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Christian Jewelry: A Brief History

Since ancient times in Greece and Rome, men have worn amulets to bring good fortune, ward off evil spirits, and to pay homage or pay respect to deity. This tradition is passed on to us today as modern Christian jewelry.

The origins of the first Christian symbol, a fish, can be traced back to 54 A.D., during times of Christian persecution. The fish was an inconspicuous symbol that was easy to use. Those who met would draw the first crescent of a fish shape, and the other would complete it. This would show that they were Christians. This figure is seen on bumper stickers, t-shirts, and Christian jewelry. The fish is featured on a variety of styles, including rings, bracelets and anklets as well as toe rings, spinner rings and toe rings. This design is very popular among the younger generation.

We begin to recognize the cross as an icon of Christianity around the fourth century. Crude crosses were made of leather and sticks to be worn around your neck. This was the first sign of Christian jewelry that was based on this image.

Modern Christian jewelry has a wide range of options to suit every taste. Sometimes, diamond-encrusted crosses can be used as fashion statements and status symbols as well as fashion statements. A simple silver cross pendant can be transformed into something more, such as the Gemstones of The Holy Bible.

Christian Jewelry: A Gift For All Times

The best gifts of Christian jewelry are always appreciated because they are usually given by a close friend or family member to a child on a special day.

Trinkets and Bibles can be given as special gifts, but a cross pendant made from fine silver, gold, or another metal, is often the best choice for a youngster who has just been confirmed or received their first communion. This gift is suitable for both boys and girls, and it usually leaves a lasting impression due to the marks used.

Another special occasion to give and receive Christian jewelry is when you are baptized. This gift keeps on giving, and is enjoyed by all ages. For the receiver, the message is that they believe in new lives and support them.

Sometimes Christian jewelry can be a gift that shows a quiet display faith. Many people wear jewelry with Christian images as a reminder of a better, more eternal life. Crosses, fish, medallions, and other religious icons, are all self-given because they are fashionable fashion statements. Today’s stars can be seen wearing bold, large cross pendants in magazines that give this symbol prominence in many other areas than faith.

Christian Jewelry: Notable Jewels

Christian jewelry has been a significant symbol of humanity’s belief in a better, more eternal life in Heaven throughout recorded history.

Godfrey de Bouillon is said to have worn the Jerusalem cross pendant when he led the Christians to victory in 1099 by capturing Jerusalem. Later, it became the symbol for the Latin Kingdom in Jerusalem. It was established following the first Crusade and continued until 1291 when all remaining territories of the kingdom were taken from Christians.

Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor, had one the most well-known pieces of Christian jewelry. The famous pendant he wore was made up of pieces from the True Cross, the crown of thorns and a sapphire set in gold. His pendant was called “Warrior” by him because he used it to go into battle.

Today, Christian jewelry can be found in one of the most prestigious collections in the world…the Crown Jewels. Because it represents the power and connection of the monarchy with God over more than a thousand years, the image of the cross is often found in royal jewelry collections. The Sovereigns who sat upon the throne believed that God anointed them and were given the divine right to rule their people.

While styles change, faith is timeless. These are the jewelry pieces we will treasure forever: crosses, crucifixes and saint medals. The most popular styles of Christian jewelry today are the oldest symbols of faith that predate the cross.

These symbols, which include the anchor, dove, and Ichthys are some of the oldest used in Christian jewelry. Each symbol has a unique and specific meaning. These special characteristics are why the old symbols of faith are seeing a huge revival in Christian jewelry and fashion.

The symbolism behind ancient Christian jewelry:

The use of the cross in Christian jewelry was not possible until the third century A.D. when Constantine, the Roman emperor, made Christianity the official religion. The cross has been used extensively in Christian jewelry and art since then.

