Shopmaster Dropshipping Review – A Great eCommerce Tool

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If you’re considering starting a dropshipping business and want to know if Shopmaster is the appropriate fit, this review will explain what Shopmaster is, how it works, and how much it will cost you. Dropshipping is one of the simplest methods to start an internet business; you don’t need inventory, a warehouse, or even distribution plans, and you can get started for as little as $100.

Like any other business model, running a dropshipping store requires a lot of effort, such as finding legitimate vendors, contacting them, importing goods into your store using intricate software tools, pricing products, and order fulfilment, among other tasks that can be overwhelming. Fortunately, several technologies exist that can considerably reduce its time to do some of these chores. Many of them can even be automated, and Shopmaster is one of them. So, let’s take a look at what Shopmaster can do for you in this post, and then you can decide if it’s a suitable fit for your business.

Shopmaster Reviews

So, what exactly is Shopmaster? In a nutshell, it’s a drop-shipping programme that allows you to automate many duties that come with running a dropshipping business daily. You may easily import items from 30 eCommerce marketplaces, including AliExpress, Banggood, Chinabrands, CJ Dropshipping, and Google email, using Shopmaster. You can also import from Amazon, eBay, DHgate, Walmart, GearBest, and various other marketplaces, but Shopmaster’s automated tools are limited to the first five retailers I mentioned.

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One of the advantages of Shopmaster over some of the other dropshipping automation tools on the market is that it has a free version that you can try out before committing to a paid subscription. The good news is that even with the free edition, you have access to all of the functions, allowing you to try the app before investing any money in it thoroughly.

Shopmaster Features

Shopmaster has a slew of tools that will aid you in your store’s day-to-day operations by semi-automating or automating a variety of dropshipping chores. The following functionalities are included in the tool:

Shopmaster Dashboard

You’ll be directed to the main dashboard when you sign up for a free account, as shown above. If you have one, you will be prompted to connect to it; if not, you can easily skip this step and complete it later. Shopmaster is compatible with the following web hosting platforms:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • 3D Cart
  • eBay
  • Wish

So, if you’re going to use Shopmaster for dropshipping, make sure your store is built on one of the platforms I just mentioned. The primary dashboard has a few sections that offer you rapid access to numerous Shopmaster functions. For example, you can see what orders you need to fill and what things you need to import into your business at the top.

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You can learn the following information about any product:

  • Name of the retailer
  • Where are their warehouses located?
  • The merchandise’s cost
  • How many times has this item been added to Shopmaster?
  • Overall rating based on the total number of orders

By pressing the orange “Click to import” button, you may quickly import any goods you desire. When you return to the home dashboard, you may see various sales information for your stores, such as an overview of the top-selling items in terms of overall profits and items sold. In addition, you’ll view sales and profit data, as well as any pricing or inventory changes that may affect your listings.

On the right, you’ll find quick links to the app’s most important features, as well as helpful tips, video lessons, and current updates.

Importing products

You may quickly import goods from more than 30 manufacturers using a variety of methods, including:

  • Enter the product’s URL to import products.
  • Enter the ID of the goods you want to import.
  • Enter the product category to import items.
  • You can utilise the store’s AliExpress URL with AliExpress.

Even though there are 30 vendors from which you can purchase items, I will only discuss those that fully support Shopmaster’s automated functions. For example, you may change the product details, images and import them to your store with a single click after you’ve imported products into your store. Another thing to keep in mind is that you may bulk import goods, enter multiple product URLs or product IDs (up to 100 at a time), and the software will import all of the data at once.

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Automated Pricing Rules

Shopmaster features one of the most sophisticated sets of commodity pricing rules I’ve encountered in the dropshipping industry. There are three methods for pricing Shopmaster objects, which are as follows:

  • Simple — For beginners, this is simple to set up; increase the commodity’s price by a preset number, multiple, or sum.
  • Advanced — Use the advanced price rule option if you want a little more flexibility with your pricing. You can configure prices here based on your supplier’s price range.
  • Formula pricing – This feature is similar to advanced pricing, but it allows you to specify different price principles for different suppliers’ goods.

The best part about this function is that if a supplier’s price changes, it will be updated immediately according to your pricing standards.

Automated Inventory Updates

Any product modifications made on the supplier side will be automatically updated within Shopmaster if you utilise AliExpress, Banggood, Chinabrands, CJ Dropshipping, or Gogomail. Therefore, you will save time and effort by not making any inventory modifications on your end.

Quick Order Fulfilment

Filling numerous orders per day would take a long time if done manually, but with Shopmaster, everything can be done in a few clicks, and the best part is that when you run a dropshipping store, your supplier handles everything.

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Often, tracking numbers are immediately given to your consumers as soon as the order is completed, saving you time from manually assigning tracking numbers to orders, leading to errors and incorrect tracking data being supplied to customers.

Shopmaster Chrome Extension

If AliExpress is your primary source, you can utilise Shopmaster’s Chrome extension to quickly import whatever items you want by simply clicking a button.

Other Highlights

The features I described earlier are the ones you’ll utilise the most when you start dropping with Shopmaster. However, Shopmaster has many more functions than the ones I described; in fact, it has over 100 features that will allow you to accomplish a lot more with your dropshipping store. The majority of these extra features are intended to assist you in scaling your business and running it more efficiently.

Training & Support

There are some excellent video tutorials on getting started with Shopmaster; it’s one of the more complicated dropshipping apps. Without these tutorials, it’s difficult to learn how to make the most of many available capabilities. They also have a comprehensive knowledge base and a lively Facebook page to seek guidance from other users and Shopmaster employees.

According to what I’ve read and experienced, their customer service is excellent; they aim to respond to concerns as quickly as possible and rapidly resolve any issues with Shopmaster. They also have a blog that is updated daily, with various useful content on dropshipping issues.

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Shopmaster Pricing

Shopmaster has a free plan that gives you access to all of its features, with some limitations on how you use them, so it’s a risk-free method to evaluate if the app is perfect for you while you’re just getting started.

Final words

I didn’t have high expectations when I first heard about Shopmaster; it wasn’t as well-known as some other dropshipping apps. My original opinion was that it would be a basic dropshipping software with limited capabilities. I was completely mistaken; it’s one of the greatest and most feature-rich drop shipping programmes I’ve tried.

The number of suppliers you can select to import goods and the eCommerce sites that can interact with Shopmaster are some of its advantages over other programmes like Oberlo, Spocket, and Dropified. In addition, it comes with amazing customer service, an excellent tutorial, and is completely free to use. If you want to start dropshipping with Chinese suppliers, it’s worth a look.