Shopify vs 3dcart Which to Use for eCommerce Store?

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This article is likely to be of interest to you because you are trying to find the right platform for your ecommerce store.

Shopify and 3dcart, two popular ecommerce platforms, offer a wide range of features that allow you to create, operate and manage an online store. Here is a comparison between these platforms.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

There are many ecommerce tools that will help you build the store you want. Shopify and 3DCart offer simple, affordable solutions for entrepreneurs.

Shopify is perhaps the most well-known ecommerce platform. It offers amazing customer support, unlimited scalability with third party apps, and stunning themes for your website. 3DCart is another popular but reliable option.

3DCart offers a strong inventory system and a variety of sales features. You don’t even have to spend a lot. Some people find 3DCart more complicated than Shopify.

Shopify vs 3DCart: The Pros and Cons

You need to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of Shopify and 3DCart before you make an informed decision. Shopify is a great tool for many companies. However, not everyone will like it. 3DCart is a great option for inventory management, but can be confusing for newbies.

Overall, Shopify is a better option for companies looking for a simple entry point to online sales. However, 3DCart is a great choice for users who are looking for a powerful backend even though it comes with some technical challenges.

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Shopify Pros

  • There are many sales features available to choose from.
  • There are many plans that will suit every budget.
  • It is easy to use and has tons of functionality.
  • Vast community of people that can help you
  • There are many inventory management options
  • Multi-channel selling via Amazon and social media
  • There are many designs and themes that you can choose from to get started
  • Support options of high quality

Shopify Cons

  • There are some issues with scaling for larger businesses
  • It is difficult to switch between templates
  • Without Shopify payments, transaction fees could be a problem

3DCart Pros

  • Amazing range of inventory management software
  • This guide will help you build your SEO strategy
  • Many blogging functions for online growth
  • There are tons of app integrations available
  • Business management tools that work
  • Technical management with a comprehensive back-end

3DCart Cons

  • Customer support is not the best option
  • Some features may be difficult to use.
  • No mobile app available

Background Info

Let’s begin by looking at where these tools are from and what kind of benefits they can provide. Shopify and 3DCarter, two examples of ecommerce software that can help you create your online store.

Shopify was founded in 2006. It has its headquarters in Ottawa, Canada. Shopify is currently one of the largest companies in the world, especially in the online and tech space. Shopify powers hundreds of thousands of retailers worldwide and has many partnerships with top companies.

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3DCart is actually older than Shopify. It was founded in 1997. The privately owned solution for ecommerce provides businesses from all industries with the tools they need in order to create websites and sell products online.

3DCart stands out from other ecommerce platforms because it is focused on search-oriented selling and helping people within your industry find your shop. 3DCart has more tools than Shopify for SEO and blogging.

Basic Features

Shopify, 3dcart both are two popular ecommerce platforms that offer a wide range of features to create, operate and manage an online store. Here is a comparison between these platforms.

Basic online shop functionality Both Shopify and 3dcart are mature ecommerce platforms that offer sufficient basic functions for managing an estore. Shopify is, however, generally regarded as being at least slightly superior of the two platforms. This view is shared by the author.

Inventory Management Both tools can be used to support your inventory management needs. It’s also easier to track and grow the stock that you need.

Calculation shipping costs This is a fundamental feature of an ecommerce platform. Shopify and 3dcart both do this very well.

Coupons and discount codes Shopify has a slight disadvantage in this area. It does not allow for coupon/discount codes on the starter plan, but only on the more expensive plans. 3dcart makes it possible to create and calculate discount/promo codes for all plans.

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Payment gateway options This is another area where 3dcart beats Shopify. Shopify offers 70 payment gateways, but 3dcart supports up to 100.

Templates – is the clear winner with hundreds of themes (free and premium) available via their theme store and many third-party sites. 3dcart only offers about 30 themes. Shopify premium themes start at $80, while 3dcart premium templates start at $99 and more.

Apps and Add-ons are both tied here. There are over 100 apps and addons available directly and via third-parties, underpaid and free models. This allows you to add a variety of custom/custom features and functionalities into your online storefronts.

Multilingual capabilities Neither platform offers site-wide multilingual capabilities. Shopify does offer multi-lingual support on checkout pages, while 3dcart only offers limited support for languages written in Cyrillic script. For multi-lingual support, both platforms require hand-coding and third-party tools/support.

SEO capabilities Both Shopify as well 3dcart provide high-quality SEO capabilities that will help you store get good organic traffic from search engines. It is important to note that Shopify’s SEO capabilities are better than 3dcart’s and are also the best among all ecommerce platforms. This is demonstrated in detail .

Customization options Both platforms provide an easy, user-friendly way to customize basic elements (such as colors and fonts) You can customize the look and feel for your online store with HTML/CSS code. The basic model will generally be sufficient for most projects with simple to moderate requirements. However, the advanced mode is available for those who require greater customization.

