Shopinspect Dropshipping Review and Alternatives

Dropshipping can be a great way to start an eCommerce business. If done correctly, it can bring in millions of dollars. Dropshipping is a common mistake.

They don’t do things the right way.

The most common error they make is to choose the wrong product, which is either obsolete or not in sufficient demand.

Product research used to be difficult a few years back due to a lack in resources and tools. Today, there are many product research tools available that will help you select the right product to start a dropshipping company.

SHOPINSPECT is the most used product search tool. This article will review ShopInspect.

ShopInspect is a product research tool that does everything. It is useful for finding hot and trendy products, regardless of whether you’re looking into dropshipping, inventory-based eCommerce or an offline business.

What is ShopInspect?

ShopInspect was a quick way for me to discover hot and trendy items for my dropshipping company. I found this tool online and signed up.

It was worth the money that I spent on it. It has provided me with the results I wanted. This online product research tool was a great resource for dropshippers.

Let me quickly introduce ShopInspect.

It makes use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify hot products before they become viral.

This tool will help you start a dropshipping business, even if you don’t know what you should sell.

It gives you a product suggestion and estimates the sales of a product at a specific store.

These facts will help you decide whether you should sell similar products.

These are just a few more details about ShopInspect.

  • It determines the top-selling products by comparing the information about who sells them.
  • Find out what products your competitors sell.
  • View their Social Media Marketing.
  • You can also find other products that are similar, but more profitable.

You now know the basics of ShopInspect and what it does. Let me tell you why you need ShopInspect to analyze your dropshipping products.

What is Dropshipping Product Research?

See, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar-based business or an online business, you have to invest your time and money in it. If you fail, your time and money will not come back.

Before you can start your business plan, you must have a solid plan. Your business plan should include a selection of the best product that will sell.

Your entire business plan can fail if your product is not successful. ShopInspect is a product analysis tool that can help you determine what products will sell. These tools allow you to predict the product’s success and help you choose the right product.

ShopInspect costs $16 per month, but the value you receive is worth it.

Let’s look at the key features of ShopInspect, then we’ll show you how this tool works.

ShopInspect Features

This section will discuss the key features of ShopInspect’s product analysis and research tools.

The Dashboard

ShopInspect will provide a dashboard that’s very simple to use when you sign up.

The dashboard will show you a section that automatically displays the most popular products. This section allows you to choose the products directly. You don’t need to search manually for the products.

If you are looking for deep research, you can still use the other features.

Hot Shops

You will find a button in the dashboard that opens a section that displays the top stores.

This section contains high-traffic Shopify stores, from which you can get an idea about the theme and appearance of your store.

These websites get a lot of traffic so if your Shopify store has the same design, you will also be able to attract the same amount of traffic and convert as them.

You can spy on them and see what they’re doing to increase traffic to their stores.

Hot Products

You will also see a button called “Hot Products” in the dashboard.

Clicking that button will take you to the products with the highest orders from both the wholesalers and the manufacturers .

This section shows both the selling price and the sales percentage for all hot products. The filter can be used to reduce the number of products by selling price or product category.

Product Search

The dashboard also allows you to manually search for product categories. You will need to enter a keyword or store name in order to search for the product category.

You can type “Earphones” to get a full report on the product or store.

Smart Score

On the left side you will see a box that shows you the Smart Score and average monthly web searches.

Smart Score, a ranking feature built into this tool, scores between 1 to 100. This ranking feature is calculated using a mathematical formula. It includes product searches as well as the number and number of stores that sell that product.

It is similar to Clickbank’s gravity score.

You should choose a product with a higher Smart Score. Higher Smart Score products are more popular and trendy.

A line graph will be displayed that shows you the search volume of a particular keyword.

It is ranked between 1 and 100, similar to the keyword volume displayed in a keyword search tool. The more people searching for the product, the higher the volume.

Word Cloud

ShopInspect’s word cloud is an excellent feature that displays a list of search terms related to your search.

Start with a simple word, then move on to a word cloud or Smart Score. You will find the winning products for your dropshipping company.

ShopInspect: How does it work?

ShopInspecthelps you to quickly identify and capture new products faster than other sellers. It highlights the most viral and best-selling products with the potential to grow quickly.

It can help you find the winning products that will scale your dropshipping business to a billion-dollar empire.

Data is the king in today’s digital world. You can make a decision about whether to go with the product if you have sales data.

This is the method that every successful business uses to make money. Dropshipping is like going to sleep in the dark without ShopInspect. This will allow you to build your marketing strategy and not waste your hard-earned cash on the wrong products.

ShopInspect – How to create an eCommerce store that is perfect

It is difficult to build a store that converts. To sell online, it takes experience and patience.

ShopInspect will reduce the time it takes to create an perfect eCommerce store. It can be done in a matter of days.

ShopInspect allows you to quickly find the most popular products, as well as spy on other websites for their appearance and design, and what tactics they use to convert customers.

ShopInspect is a great tool to help you find the best products for your eCommerce website .

ShopInspect is a great service that I highly recommend. You are likely to invest your hard-earned cash in a business so do your research.

Shopify allows you to easily integrate ShopInspect data into Shopify in order to create a highly-converting store.

