Square Register Review, Pricing, Pros, and Cons

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One of the most well-known businesses in the payment processing industry is Square.

Square has built a strong reputation over the years by providing services like straightforward POS app systems, support for credit card transactions, and immersive mobile payments, alongside companies like PayPal and Stripe.

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One of the best things about Square is that it provides the tools you require at a reasonable price in addition to offering some of the top technology and equipment available to merchants. with options to fit nearly any spending limit. Square can provide modern entrepreneurs with a quick and simple approach to launch their business, from the Square stand to the Square terminal.

Today, we’ll examine the Square Register, one of the primary pieces of POS hardware that Square provides. This chip card reader, magstripe reader, and pos program provides you with everything you need for credit card processing in a single high-performance device.

A completely integrated point of sale system, called Square Register, enables businesses to start making sales right away in a secure environment. As you’ll discover in this Square Register review, the POS is made to be more potent, dependable, and quick than most common systems, enabling you to support the success of your business in any setting.

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Pros and Cons of Square Register


  • Very good, simple setup and use
  • Affordable & cost-effective
  • Full with sophisticated features
  • Availability of clever software
  • With apps and hardware add-ons, it is expandable
  • Excellent for customers to use
  • Works with iPad or iPhone


  • Fund could have a problem.
  • There isn’t always customer service available.
  • Not as sophisticated as the Square terminal

Square Register Review: Introduction to the Square Register

The Square register is marketed as the “first” fully integrated out-of-the-box selling solution. You don’t need to download any additional apps or tablets in order to set up your POS and begin managing tractions right away.

A clever piece of high-quality hardware with a sizable touchscreen that is simple for staff to use is the Register magstripe and chip card reader. You have a better chance of developing relationships with your audience based on authenticity and trust because this solution has a great customer-facing screen that lets customers see what they’re buying.

The Square Register is made to make it easier for retail enterprises to connect with their customers and support card transactions, just like the other Square reader alternatives like the terminal and cash register. This Square credit card processing option integrates with the Square POS app software and enables business owners to accept all forms of payment as a chip reader, online store, and card processor all in one. This is the tool for you if you’re seeking for something that can accept EMV, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and American Express.

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They can scan or insert their cards to make a speedy purchase through the Square merchant system once you have shown your customer their order on the Square Register and their total cost. Through the Square POS software, which also includes features like inventory monitoring, opportunities for loyalty programs, an online store, and more, your customer’s card information is maintained.

The Register appears to be Square’s primary flagship system right now. When compared to the typical iPad POS or Square for Retail solution, this tool has slightly reduced processing fees to be concerned about. Additionally, you have the choice to plug in extra hardware to your register as needed to enhance the checkout process.

Square Register Review: Pricing and Costs

When choosing the type of credit card processing equipment to buy for your POS strategy, cost is always going to be a top priority. One of Square’s more alluring selling factors for today’s brands is its straightforward price structure. Square frequently offers relatively reasonable monthly fees and transaction cost choices, with a fixed rate that businesses can rely on. With interfaces with programs like Quickbooks, Square even makes it simpler to keep track of the payments you get from your POS system.

The first thing you should be aware of is that the entire Square Register now costs $799.00. Additionally, the Square brand offers free shipping, which is incredibly beneficial if you’re trying to keep prices down.

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You can purchase the kit for $39 per month for 24 months if you want to pay for your Square Register over a period of time. Terms and limitations do, however, apply.

As with other Square products, in order to use the register and manage and process your payments, you must be a member of the Square POS system. Every dip, tap, or swipe you deal with has a processing cost of roughly 2.6 percent plus $0.10, which is a cost that is simple to quantify.

According to Square, it would collaborate with current market sellers to develop unique tariffs for high-volume enterprises. To qualify for an offer like this, you must have annual sales of at least $250,000.

The following elements are included with the Square Register:

  • Square Register
  • Power adapter cable and power adapter
  • Accessory hub
  • Customer display
  • Cable for customer displays
  • Mounting plate and toolkit
  • Access to iPhone and iPad

You will need to spend extra for things like a cash drawer or scanner if you want them to work with your Square Register in addition to other equipment. A list of the Register-compatible accessories may be found here.

Options consist of:

  • Cash drawers: Printer-driven models start at $129.00; USB models cost $249.
  • $299 for a USB receipt printer
  • $25 rolls of printer paper for $49.
  • Each Eero Wi-Fi setup costs $199.
  • Each USB bar code reader costs $199.
  • Printer over Ethernet: $349
  • Kits for replacement mounting: $9
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Square Register Review: Who’s It For?

What sort of company will profit the most from the Square register, then?