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shopify dropshipping store set up
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Blogging functionality Shopify and 3dcart both offer integrated blogging functionality, which is a great feature for ecommerce shops today. Web marketers, SEOs, and owners of ecommerce stores know that publishing a blog on an online store can be a highly effective and profitable way to attract, engage, and retain customers. This will result in increased sales. Blogs allow you to tell stories that facilitate soft selling, which is a growing trend in ecommerce. I discuss this in my post 10 Eye-Opening Ecommerce Trends for 2015..


Let’s get to the point. When it comes to online shopping expenses, we all have our own budgets. In this environment, pricing is often the most important factor in any purchase.

Shopify has been regarded as the most affordable tool for selling online. Shopify Lite is the cheapest way to start selling online. It allows you to add a “buy” button to any existing website or social media pages for $9 per month. This plan doesn’t offer any additional functionality.

The Basic package will cost you $29 per month if you want to create your own online store. Basic packages include 2 staff accounts, 24/7 support for up to 4 locations, unlimited products and discount codes.

You can upgrade to Shopify for $29/month. This will give you all the features of Basic plus up to 5 employees accounts and 5 locations along with professional reports. Advanced Shopify starting at $299 includes a host additional staff accounts, third party calculation for shipping rates, as well as professional reports.

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Shopify POS Lite is included in all Shopify packages. You can also upgrade to POS Pro for $89/month. You will pay less transaction fees if you have Shopify Payments.

Shopify Plus is also available as an Enterprise service. This allows you to get a customized quote for your business. All packages come with a 14-day free trial.

3DCart is very affordable for newbies. For $19 per month, you can open a startup store and purchase unlimited products with no transaction fees. You also get one staff member. You can also choose from the following packages:

  • Basic:$29/month for 2 staff members, and all features of startup
  • Plus: $79/month for 5 staff members and Basic Features
  • Power: $129/month for 10 staff members and features of Plus
  • Pro: $229/month for 15 users. Power Features

We recommend the Basic store if you are looking to stock and sell products in an easily scaleable environment. 3DCart doesn’t charge transaction fees and offers a free trial. Each package includes unlimited bandwidth, a Facebook Store, 100+ payment providers and API access.

Each plan includes domain registration, shopping cart, 24×7 tech assistance, unlimited orders, and more than 50 mobile-ready themes. 3DCart is generally less expensive than Shopify, although Shopify may be more affordable.

It’s easy to use

Ecommerce platforms allow you to sell online and build a reputation for your business. Some platforms are easier to use than others. Shopify will likely offer a simpler experience than 3DCart for most users.

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3DCart has a great set of tools, including inventory management and blogging. However, it can be difficult to learn how to use them all. 3DCart feels less intuitive and cluttered in some places. Customers have complained that it is difficult to understand all of the components on the back-end.

You might also need to use the API to get additional customization options with 3DCart. This requires developer knowledge. The builder offers many benefits, including all core themes that use responsive design and Google AMP as a standard. Optimized code is included to ensure your pages load quickly.

3DCart also follows Google’s design guidelines, which increases your chances of being ranked higher in search results.

Some things, such as the core theme editor, require knowledge of CSS and HTML. This is not something everyone will have. Although the 3DCart experience has become more user-friendly over time, it still needs to be as easy as Shopify.

Shopify has the most user-friendly product on the market. Shopify has a simple and clear back-end. You can also add additional functionality to Shopify by simply pressing a button in the app marketplace.

Shopify has an undo button that allows you to quickly fix design errors. There are also tons of keyboard shortcuts to help you find what your looking for. Although Shopify is packed with features, it’s not difficult to use.

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Everything is intuitive and responsive, and it is easy to edit your themes. Special theme features are available based on your industry. It is important to note that you will need to re-design your entire website if you want to change the theme.


Shopify and 3DCart are both based on sales features. Although 3DCart can be difficult to use, it does have strong sales features. There are unlimited product options and integrations with different shipping companies.

3DCart is different from other platforms that you may consider for your ecommerce platform. It accepts credit card payments as well as offering shopping cart functionality. It also provides SEO functionality to help you rank higher on the internet and bring new customers to your business. You can even get prompts to help you make the most of this tool.

Despite its many benefits, Shopify still ranks higher than 3Dcart in terms of sales features. Shopify allows you to sell virtually unlimited products. You can integrate with many payment methods and have the ability to customize your site in any way you like. You can also link your ecommerce solution to tools such as Amazon and social media platforms through the app store.

Shopify offers everything you need, from shipping rates to tax calculation. Shopify is a great tool if you are looking for something that does everything.

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Shopify vs. 3DCart: Designs

To be successful in today’s market, any store online or offline must look appealing and attractive to its target audience. You won’t get the best results if your store isn’t professionally designed and maintained. 3DCart provides 91 templates for free and a variety of premium options that can be purchased at varying prices.

