How to Handle Returns and refunds in Dropshipping? (template included)

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Last Updated on June 18, 2020

Manual for Handling Dropshipping Returns

Things are going great! You’re selling like insane; those numbers prop up. You’re so bustling addressing customer administration questions, marketing, and developing your business that you scarcely have the opportunity to breathe. It’s astounding! But then the inevitable occurs – one of your customers wants to make a return. Returns are a sufficient bunch when you’re selling products you’ve got stacked on a pallet in your carport, but how on earth do you handle returns when you’re dropshipping and the merchandise were sent directly to the customer from the provider?

Returns are unpleasant for any party included. The customer is upset, you’re upset, and your provider is upset. In any case, they are a vital part of your business. Dealing with returns appropriately can mean the contrast between a long lasting customer and an irate one who slams your organization at each possibility they get. Furthermore, when returns are progressed admirably, they can be a surprisingly positive turn of events – progressively about that later!

At the point when you’re taking a gander at your returns procedure, there are two territories to concentrate on: How you plan for returns before they occur, and how you handle returns when they occur. On the off chance that you’ve just got a few returns on your plate and you’re thinking about what to do, jump to the second 50% of this guide. But before you do… let’s first arm you with the right state of mind. I’d like you to respond to these questions.

  • When was the last time you needed to return a product? How could it cause you to feel?
  • How did the business handle your return? How did that cause you to feel?
  • Okay work with them once more, in view of this experience?
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Just consistently remember – You’re managing genuine, living individuals. We as a whole want to be treated decently, and most of us are happy to return the kindness when we are. On the off chance that you recollect that, you’ll be fine!

Getting ready for Returns

There is no solution better than preparation. Before you even start your dropshipping business, you ought to have a decent understanding of your provider and their policies.If you as of now have your business ready for action, return to these approaches to guarantee they’re cutting-edge.

Realize Your Suppliers Return Policy

When working with any provider, you ought to consistently know their strategies, as each provider is different. Since the provider is shipping directly to your customer, their arrangements are going to directly affect your approaches, which I’ll cover in the next section.

What you have to think about their return strategy:

  • What their restocking expenses are, assuming any
  • To what extent they offer you to return a product after the deal
  • Whether the customer (or you) must compensation return shipping expenses
  • Whether they accept returns on mistake orders (for example wrong t-shirt size)
  • How they manage the entire return process

On the off chance that you have multiple providers, ensure you know every one of their arrangements.

Create a Return Policy to Match Your Suppliers

At the point when I state match, I don’t mean literally turn their arrangement into yours. You should just utilize it as a system, and don’t go past their fateful opening to make returns (for example in the event that they have a 30-day return window, don’t grantthem 35).

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While creating your arrangement, remember these points:

On the off chance that your provider gives you a 30-day return window, you’ll want to give your customers 20-25. This gives you and your customers some squirm space to account for shipping postponements or forgetting to convey the crate, etc. In the event that you have multiple providers, try to cover the entirety of their strategies within your arrangement.

For instance, let’s say you have one provider for shirts and they give you a 20-day return period. You have another provider for telephone cases, and they just give you a 14-day return period. You can either determine the separate return strategies for separate items, or you can give them a solitary arrangement of 10-12 days on both items.

Don’t give a return address on your strategy page. Instruct the customer to contact you about the issue, then (contingent upon what the issue is) you can furnish them with the appropriate location. This ought to be done in light of the fact that you may want them to dispatch it to you first, rather than straight to your provider. I spread why in the next section.

Just accept returns with a tracking number. The last thing you want is for them to guarantee they dispatched your item, and it mysteriously gets “lost” via the post office. Just ensure you state this obviously in your strategy. Tell them the return is invalidated on the off chance that you don’t get a tracking number.

In the event that you need assistance writing a return strategy, Shopify has a list of 9 tips to support you. Just recall the points outlined here, in light of the fact that their guide isn’t explicit to dropshippers. On the off chance that you have multiple providers, ensure you know every one of their approaches.

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Dealing with the Return Process

Since you’ve created a great return arrangement (or just got a return request by a customer and don’t comprehend what to do), let’s glance at how to deal with the return procedure. First I’ll give you some normal return reasons and what to accomplish for every one, then I’ll talk about the details of the entire procedure and run you through the steps.

Normal Return Reasons

In the event that you’ve just gotten a return request, it’s presumable because of one of the accompanying reasons:

  • They Ordered the Wrong Item (for example Wrong T-Shirt Size)

This is so be expected as you clearly can’t try things on when shopping on the web. I’ve bought t-shirts that were too enormous or too little before myself (although I didn’t wind up returning most of them – my sweetheart loves loose “rest” shirts). At the point when this occurs, your provider likely won’t spread the return. Except if, obviously, they’re wonderful. Once more, realizing your provider’s strategy is going to have a significant effect.

Right now, suggest you permit returns paying little heed to your provider’s approach. Why? Since stellar customer administration will get you customers forever.

