Shopify Dropshipping Returns and Refunds

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Refunds in Shopify: Step by step guide to deal with Dropshipping returns

The rules of exchange and return are one of the most vital aspects of any type of business. Be it a small roadside shop or a multinational corporation, the issue of refunds and exchanges is always a hot topic. Even the Dropshipping business has to deal with such issues.

Dropshipping business has been the talk of the town from quite a lot of time. So, the Dropshippers have to deal with refunds also. People always come up with questions about Shopify Refund Policy, and we are here to tell you all about it.

If we see any video related to Bizathon, the most common question asked by the users in the comment section is “How to tackle Dropshipping returns?” or “Guide to Dropshipping returns.”

We have decided to guide our customers to deal with Dropshipping returns step by step. But before explaining this further, we are here with a YouTube video to guide you with Drop Shipping returns.

Here is the video that you need to watch before reading this article any further:

The most common source of the Dropshipping business comes from Aliexpress, i.e. China. Aliexpress has the maximum number of Dropshipping customers in this world. However, you may not like everything this company delivers, and you are just left with the option of returning that product. It is challenging to make returns on Aliexpress as shipping your product back to China is an expensive, time-taking and tiring process.

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We will talk about concepts regarding low to mid-ticket items that Chinese suppliers acquire.

We recommend our readers to go to the US suppliers for items that are of Hight ticket, i.e. $500 and more.

Let’s start with the primary ways in which you can handle Dropshipping returns.

Make sure that the Transaction is authorised

Dropshipping business has seen massive success since the beginning. Our business has undergone more than $100,000 transactions with only $1,000 refunds since then. The number of refunds is relatively way too less than all transactions.

From all the transactions that are done yet, only a few of them are authorised.

Most of the customers were trickery charges by customers who cancelled PayPal eChecks and stole credit cards. To begin with, those PayPal eChecks were not supposed to be accepted.

To protect ourselves from these kinds of fraud, we’ve denied accepting PayPal eChecks altogether. We suggest every Dropshipper do the same.

Many people pay for the product with eCheck and when the product is shipped they cancel the check that they have issued in the first place. By this process, you are out of a product’s shipping cost.

How to manage genuine refund requests?

This part is really crucial for any Dropshipping business. The first and the foremost thing that you have to do is to ask the customer that why they want a refund at first place.

Take any further step by considering the answer of the customer. The basic things on which the refund is based are:

  • If the product they received is defective
  • If they feel that the product is not shipped
  • Or they don’t want the product anymore

If the customer made a return request due to the shipping issue, then you must provide shipping details to him. Shipping details include the shipping number.

By doing the above thing, you can settle the matter right there.

Curiosity is inherited in humans for which they are spending money. No one in this world will just sit back and wait for the product to arrive. Every customer who orders something wants to know every whereabout their item. It might be possible that they just want to know whether their order is on the way or not.

In case of the defective product, the first thing that you should do is to deliver a new and fresh item that too free of cost. Ask your customers to ship the defective order that they have received and then you can send the new order to them.

It is to be noted that you must mention in your return policy that the shipping cost has to be paid by the customer. Mentioning this term in the policy will protect you from any disputes in the future, making your customer happy and satisfied with your customer. After all, catering the needs of your customers should always be your first priority.

In case the customer just doesn’t want the item anymore, you must provide an address to return the item and request them to send it back. In this case, the customer will have to pay the cost of the return shipping. If the customer is authorised and his demand is legitimate, then he will definitely pay the shipping fee.

Once they ship the item, you can start the refund process for that item. In this way, you can avoid any issues in the refund process.

Opt for Virtual Post Mail for Non-US residents

There is a very special provision available for the people who are Non-US residents. This provision is called as Virtual Post Mail. This provision definitely makes your life easier by providing you with a U.S. based address, that will upload and scan the content online and will simply forward all orders to your permanent or original address. Isn’t it great?

Virtual Post Mail lets you manage your package deliveries and postal emails sitting in any corner of the world. Even if you don’t live in the U.S, you can just have a Virtual Post Mail and make your life easier.

By following the steps mentioned above, you can handle returns related to Dropshipping. One thing that you need to do is to keep your eyes open and look for the fraud customers. This will save your business from unwanted loss.

If you have any question or you just want to say anything, you can write it in the comment section. We always love to hear from you.

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