The protection and promotion early Christianity was greatly helped by Christian jewelry. It was unsafe to display the cross openly as early Christians were often persecuted because of their faith. Instead, early Christians wore other types of Christian jewelry such as:

The Ichthys The Ichthys is made up of two intersecting arches that resemble the profile of a fish. Modern Christian jewelry often has the name of Jesus written in the middle. The Ichthys symbolises Christ as “the fisherman of men”. The Ichthys’s clean lines make it an elegant piece of Christian jewelry for those who love simplicity.

Anchor: The anchor is a symbol of mariners and is commonly called the mariners’ cross. It was used originally by seagoing people, but it has been adopted by Christians of all faiths. As a symbol of Jesus Christ as the anchor of Christian life and hope based on the faith in Christ, the anchor is used in Christian jewelry. This piece of Christian jewelry is perfect for people who spend a lot time at sea or who need to be steadfast in their lives.

The Dove: A dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit. According to John the Baptist’s story, the Holy Spirit descends upon Jesus as a dove when he baptizes him. The dove is also an universal symbol for peace and purity. The perfect gift for a baptism is the dove

The Lamb of God This is the oldest representation of Jesus. John the Baptist proclaimed that Jesus was the Angus Dei after he saw him and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away all the sins of the world.” He Lamb is the symbol of innocence, triumph over sin and Christian jewelry.

These are just some of the many ancient symbols that can be found in Christian jewelry. There are so many symbols that tell so many stories, it’s easy to find the right piece to honor the person and still celebrate your faith.

The Cross:

The cross was more popularly used in Christian jewelry after Constantine converted Rome to Christianity. There would soon be many variations of the cross. These cross forms from ancient times have stood the test of time and are as popular today as they were 15 hundred years ago. Here are some examples of cross designs from Christian jewelry:

Latin cross: This is the most common form of the cross. The Latin cross has a long horizontal bar that is slightly higher than the center and a shorter horizontal bar. The Latin cross with Christ’s body, also known as a Crucifix, is used in the Orthodox and Catholic churches to represent Christ’s sacrifice. While the Protestants use the Latin cross left unfinished as a symbol of Christ’s resurrection, the Latin cross with Christ’s body is called a crucifix. The Latin cross is ideal for quiet, devout people because it displays the strength of simplicity.

The Greek Cross: A cross with equilateral arms is the oldest form of the Christian cross. The Greek Orthodox Church most frequently uses it. It represents the union between the divine and human worlds. For those in the Eastern Church and those looking for something a little different, the Greek cross is a beautiful piece of Christian jewelry.

St. Anthony’s cross: Some believe this to be the exact shape of the Roman crosses used for crucifixion. For those who are looking for discipline in their lives, the St. Anthony cross makes a great piece of Christian jewelry.

The Celtic Cross: A cross with a circle surrounding the cross bar is one of the most sought-after pieces of Christian jewelry. It is believed that the circle represented the sun or the moon in the original worship of the Irish before they converted to Christianity. The circle is now used to symbolize the infinite love of God, as demonstrated through Christ’s death and resurrection. The Celtic cross is one of the most striking pieces of Christian jewelry. You don’t need to be Irish to enjoy it.

Crosses are the most common form of Christian jewelry. There are so many options, it’s easy to find the right one for you. This page contains a large selection of Christian jewellery.

Where can I buy Christian jewelry?

It is easier to see the various styles and prices of Christian jewelry online than in person.

While some retail jewelers may carry limited quantities of Christian jewelry, you’re more likely to find a wider selection online. You can type “Christian jewelry” in an Internet search engine such as Google or Yahoo to find a variety of reliable websites that offer Christian jewelry.

Many factors affect the cost of Christian jewelry. Crosses and other ancient symbols in solid 14K gold or white gold should cost between $50 and $300, depending on the size.

The true heart and soul of Christianity:

We all have the true heart of Christianity within us. We can elegantly show our faith with Christian jewelry. The crosses and ancient symbols of Christianity are a great way to express our faith in a personal and elegant manner. This may be why the most popular styles are the old symbols of faith.

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