Any commerce, restaurant, or real-world business might benefit from this POS, in theory. You may connect directly to your cloud-based POS system with Square Register, which is a terrific feature. This indicates that all of the data you gather on your smartphone is uploaded to the cloud, where it is accessible whenever you need it.

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Few businesses wouldn’t be able to benefit from Square Register’s advantages because to its extensive feature set. This tool is great for almost any type of retail establishment, including quick-service restaurants and food establishments. Any business can be improved by using the Square Point of Sale app and a Square reader like the Register. This might be the Square stand you need if you want one that can handle iPhone and Google payments in addition to Discover and American Express. Additionally, this Square reader makes it simpler for small businesses to get their money in the least amount of business days.

While Square has always been a practical choice for proprietors of small businesses, Register’s hardware offering makes it a more attractive option for larger businesses as well. Nearly all types and sizes of retail establishments are a wonderful fit for Square Register.

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The immersive Square POS solution functions as an intelligent point-of-sale system. From the Square Register or another app on your smartphone or computer, you can control every part of your company from here. One of the top service providers out there is Square, which offers processing services for chip cards, EMV, magstripe credit cards, and more. The Square point of sale app has many capabilities to provide, including inventory tracking, loyalty programs, and all-in-one functionality. It isn’t flawless, though; for instance, there is no trustworthy phone number or phone help for users who have been shut out of the POS software for whatever reason.

Features consist of:

As a store owner, it’s crucial to have a simple system in place for tracking and managing your inventory. With Square Register, you can keep an eye on your merchandise in real-time, get daily stock notifications to know when it’s becoming low, and export stock levels to a spreadsheet. Additionally, you’ll be able to manage your taxes with connections like Quickbooks.

Employee management: Square Register gives business owners access to all of Square POS’s employee management tools. This includes having access to tools for managing employee permissions, analytics for identifying your top-selling staff, and solutions for monitoring employee clock-in and clock-out hours. If you have staff who work in several settings, there is also multi-location management.

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Tools for building customer loyalty: There is a fee to access loyalty features for more than 10 visitors per month ($25), and the fee increases for 51 to 100 loyalty visits ($35). However, with loyalty capabilities, you may send prizes to your most engaged customers and import big customer lists via CSV files. Additionally, you have the choice to quickly adjust the specifics of your incentive system.

Gift cards: You may accept and manage gift cards from your clients using your Square Register. Gift cards are automatically included in the Square app, and users can make digital cards for free or acquire physical cards for a fee. Additionally, there is a mechanism in place that allows you to view balances in your Square dashboard and track customer data to determine which promotions are most likely to result in the highest sales.

Reporting: You can receive reports that illustrate what your consumers appreciate about your company and what you need to change to increase sales in real-time using the Square Register. You may create a customer directory, read private client reviews, and track your sales in real-time. Don’t forget to check your Quickbooks tax reporting as well.

To shorten the number of business days it takes to process a transaction, lower your transaction charge, and maintain the seamless operation of credit card payments, you can even retain customer card information with their consent.

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Square Register Review: Design

The look of your point of sale system may not initially seem to be that significant, but it is something to take into account. Your POS will have a big impact on your professional image whether you’re opening a legitimate brick-and-mortar business or merely managing sales at a pop-up location. The gorgeous, chic, and distinctive appearance of Square Register is a terrific feature.

The Square Register was created to be both attractive and simple to operate. Both the customer and the retailer will be able to view what is happening during the transaction because there are two displays. The 13.25-inch display that merchants receive provides information about their goods, available stock, and special offers. Orders may be simply set up using this screen. The 7-inch consumer display, on the other hand, can either be exhibited independently or mounted into the back of your display.

The magnetic swipe slot and the chip card reader system are located beneath each display. The Square Register system includes an NFC scanner as well. This implies that you can start accepting contactless payments before everyone else. Apple Pay and Android Pay are both contactless payment options!

The Square team has also added five USB ports so that you may connect devices like scanners and printers to further increase the extensibility and customizability of your Square Register. Additionally, the program has an offline mode that enables you to continue accepting payments even when your network is down and a battery backup system for power outages.

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Square Register Review: Processing Payments

How simple it is to handle payments is likely the most crucial factor you should take into account when looking for a POS like Square Register. The advantage of Square is that it has consistently been quite adaptable when it comes to accepting various forms of payment.

All of the popular credit and debit cards used by consumers today are accepted by Square Register, which also deposits your money into your company’s bank account very quickly—often the very same day. Square Point of Sale can handle everything from Google payments to serving as your standard chip reader—all without any irksome monthly fees. You may even use it as a magstripe reader to accept payments.

