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Shopify launched a theme scaffold come command-line tool a few months ago to make it easier to create Shopify themes. Slate is basically a lesson from Timber – A Shopify Framework.

Shopify claims that the Timber framework is highly opinionated and Shopify Experts had difficulty finding a starting point for creating themes. Developers often have to delete sections and markups that are not required for building themes. It took a lot of effort to remove sections and markups that didn’t match all themes. Slate, a command-line tool, was created to solve this problem. Shopify wanted developers not to remove unnecessary items, but to focus on developing with Slate.

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You might need to learn about different ways to design your Shopify store themes in order to launch a Shopify business. The best themes can help increase customer satisfaction and create a positive experience. Shopify Slate Toolkit will ensure that your themes are well-designed to maximize the benefits. Find the perfect theme for Shopify by reading our article.

Shopify merchants will love this article about Shopify Slate Toolkit. This feature will enhance both your themes as well as your workflow, ensuring a high-quality user interface.

Let’s get started.

Shopify Slate is an excellent command-line tool to promote Shopify Themes. It provides a well-tested workflow and an opinionated development toolkit. Additionally, it uses high configuration to accelerate the process of creating and testing themes for your store.

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Shopify Invents Slate – Shopify’s New Command Line Tool and Shopify Scaffold

  1. To simplify the development process.
  2. You can save time by removing multiple classes and additional markups.
  3. Shopify themes can be developed in a variety of ways.
  4. Shopify allows you to share your workflow when designing themes.

What is included in Shopify Slate

Shopify Slate contains tags, markups and liquid logics. These are required for all templates, regardless of the theme’s design or functionality. It allows developers to get started with code and gives them a better start. Then they can move on to other aspects like design or function.

The key features of the new Command Line Tool for Shopify slate include:

  1. It contains all the files, liquid templates, and layouts required for any theme. It is a great starting point for developers.
  2. Slate includes a template for style pages that is used in all Shopify Themes. It contains many elements such as headings, paragraphs and type styles.
  3. Sections are crucial for the appearance and design of themes. Shopify Slate has many sections to simplify the workflow. Slate offers three dynamic sections that let users edit and reorder page content.
  4. Slate offers a variety of style icons that can be used in all Shopify themes. Slate covers a variety of payment icons, social icons and general icons.
  5. Slate is a stylish material for frames and tables.
  6. Slate includes many helper scripts to speed up the code-writing process. Helper scripts such as a11y.js and currency.js are included in Slate. These scripts can be used to ease many aspects of theme building such as accessibility, store images and currency, section building, and so on.
  7. Slate offers a simpler way for merchants to communicate with their customers in the desired languages. Simply add the .json files to your locale directory and you’re done. Slate offers many translations for English and Canadian French as well as Spanish, German and Portuguese.
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How do I install Shopify Slate

It is easy to get started with Shopify Slate. It is important that you have installed on your computer. It is then easy to run a code. To install Shopify Slate from command line, use the code below:

npm -g @Shopify/slate

Shopify Slate: How do you get started?

After the Slate has been installed, all you have to do is tell the Slate what theme structure you’d like to use. Run the code below:

slate theme [name]

You are basically telling Slate what type of structure you would like for your Shopify Theme. Slate will create a Scaffold theme for you, from which you can begin the theme building.

Shopify Slate: Why Use It?

Shopify Slate is a great choice for Shopify Theme Development.

  1. It allows developers to program in a local environment and make modifications. Timber retrieved all data from the server. Slate however, dynamic data is pulled from the server and all theme data is kept on the local machine. This speeds up the loading process.
  2. Slate provides a great head start for the developers. No matter what theme they create, there are elements that remain constant. These elements can be used as a starting point for developers, who can then develop design and functionality at a later stage.
  3. A theme can be converted to Slate structure by using the folder structure and node package. It will not allow you to use helper scripts or templates.
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All You Need to Know About Slate – FAQs

What is Shopify slate?

Slate is a command-line tool that allows users to create Shopify themes. This tool makes it easy to develop, test, and deploy Shopify themes in just few steps.

What is the Slate API?

Using Slate, you can document your API. It is a great tool for those who want to create HTML-based documentation or write Markdown.

Is Slate API available for free?

Slate automatically hosts documentation in a public GitHub repository. This allows you to host your documentation on GitHub Pages for free. It also makes it easier for other developers to make edits to your documentation if there are typos or other issues.


This article has all you need to know about Shopify Slate Toolkit. We hope you find this information useful and helpful to help your store run more smoothly in the future.