orders right from your dashboard.

ShippingEasy Review – The Pros

  • ShippingEasy customer service is top-notch: There are many reviews that ShippingEasy customer service representatives are friendly, helpful, and quick to get back to customers.
  • To access ShippingEasy’s platform, you only need a web browser.
  • It is easy to use
  • ShippingEasy’s automation tools save you tons of work, decrease the chance of human error, speed up shipping, and make it easier to ship.
  • Access to the USPS Commercial Plus Rates is a great perk!
  • ShippingEasy boasts excellent reporting features

ShippingEasy has many native integrations that make it easy to connect with various online marketplaces and shopping carts as well as shipping carriers.

We’ve included some of the most popular below:

  • Shopify
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Volusion
  • PayPal
  • Stripe Relay
  • Xero
  • Intuit Quickbooks
  • Stitch Labs
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • DHL

This is a short list. We won’t bore our readers with all the ShippingEasy integrations.

ShippingEasy offers an API that allows you to create custom integrations with any other software you may use to manage your business.

As we mentioned, ShippingEasy has outstanding reporting capabilities. Let’s take a closer look at that. A tab within your ShippingEasy dashboard will give you a quick overview of the status of your shipments. You can also view detailed reports on the following data points by clicking on the tab:

  • Complete shipping
  • Shipping destinations
  • Services for shipping
  • Shipping margin (all domestic and international)
  • Shipment not available
  • Product sales

You can also create your own reports.

ShippingEasy: The Cons

  • ShippingEasy’s interface does not adapt to all browser sizes.
  • A few cases have been reported of billing following cancellation. Some users who cancelled their ShippingEasy subscriptions were still being charged monthly.
  • ShippingEasy customers feel that there are some areas of ShippingEasy that could be improved. Customers suggest speeding up data entry and customizing their packing slips.

ShippingEasy is proud to have a very active feature requests page. They can address issues before they become more serious.

ShippingEasy Customer Services

In this review, we mentioned customer service. ShippingEasy has the best customer service — there is a lot to discuss here so we have given it its own section.

You’ll see that the level of support you have is dependent on your pricing. This depends on which paid-for plan was chosen. The knowledge base and forum are not available to you with the free program. You can’t get any personal support (email, chat, etc.) with the free program.

Don’t worry, the online documentation is both extensive and high quality. You won’t have to contact support staff if you consult with this resource. ShippingEasy users agree that they provide prompt and helpful answers to those who have paid for a subscription.

ShippingEasy has a support center. Here’s a list.

  • Shipping Resources It does exactly what it says on its tin. This section contains all you need to know about international shipping rates, shipping tables, and other information.
  • Community Forum – You can ask questions and browse through the solutions provided by others.
  • Share Feedback To report a bug, or to request a feature, click this link.
  • Blog This is where ShippingEasy updates its products. There are many articles that provide useful tips and tricks on how to ship efficiently and economically.
  • Get in touch with customer service agents: You can reach their customer support team Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 6PM CST via email, phone, or live chat.

ShippingEasy: How Much Do You Pay?

This is the ShippingEasy Review section you are most interested in. ShippingEasy is a great value for money, which will be a relief to you.

The number of shipments they receive each month is what determines their fees. The fees are based on how many shipments you send per month. We’ll take a closer look at their pricing plans.

Starter (Free)

You can send 50 shipments per month at no cost. You can only access the self-help community forum and knowledge base, but you cannot access any other training or customer support. The shipping labels cannot be customized.

The Basic Plan

This is what you get for $29 per month:

  • 500 shipments per month
  • Chat, email and phone support, as well as access to their knowledgebase
  • Training and setup exclusive to this group
  • All available carriers can be used to ship
  • USPS Rates at a Discount
  • Shipping labels that can be customized

The Plus Plan

You’ll get the Basic plan for $49 per month.

  • 1 500 shipments per month
  • Specialized and advanced training
  • Cubic Discounts on USPS Cubes

The Select Plan

You’ll receive everything in the two previous bundles plus more for $69 per month

  • 3000 shipments per month
  • An expert customer success advisor

Premium and Enterprise Plans

Last but not the least, $99 per month will get you everything you have mentioned, plus 6,000 shipments per month. There is also an Enterprise plan. This plan is for businesses that ship more than 6,000 orders per month. You will pay $149 per month and can send unlimited orders.

A monthly fee additional

To increase the number of ShippingEasy options available, you can subscribe to their service and pay a monthly subscription.

  • Marketing tools
  • Tools for customer management
  • Inventory management features
  • Track Amazon product reviews

Let’s go back to ShippingEasy’s customer-management tools. What does it include?

  • Multichannel customer management: Customers can be tracked on multiple sales channels. You can also monitor customer activity and communications.
  • Segmentation of customers (this allows you send more targeted marketing materials to certain sections of your audience).
  • Email marketing tools

As you begin to customize your ShippingEasy plan, remember this.

Are you ready to get started with ShippingEasy

After doing our research and reviewing all the factors in this ShippingEasy review we can conclude that ShippingEasy seems to be an excellent app for everyone. This solution continues to grow at the time this review was written. The interface is easy to use, the software runs smoothly, and customer support is excellent.

Like any software-as-a-service platform, ShippingEasy isn’t without its flaws. However, none of the issues we have seen and are listed in this review seem to be significant red flags. ShippingEasy’s team is constantly improving the software so we can only predict bigger and better things for ShippingEasy in the future.

ShippingEasy: Have you used it before? Are you planning to use ShippingEasy for the first or second time? We would love to hear from you in the comments below. Let’s start the conversation. Talk soon!