Spreadr App Dropshipping Review and Alternatives

Import Amazon products easily

In just a few mouse clicks, you can find products on Amazon and import them into your Shopify store. You can quickly expand your business with hundreds of new products in minutes.

Dropshipping or Affiliate Income

When someone purchases a product, you earn money. Amazon handles shipping, returns and customer support. You can generate new, high-quality revenue quickly and easily.

Your influence can be increased

Create new products to complement your brand, or create new categories that appeal to a wider audience. Be more valuable and bigger.

What is the secret to it?

  1. In just one click, import any product from Amazon into your Shopify store
  2. Visitors can view the products and make purchases. Amazon fulfills orders
  3. Amazon will pay you a commission on every sale. Register for the Amazon Affiliate Program. It’s free. The dashboard allows you to track orders and commissions.

Add new products to your store

To add to your product catalogue, you can choose from more than a million products on Amazon. You can add products that match your brand and complement your store. It should be bigger and more valuable.

Show your creativity and curate products

Create new reasons for your audience to return by curating delicious products

More products, more pages, more traffic

You can change the title and description for the products you import to your store. Optimized descriptions are more SEO-friendly and result in higher organic traffic.

New revenue stream that is hassle-free

Amazon handles inventory, customer service, shipping and you receive up to 10% commission on all qualifying purchases

Dropshipping with Amazon

Spreadr can be used to make Amazon drop-shipping. Spreadr is an alternative to affiliate income. Instead of linking to Amazon, you could collect orders from your Shopify store and then fulfill them yourself.

Reach new audiences

Create new product categories that compliment your brand. Your influence can be monetized and appeal to a larger audience.


  • Simple Product Import – Simply enter the Amazon product link and click Add. To pull product data, we use the official Amazon API.
  • Consistent StoreUI – Amazon products will display in the same style and look as your store. The ‘Add To Cart’ button will be replaced by the ‘View On Amazon’ button.
  • After importing products, customize the product name, description and other details.
  • You can keep 100% of your commissions.
  • Auto-update – App automatically updates prices & availability values for imported products to match Amazon, so your inventory and prices stay current.
  • Uninstall proof – Imported products still link to Amazon, even if the app is deleted. This allows you to earn commissions.
  • Bulk import – List of Amazon products to be imported and then all at once.
  • There are many more features: Auto-tags and Geo-localize. Markup Pricing. Currency conversion. Chrome extension.


  • Our service is completely independent and not associated with Amazon. Any impression that you may have of something else is incorrect.
  • It is your responsibility ensure you comply with Amazon’s T&C.

Spreadr App Alternatives


A2X automates Amazon’s sales and fees posting to Xero or QuickBooks cloud accounting systems. A2X is a time-saver for Amazon sellers and their accountants. It delivers accurate, reliable, and reconciled Amazon financials.


You can manage your online retail business from one location. Webgility can integrate with over 70 e-commerce platforms, channels, and business systems.

Helium 10

The Helium 10 Software Suite includes over a dozen tools to help Amazon sellers find top-ranking keywords, identify trends and spy on competitors. It also allows them to optimize product listings for maximum sales.

Jungle Scout

Putting Amazon’s entire catalog at your fingertips. To find the best products, filter products by price, estimated sales, rating and seasonality.