Shopify Shipping Rates API Short Note

If you’re an online store owner who uses Shopify, you’re likely already familiar with the Shopify Shipping Rates API. This API allows customers to view available shipping rates for their orders, helping them make informed decisions when it comes time to purchase from your store. But how does this API work, and what does it do? In this short blog post, we take a closer look at the Shopify Shipping Rates API and explore its features in more detail.

What is Shopify Shipping Rates API?

The Shopify Shipping Rates API allows you to add real-time shipping rates from multiple carriers to your Shopify store. This gives your customers the ability to choose the shipping option that best suits their needs at checkout. The API also provides tracking information for orders shipped via supported carriers, so you can keep your customers updated on the status of their order.

How to Get Started with Shopify Shipping Rates API?

Assuming you have a Shopify store set up, you need to follow these steps to get started with the Shopify Shipping Rates API:

1) Log in to your Shopify account and go to ‘Settings’
2) Click on ‘Shipping’ from the expanded left menu
3) Scroll down to the ‘Rates at checkout’ section and click on the ‘Manage rates’ button
4) Find the zone that you want to add a rate for and click on the ‘Add rate’ button
5) Enter in all of the required information for your shipping rate including the name, carrier, shipping service, and price
6) Save your changes
7) That’s it! You’ve now successfully added a shipping rate via the Shopify Shipping Rates API

How to Use Shopify Shipping Rates API?

The Shopify Shipping Rates API allows you to get real-time shipping rates for an order. This can be useful if you want to offer your customers a choice of shipping methods or if you need to know the shipping cost for an order before it is placed.

To use the Shipping Rates API, you first need to create a ShippingZone object. This object contains information about the shipping destination and the shipping methods that are available for that destination. You can then call the GetShippingRates() method on the ShippingZone object to get a list of shipping rates for the order.

Once you have the list of shipping rates, you can present them to the customer and let them choose the shipping method that they prefer. Alternatively, you can choose the cheapest shipping method automatically.


In sum, the Shopify Shipping Rates API is an incredibly useful tool for businesses to automate their shipping processes. This easy-to-use integration allows merchants to streamline and simplifying the whole process of offering customers rates on shipping packages.

The api also helps business owners save time while ensuring they get accurate rates from major carriers. For anyone looking to make their shop more efficient or reduce costs associated with manual rate calculations, then this definitely should be considered as a viable solution.