Shopify Dropshipping MultiChannel Sales Manager Reviews

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Marketplace Selling at Scale

ChannelUnity’s SaaS platform, Change to ChannelUnity, allows brands and retailers to be globally competitive on online marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay.

Integrated Dashboard

Global support from one dashboard for selling globally, including multi-language product content and international domains on most major marketplaces.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Dynamic Repricing

You can set your prices automatically using our dynamic repricer for Amazon sellers that meet certain criteria.

About MultiChannel Sales Manager

Shopify & Shopify Plus offers powerful integration for Amazon, Ebay and Fruugo as well as Newegg, Otto.

Marketplaces offer a great way to reach millions worldwide buyers by selling your products. ChannelUnity can help you expand your business on global marketplaces. It can be hard to manage multiple marketplace channels. With our integrated services, however, everything is accessible from one place.

We have over 10 years experience helping established retailers and brands to capture the market opportunity. ChannelUnity is much more than a software platform. It also includes a comprehensive service that begins with a managed onboarding process. We assist you in organizing your data, addressing any technical issues, and guiding you on which markets to use. We offer an exceptional support service that will ensure your customers have a great experience.

The integration platform starts with a free app you can download to your Shopify account. This app connects to our service, which manages end-to-end marketplace connectivity.

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Boost Marketplace Sales

ChannelUnity offers enterprise-grade solutions. ChannelUnity is an enterprise-grade solution.

  • Connect to more markets
  • Sell internationally
  • List more products
  • To avoid selling too many products, use powerful inventory management
  • To stay competitive, Dynamically Recover Products
  • Shopify data cannot be used to enhance listings.

Simplicity can replace complexity

  • All your marketplace integrations can be done from one user interface
  • Keep up with the market’s changing requirements
  • For consistent, high-performance listings, use powerful templates and themes
  • Order management is simple, e.g. Shopify creates marketplace orders, ships confirmations to marketplaces, and handles cancellations in both directions.

Shopify investments can be leveraged

  • Integration in real-time
  • Shopify product data can be synchronized with existing and new listings
  • Comprehensive and flexible integration, including descriptions, images, prices, inventory, and Shopify metaFields.
  • Shopify received updates for standard functionality and any add-in apps


ChannelUnity is not a low-cost application that leaves you on your own to make it all work. It offers integration and business services to help you increase and improve your market sales.

The link will allow you to add ChannelUnity to your Shopify account. The onboarding process begins with a no-obligation assessment of your requirements and a solution demonstration. Next, we review your marketplace data through the integration of our free app.

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We’ll provide a proposal of monthly onboarding fees to meet your business needs at the end.

Disadvantages of Dropshipping

There’s also the other side. Dropshipping doesn’t have to be all glamorous.

These are the things you should keep in mind and what to do if they happen.

Lower profit margins

Yes, you save inventory costs. You also earn a profit on every order that you pass to the supplier from the customer. This margin isn’t very impressive as the majority of income goes to suppliers.

If a customer pays Rs 300 and you receive Rs 250 from your supplier for the product, your margin is only 50. It’s not bad, though. To get a high profit margin and a large number of orders, you will need to be aggressive. Dropshippers who specialize in niches that are competitive may find it difficult to do this. If you are unable to offer it, the customer will go to another dropshipper who can.

Reduplication of Exposure

Dropshipping has a significantly lower brand visibility than opening an online store and managing the show. Customers will think of dropshipping as a platform rather than a brand, unless they are very wealthy. This could pose a challenge if you are trying to grow and evolve your brand.

Wrath & Furious: The Customer Edition

Wrath & Furious- I to II… It could go on like Dominic Toretto’s team. The customer will only turn to you for support and clarifications, even if the supplier makes a mistake. You are the one at the receiving end. You might come across poor suppliers. You could get bad reviews that can quickly ruin your reputation and credibility.

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Volatile Inventory

Most likely, dropshippers will have other suppliers who offer the same products as you. You could run out of products on certain days and lose potential customers. It could also be difficult to keep an eye on available products and their quantities, and provide that information to customers.

Legal Problems

We thought this was a good warning sign, even though it is not common. Remember how we advised to cherry-pick suppliers? It’s more than just about the product quality. You could also be held responsible if your supplier engages in illegal activities as part of your business. Although the risk is not always present, it still exists. I don’t need to reiterate the inconveniences of lawsuits.

Let’s now take a look at the most popular dropshipping platforms. You can read more about them in our upcoming blogs.