The quality of your templates is just as variable as their cost. These solutions have many professional components. Some lack the basic features such as navigation menus that scroll simultaneously with you. There is no mobile editing platform.

Shopify is slightly less flexible than 3DCart in terms of customization and design, but there are a few great themes available. Shopify provides each template with different features based on your industry. Shopify’s mobile app is where it really shines.

Shopify allows you to edit your website from anywhere. However, you cannot change themes very easily. Shopify allows you to choose the design you want before you make any changes.

Customer Support

There are so many options for ecommerce platforms, it can be easy to forget about some of the more important issues. Good customer service is essential for any ecommerce platform. You can resolve issues quickly and easily, which will minimize any money that may be lost.

Shopify offers a complete solution to customer service. This includes 24/7 phone and chat support, a bespoke center for knowledge management and dedicated agent support for those who choose a more expensive plan.

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3DCart provides amazing customer support, but you may not always receive a prompt response via the live chat. This might cause some to have difficulty reaching the company by email. Shopify’s customer service is now more extensive.

You can reach out to each company separately if you are concerned and get a response quickly from them both. Even if you are just asking about pricing packages, your customer service representative should be able respond quickly.

Extensions and Integrations

Shopify and 3DCart offer a lot of functionality right out of the box. However, customers have the option to expand the feature set through extensions and integrations. Shopify offers 500 app extensions, both from third-party developers and in-house. Tools for gift cards and SEO, email Marketing, CRM Management, real-time tracking of shipping are all available.

API2Cart, a tool that 3DCart provides to optimize the performance of your ecommerce site, offers many options. This API solution allows you to integrate with multiple shopping carts easily. There are many shopping cart options, as well as marketplace integrations available. You don’t need to create separate integrations.

Payment Processing and Point of Sale

Shopify and 3DCart both aim to make it easy for you to build a flexible business online and offline. Every Shopify pricing plan comes with multiple payment options. Flexibility is key to any business. 3DCart allows you to connect with more than 100 payment providers from a variety of countries.

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You can find specialized payment processing services and local currency support. When you use 3dcart, there are no transaction or integration fees. You can also rest assured that your website and its checkout features are PCI compliant.

PCI-certified website builders ensure that business owners aren’t concerned about security when accepting debit and credit card payments.

Shopify offers flexible payment management. Shopify is the market leader in advanced features for ecommerce. Even the Shopify basic experience has many great features, including cart recovery and dropshipping.

Shopify allows you to use multiple payment providers, but each one has transaction fees. Shopify Payments is the internal payment processing system of Shopify and is the only one that does not charge additional fees.

Shopify payments allows you to accept payment in any way you like, even if it comes with additional costs. There are also many apps that allow you to access additional functionality.

Online payment processing is not the only option. Shopify and 3DCart allow you to make and manage payments offline as well. Shopify comes standard with barcode scanners, receipt printers and label printers. Shopify sells its own hardware solutions that will allow you to get involved in the offline world as quickly as possible.

One thing you should know about Shopify POS: to make the most of this system, Shopify POS Pro will be required. This extra function is very expensive and is only available for $89. It is very easy to get POS functionality via 3DCart.

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3DCart can integrate with a wide range of POS systems out of the box. This allows you to easily sync both offline and online sales strategies, regardless of what hardware you may be using. 3DCart, like Shopify, goes beyond the call of duty to make sure that businesses have all they need to run a successful company. Both tools are available for buying a domain and creating a store, integrating with Amazon or eBay, and selling offline.

If you have any questions about selling offline, the 3DCart knowledgebase can be accessed for additional guidance. You can find all the documentation you need to help you with everything, from order management to payment options to FedEx shipping.


Shopify and 3DCart both have a lot to offer business owners for the monthly fee. Both tools offer a lot of functionality. Both solutions offer a variety of payment options, order management functionality, numerous plugins, and much more.

Shopify is the best website building solution. Shopify integrates with Stripe and PayPal as well as QuickBooks. There are many tools that will help you rank higher in search engines. Shopify is an excellent choice for those looking for a secure website with a secured SSL certificate. It also offers many features and the ability to scale quickly.

Shopify’s wide range of features, including the multiple sales channels and abandoned cart recovery options, really make it stand out. Shopify has a fantastic support team that can help you with everything, from designing your site to shipping via USPS.

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Shopify is easier to use than 3DCart. It has better support, a simpler back-end environment and better themes. Although 3DCart has great functionality, Shopify is unable to offer some of the extras Shopify offers.

3DCart offers SEO tools, integrations and ecommerce solutions to make selling easy. However, unlike other services like BigCommerce or Magento, it does not offer the same ease of use. There are many technical aspects to understand.