Shopify Brooklyn Theme Product Image Size

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Product images are essential for selling online, and if you’re using the Shopify Brooklyn theme, then you’re in luck! This theme comes with a built-in product image size tool that makes sizing your images easy. Just enter the dimensions of your image, and the software will automatically create a custom thumbnail for you.

What are Product Images?

Product images are the images used on a product’s page on Shopify. They help shoppers understand what a product looks like and makes it easier for them to buy it. They can be in any format, but they must be high-resolution PNG or JPEG files that are 1,280 pixels wide by 960 pixels high.

What is the Shopify Brooklyn Theme?

The Shopify Brooklyn Theme is a theme for Shopify stores that focus on the borough of Brooklyn. The theme comes with a range of features, including custom tabs and a Brooklyn accent throughout the site. It also has a modern design that’s perfect for businesses in Brooklyn.
If you’re looking to set up a store that looks like it’s from Brooklyn, the Shopify Brooklyn Theme is the perfect option.

How to change product image size on Shopify Brooklyn theme?

If you’re looking to change the product image size on your Shopify Brooklyn theme, it’s easy to do! First, open up the Shopify Theme Customizer and navigate to the “Images” section. Here, you’ll find a number of options for changing the product image size, from small to large. Just select the size that best suits your needs and you’re ready to go!


Product images are a huge part of your online store. Not only do they help shoppers understand what you’re selling, but they also play a vital role in helping customers make purchases. That’s why it’s important to get your product images just right – so that they look good and load quickly on browsers. To help you with this task, I’ve created a guide that outlines the different size requirements for Shopify Brooklyn themes. Hopefully, this article will help you optimize your product images to perfection and give your customers everything they need to make a purchase from your store.