How to Dropship Name Brand and Custom Shoes from USA?

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Hottest Picks for Shoe Styles to Dropship

Why dropship shoes?

So long as people tend to be born with feet, a massive demand for shoes will tend. Within the United States alone, the online shoe sales market has risen to $14 billion in the past five years by 10.4 per cent. Like other pieces of clothing, many find shoes a necessity and a luxury. Although a lot of big brands dominates the industry, small companies have plenty of opportunities to tap into the shoe market.

That’s because there are so many niches for you to choose from within the shoe industry. There are running shoes, trampling shoes, work shoes, high heels, lightweight sneakers, leather boots, to name only a few. The list continues! The evolving nature of the fashion industry can mean you can ride the wave of new trends. However, shoes are usually lightweight, sturdy and fit within a shoe case, making them ideal dropshipping items.

How to go shoes to dropship?

The first step to dropshipping shoes is to determine what kinds of shoes you’ll sell. It’s a highly competitive market, so you must be concentrating on a specific niche. You may want to sell formal women’s boots, or weightlifting shoes, or kid’s shoes. The more advanced your niche is, the better chance you’ll have of succeeding.

Also, what end of the market you want to be in-high-end / expensive, low-end/cheap, or somewhere between? Follow these three steps to get your dropshipping journey underway once you know what niche you want to concentrate on, and you have done your market research:

  1. Using SaleHoo Labs to find the right options for dropship shoes
  2. Browse the SaleHoo List to find reliable suppliers of dropship shoes
  3. Start selling shoes on your selected online marketplace

Best Shoe Products

Furry Slides

Pop star Rihanna was famous with those big. Furry slides make loungewear a casual household item more luxurious but also open to most people. Furry slides with interest in fashion and pop culture are better targeted to a female audience under 35. This item would be better promoted on Facebook and Instagram through visually appealing picture slides with how updating a basic lounge outfit can be easily worn.

Light Up Sneakers

Light-up sneakers are a highly attentive item that has once again become popular in recent years. They’re particularly popular among performance groups, including dance teams. The best way to market this item would be by combining video ads with a photo on a platform that targets a younger demographic like TikTok and Instagram.

Clear Top Heels

Clear top heels is in a growth step for 2020. The good thing about this item is that it wasn’t launched by a single brand, so customers have no brand loyalty to anyone’s fashion brand that sells transparent heels. This would be better promoted using photo ads on Instagram, showcasing how it feels in an outfit.

House Slippers

We like to be warm at home. House slippers can come in a variety of styles, ranging from cute ones for kids to classic neutral colours, men’s styles, and even memory foam and supportive slippers for older people. The item can do well when it’s targeted at places undergoing a winter season.

Snakeskin Shoes

(Fake) snakeskin is very popular at the moment and can be sold in a variety of shoe designs, from heels to boots, flats and mens shoes. It’s a fashionable piece that should be aimed at people who have a fashion interest. The best way to market this item is to run a targeted Facebook ad that concentrates on people interested in fashion brands and sites.

Dance Shoes

Tap shoes, jazz shoes, ballroom shoes and ballet shoes are all the accessories you need to practice dancing! People of all ages take dance as a hobby, and often have no idea where to buy shoes. The way this product can be promoted is to run a Facebook or Google ad that targets people interested in dance or dance-related TV shows (where new interest generally comes from).

Mens Dress Shoes

Men’s dress shoes are another type of shoes which probably won’t go out of style for decades to come. To target customers for this item, it would be better to run a Facebook campaign targeting men who are university graduates, and targeting jobs such as accounting, finance, engineering, and other technical jobs requiring business wear by profession.

Steel Toe Shoes

Steel toe shoes are a must for people working in the retail, car, construction or other industries that need safe shoes for work. To market this item, run a Facebook ad that targets people by occupation, and targets employees in the hospitality, manufacturing, automotive and other industries that require this.

Exotic Dance Heels

Exotic dancers shop for new shoes all the time. This may be a niche that may be more difficult to target, but that will build with time. Use demographic targeting on Facebook to target age and gender, as well as interest in entertainment, entertainment capitals like Las Vegas and no kids (as many dancers retire after having children).

List of 7 shoe dropshippers

Cheng’s Enterprise, Inc.

Cheng’s Enterprise is a footwear wholesale business founded in 1980 and is a footwear importer and exporter. It has over 5,000 customer accounts from South America and the Caribbean Islands. Cheng’s Enterprise, Inc., take pride in themselves as being precise and reliable in pace. Their Easy USA brand combines both classic and modern designs. Cheng’s Enterprise, Inc. is distributing internationally and all over the world, and they also provide delivery services through most of Northern New Jersey and New York City. They have lady shoes that suit all the needs of the season such as casual shoes, winter boots etc. They have a customer-friendly service and pay attention to fashionable footwear.

Star Bay Unique Footwear

Stare Bay Special Footwear is a drop shipper for footwear importers in New Jersey, US. They deal with slippers like beaded sequins, moccasins, EVA, indoor and casual, sports, and sandals and so on. Star bays are US and South American market wholesalers. We store more than 500 products in their warehouses and have collaborated with several shoe factories.

Dropshipwiz lets customers run and market their ship platform without the need to handle inventories. We have over hundreds of brands with names such as Reebok, Puma, Levis, Nike and Adidas and over 5 million inventories of designed website models and preowned domain names. Nationally and internationally, they wholesale and dropship all their products.

Doba is an American drop shipper based in the state of Lehi, Utah, founded in 2002. Across hundreds of categories such as home, electronics, fitness, jewellery, outdoor and general merchandise, they boast a catalogue of over 2 million items. Doba sources from 170 suppliers who were handpicked and vetted in particular.

Consumers are given the ability to test any of the suppliers using a rigorous technical supplier scorecard. Doba’s database is built into more than 100 e-commerce platforms like eBay and Amazon. Doba brings suppliers into touch with merchants and puts the shipping pressure on the supplier. The drop shipper has a program which handles orders from the time a member places the order until the customer receives the product. It also provides resources in the form of education to help its members succeed better.

Doba retailers gain access to product analysis, advanced search capabilities and regular reports on top-selling goods and market strategies. They also provide curation services on an assortment through in-house sourcing experts. Doba partners and integrates with numerous businesses to provide additional tools for developing and hosting websites, processing payments, analyzing products and markets, more efficient promotion of products, building customer trust, offering customer support and running a retail business.

National Dropshippers

Joel was born. In December 2002, J. Khoury II started an e-commerce business. Their prices ranged from MSRP of 33 to 66 per cent. State Dropshippers have several manufacturers and distributors of thousands of different products. It is a member-only site that offers a drop shipping service for order fulfilment. Their mission is to provide quick and reliable service to its members. They combine technology and standardized procedures to run a profitable business for their members.

Kole Imports Drop Shipping

Kole importation is an importer and general merchandise wholesaler. It was founded in Carson, California, in 1989. The company boasts a catalogue of over 20 categories and over 4,000 retail items including women’s and men’s wholesale and dropship accessories. The dropship program allows users who own or start an e-commerce website to integrate the product line Kole imports into their personal site. They are in support of any online marketplace like eBay, Amazon or others.

Their website has a simple interface for purchasing items online, providing alerts for real-time package tracking and the ability to access and import product information directly into the user’s website database. Kole imports are free of charges; the users keep all the money.

Shoespie is an online retailer that has all kinds of shoes like trendy heels, dress sandals, comfort sneakers, casual boots and so on. They offer a fast and secure online purchasing process besides offering dedicated and knowledgeable customer service to all their customers.

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