We would just approach that the customer pays for return shipping, since the mistake wasn’t on your end. The Item Didn’t Match the Description. This one is just a true torment. It implies one of two things:

  • You spoiled the product listing.
  • Your provider spoiled the product listing.
  • You should know which one of those reasons it is. On the off chance that you enter the listings physically, you likely committed the error; on the off chance that you utilized a data feed from your provider, then they are the ones at fault.
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At the point when this occurs, in case you’re answerable, take responsibility. In case you’re not mindful, take responsibility at any rate. Your solution for the customer ought to be your priority. How might you feel in the event that you bought something, and the business told you, “Sorry, it’s my provider’s fault, accuse them”, without taking any responsibility or action to illuminate it? You’d likely never shop there again.

In the event that it’s your providers fault, ideally they will give you a discount or issue the customer a replacement. On the off chance that they won’t, you might want to start searching for another provider. Just ensure you don’t attack your provider for the mistake. It was most likely just that; a mistake. That isn’t to state they are constantly correct. On the off chance that they continually disappoint, it’s time to cut them free. Keep in mind: your provider is your partner. You don’t want to botch your relationship by being a twitch.

The Item is Damaged or Defective

This type of return ought to be amazingly uncommon in the event that you have a decent provider. Be that as it may, they will still occur. At the point when it happens, ensure you spread all costs to your customer. Don’t make them pay return shipping. Try to get them a return mark by means of email. Make it as simple and effortless as would be prudent. I can’t stress this point enough – great customer administration is an approach to increase deep rooted customers.

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Solution, Not the Problem

Your customers likely don’t know or care what a drop shipper is. Don’t tell them it’s your providers fault. They don’t mind who’s fault it is – they just want their cash back or their item supplanted. Apologize to your customer for the mistake, then immediately catch up with how you’re going to fix it. Action expresses stronger than words. Customers who get stunning help are almost certain to tell individuals about it, since it’s so uncommon in today’s enormous business time. Informal marketing is the best marketing since it’s free and effective!

Determine Whether a Return is Necessary

Contingent upon the product to be returned, it might not be worth having the customer transport it back. For instance, let’s say you sell iPhone chargers. The customer bought an iPhone 4 charger on accident instead of an iPhone 5 charger. Since it is such an ease item, it might not be worth the issue of having the customer return it. You may want to just let them keep it and send them the enhanced one. It will scarcely cost you anything, and they’ll most likely love you for it.

Have the Customer Return the Item to You – At Least the First Time

On the off chance that you’ve never taken care of returns with your dropshipper, or the item is costly, you might want to have the customer return the item to you rather than your provider. There are 3 principle motivations to do this:

It keeps your provider honest. On the off chance that you see first-hand what condition the item is in, it shields the provider from saying it was in better condition or not harmed. It smooths out the procedure. Taking care of the return yourself guarantees it’s done correctly, which implies you can rest better at night. You get to see the return procedure first-hand. On the off chance that you’ve never dealt with a return with your provider previously, returning the item yourself gives you a better thought of how simple or difficult the procedure is, and to what extent it takes.

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The Actual Return Process

On the off chance that this is your first time dealing with a return, you may not know how it goes. Typically, returns go this way (this is the objective, at least!):

The customer requests a return.

You should: Determine the purpose behind the return, then contact your provider as needs be and request a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. Likewise make certain to apologize to the customer (whether or not it’s your fault or your provider’s fault) and tell them what you will do to make it right.

The provider (ideally) endorses the return.

You should: Give the customer the return address and the RMA number (in the event that they’re returning it directly to your provider). Contingent upon the provider’s return arrangement, you’ll likely need the RMA number on the return shipping name (NOT on the bundling or the shipping box). Remind them to buy a tracking number, on the off chance that they need to pay return shipping.

The bundle will show up.

Whenever sent to you, you should: Inspect the item for harms and take pictures to guarantee the provider’s honesty. Then boat it to the provider. Whenever sent you your provider, you should: Keep in contact to know when the bundle shows up at the stockroom, then get your discount or have them send a replacement to the customer. The customer will get the new item, or you will get a discount.

You should: Email the customer to guarantee the bundle showed up OK in the event that they wanted a replacement. Otherwise, on the off chance that they required a discount, give your discount to them, then email them to guarantee everything went well. We trust this guide has helped you understand the return procedure and how to both get ready for and handle dropshipping returns. On the off chance that it has, if it’s not too much trouble share it with other store proprietors who use dropshipping so we can help whatever number individuals as could be expected under the circumstances.

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We’d love to hear your stories also! Have you at any point had a return that went great? Or on the other hand perhaps it didn’t go so great? Offer it with everybody in the comments underneath.

What’s more, recall – Returns can be a surprisingly beneficial turn of events. Customers may not recall the time they bought another doo-father from your store; but they will recollect whether they got an inappropriate one or requested an inappropriate size and your organization took care of it with swift beauty, understanding, and consideration. That’s something to tell your companions about.

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