ShopInspect users can use Facebook and Google ads strategies

ShopInspect can also help you create a marketing strategy for your products and store. ShopInspect can provide data like keywords that are related to hot products as well as information about how competitors are running online advertising campaigns.

This data can be used to create and manage your Facebook and Google ads campaigns. You can read my article ” Social media marketing for startups and businesses” to learn more about paid advertising strategies.

ShopInspect Pricing

ShopInspect has a 7-day free trial where you can perform three searches. ShopInspect will require you to upgrade to a paid subscription after the trial ends.

You don’t have to worry about the price, they are within your budget.

ShopInspect offers 2 paid plans.

  • Standard Plan – $16/Month,
  • Legendary Plans – $19/Month,

The standard plan allows for 10 searches per day. These tabs include Hot Trending Products and Shopify Product Search. The AdInspect feature is not included.

Legendary plan allows 250 searches per day. The tabs include Hot Trending Products and Shopify Product Search. Shopify Shop Search is available for top Shopify Stores. Top Shopify Stores are also available. This plan includes the AdInspect tool.

ShopInspect Alternatives


BigCommerce allows merchants of all sizes to create, innovate, and grow their business through an eCommerce platform. It’s an open SaaS platform which ignites business growth without increasing complexity. BigCommerce includes a visual editor page builder that allows users to create and edit website pages easily using drag-and-drop. You can create fully customizable themes using the platform’s HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It includes a Stencil CLI tool that allows you to create, test and push changes in a local environment. BigCommerce allows online stores to run at lightning fast speeds thanks to Google AMP, Google Cloud Platform infrastructure, and Akamai image manager. You can integrate the stores with payment apps such as Apple Pay and PayPal One Touch. etc. With its unique Metadata and robots.txt editing, the platform allows for more traffic.


Ecwid is an ecommerce website that helps you set up multiple online stores, social media platforms and other online marketplaces. This allows you to sell large quantities of products at low prices. Customers can manage everything from one dashboard, including inventory, order management and pricing. It connects sellers to buyers all over the globe and helps them reach their goals. Ecwid is simple to use and integrates with Facebook and Google to allow customers to promote their products and grow more quickly. They allow companies to attract more customers and get more traffic to their events. Customers can sell their products online, on social media and Amazon. You can track sales and screen inventory to make more deals. It offers safe and secure payment management across 40 different payment options.


Shopify is a Cloud-based multichannel commerce platform that’s ideal for small and medium-sized business. You can build and manage an online store using over 100 professional themes. Software handles inventory management, product variations and import/export files. It also supports multiple languages and SEO product tags. A Dashboard allows you to manage all customer profiles, orders, invoices, history, and history. Mobile commerce shopping carts are available for customers to interact with you and manage gift cards. These websites can be integrated with social media channels like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The software is used by over 600 000 businesses worldwide.


WooCommerce offers extensive ecommerce solutions. It is also one the most popular platforms for ecommerce website design and development. It’s a WordPress-based ecommerce platform. You don’t have to rely solely on your technical knowledge. It’s flexible and scalable. This software allows you to create a fully functional online store. You can customize the template in any of 39 WooCommerce-enabled ways. It includes all the essential ecommerce features such as channel, catalog and return.

ShopInspect FAQs

ShopInspect is worth dropshipping?

Researching the market and your workflow is essential when you are starting a business. Otherwise, your chances of failure will increase. ShopInspect can help you do this. ShopInspect provides all the data you need to start a dropshipping company.

What plan is the best?

The Legendary plan is my favorite. Every eCommerce business requires a solid advertising strategy. It is not possible to blindly place your bets on a keyword or product. You will end up spending your hard-earned cash on unreliable ads. AdInspect is a useful tool that eCommerce businesses can use to monitor the effectiveness of their ad campaigns.

Do You Need Training in ShopInspect?

ShopInspect offers live training on a variety of platforms, including their Facebook page.

They are available to answer your questions. They are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Live demos are also available for new customers. For this, you can contact them.

ShopInspect: How can you find the most popular products?

ShopInspect makes it easy to identify the most popular products. You can find hot products quickly with tools such as Hot Trending Products and Shopify Product Search.

What’s AdInspect and how does it work?

This tool allows you to spy on your winning ads via Google ads and social media. It also shows you what strategies they use to convert. This tool allows you to create highly-converting ads for your advertising campaigns.

How can it help me build my brand?

You can search for “Shop Store Search” to find the most popular stores. This will give you an idea of the brand and appearance of your store. Good branding is key to building a successful business. ShopInspect can help with this.

My Verdict About ShopInspect

It is essential to research before you start a business. If you don’t do your research properly, you can lose your money if you jump in to a business.

This is why I advise you to first research and then implement.

Researching can take a lot of time and sometimes even months. ShopInspect is a great resource.

ShopInspect can cut down on the time it takes to research. We can do this in a matter of days, or even hours. You can quickly launch your eCommerce store with the right knowledge about product branding and marketing plans.

ShopInspect is a great option if you don’t want to spend months researching dropshipping businesses.

One winning product can cover the Legendary plan’s cost and make you millions. ShopInspect is a great tool to invest in.

Please let me know your thoughts about ShopInspect by leaving a comment below. Also, please share this article on social media to help others.