One area in which Square excels is payment processing. You won’t have any trouble accepting all types of payment, including contactless and smartphone purchases, thanks to Square’s cutting-edge processing software. Customers can tap, dab, or swipe cards and phones at will with Square Register. The payment processing service is first-rate, and there are numerous credit card options available. Whether you own a coffee shop, a pop-up store, or one of the numerous retail establishments that use Square, you can even manage the majority of your payments from your iPad.

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Additionally, if you require additional assistance with maintaining and enhancing your payment processing strategy, a number of other tools are accessible on the Square App store. Numerous apps, such as eCommerce software, inventory management systems, and accounting solutions, are available here for you to select from. Even developers have access to an open API!

Square Register Review: Ease of Use

Easy use has always been valued by Square as a key component of their marketing plan. The creators of Square are aware that modern businesses require a simple and practical method for handling payments. Although the Square digital payment solution is really simple to use, the Register hardware looks to make things even simpler.

When you set up your Square account, you’ll even have access to a brief tutorial if you need assistance getting started. However, there’s a good possibility you’ll be able to use the gear without much assistance. You can use CSV files to mass import your inventory and other important data into Square. You can also include images of your products to make it simpler for you and your staff to browse the selection.

Square Register has a highly user-friendly structure, and the larger screen is helpful for swiftly organizing product orders.

The fact that Square Register is not merely straightforward for business owners and merchants to use may be the most significant element to keep in mind when it comes to simplicity of use. This solution is likewise intended to be simpler to understand by your target audience. Customers can view all of the information of their purchases on the screen that faces them and handle their own scanning, swiping, and insertion of payment methods. This additional panel that faces the customer is very helpful in reducing potential errors and maintaining seamless transactions.

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Square Register Review: Customer Service and Support

Although Square Register may be a fantastic piece of hardware for today’s business owners, no tool is 100% error-free. There is always a potential that something could go wrong and you would need to contact the Square team for assistance. the positive news The Square crew is ready to offer a lot of advice.

Square provides email assistance and a comprehensive online knowledge base where you can fix some of the most typical hardware issues you could experience.

If figuring out your own solutions doesn’t work out for you, Square provides a fantastic community forum where you can connect with other business owners to see if they’re willing to assist you as well.

The good news is that the help team is typically fairly educated and welcoming once you contact a genuine customer support person through Square. They’ll usually be delighted to help you work through any problems you might be facing.

Additionally, Square Register has been built from the ground up to be a secure, smooth, and dependable solution, lowering your risk of any severe customer support issues. You may count on defense against qualified chargeback concerns, a 2-year limited hardware warranty, and more in addition to 24/7 support.

Although the majority of Square’s customer service is excellent, having phone assistance or a dedicated phone line for individuals who are having issues with their Square reader or payment processing would be ideal.

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Are There Any Downsides to Square Register?

According to internet customer reviews, the majority of consumers are highly satisfied with their interactions with Square Register. The users of this hardware solution have expressed their admiration for its slick and flawless user interface. Reviewers also laud Square Register’s ability to strike the ideal balance between ease of use and feature-richness.

It’s difficult to go wrong with Square Register if you’re searching for a POS system that offers cutting-edge technology at an affordable price. This tool isn’t flawless, though. Square Register has drawbacks, just like any other POS system out there. For instance, some users of the product’s early iterations claimed that the software had a number of issues.

Furthermore, a common problem for users of Square Register and other Square solutions is the possibility of Square placing unexpected holds on payments. Square does this because it is trying to find a way to safeguard its users against suspicious activity. However, it also means that if you unexpectedly experience an increase or decrease in sales compared to normal, the fraud team is likely to pay attention.

Square Register Review: Verdict

Any store or restaurant searching for a means to advance their transactions should definitely consider the Square Register. The register offers quick and simple access to all the tools a business leader needs to manage inventory, transactions, customer support, and staff as a key integrated component of the Square POS system.

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There are many add-on apps and solutions you can utilize to improve your interactions with consumers, and the Square Register’s user interface is exceptionally simple to use for both sales associates and customers. The Square Register also enjoys all the benefits that come with using Square as your payment processing solution, including the capacity to take almost any payment type.

Square Register is a great cash register solution and processing service for all of your needs, whether you’re managing a coffee shop, a small business, or a pop-up store. There are also many more Square services to look forward to. For service providers and retail organizations that need to accept card payments and manage their backend using a straightforward software solution or an iPad, new Square features are constantly being released.

Square Register and Square point of sale come with certain dangers, like the chance that Square will unexpectedly put a hold on your funds or that you won’t be able to reach customer service when you need it, but overall, it’s a fantastic option for today’s shops. You don’t need anything else if all you want is an intelligent POS.

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