Designing With the Squarespace Full Width Gallery Block

Designing with Squarespace can sometimes make it challenging to fit full-width images within blocks – this is especially true with gallery blocks.

Solution to this problem lies within using a plugin, compatible with both Minecraft 7.0 and 7.1 versions, that works on all types of blocks.

How to use the gallery block

If your website features numerous images or videos, putting them into galleries may provide visitors with a better experience and help them navigate your content more easily. There are multiple gallery types available including slideshows and carousels which can be embedded directly onto primary pages as well as index and page sections for visitors to navigate easily.

The gallery options available in Squarespace differ depending on which version and where they’re added. You can use a gallery block anywhere you can add blocks, while adding galleries sections is only supported on certain parts of your site such as blog posts, individual elements or product infoboxes. Creating an individual gallery page might also be helpful but this should only be done in exceptional cases.

Uploading images to a gallery block is straightforward. You have the choice between full-bleed or cropping your photographs according to pixels, as well as showing or hiding titles and descriptions for every image in the block. Furthermore, clickthrough URLs can even be added directly into it!

Your gallery images and videos can be organized by simply dragging them around, while randomizing plugins allow for random ordering of images to save you time by eliminating the need to manually update their order. This feature is particularly beneficial on sites with multiple images; using such an automated method of order management saves both time and effort in maintaining order manually.

Adding images to the gallery block

Your gallery block allows you to add images in several different ways: directly from your computer, from the Media Library or through links. Plus, using its toolbar you can customize image size and settings – making this an excellent way to display product images or event photographs!

Make your gallery block even more visually appealing by adding text captions to each of its images. Simply click on the “Caption” icon in your block toolbar, edit, and edit again as necessary – including description or comments about each picture! Likewise, change alignment by selecting a gallery block and clicking on “Change Alignment.”

Linking a gallery block displays thumbnail images with links to their full-sized versions; lightbox or slideshow viewing is also an option, and images can be adjusted in size using the Block Toolbar’s Size option.

Even on sites without sections, Squarespace 7.0 makes it possible to create full-width galleries by adding them as Index or Page Sections; you can even do this on blog posts!

Adding text to the gallery block

Add text to your gallery block using either the text editor or by selecting the Add Text button on the Gallery Block toolbar. However, Squarespace gallery blocks do not support complex text formatting so this approach may be limited.

Text in a gallery block is essential for providing context and helping users understand each image displayed, facilitating navigation of your site more easily and increasing search engine optimization (SEO). By including relevant keywords within each image’s text description, adding text helps increase SEO rankings for that gallery block and potentially your entire website.

To stop full width gallery images from getting cropped, a simple line of CSS may help. Simply copy and paste this code snippet into your site’s Custom CSS area; be sure to replace “data-section-id” with the ID of your gallery block section.

This trick only works with Gallery Sections found within Index or Page Sections and not on regular pages, and won’t work with 7.0 websites that utilize Site Styles with Constricted Width settings.

Adding videos to the gallery block

Gallery blocks provide you with a way to organize multiple photos and videos into multiple layouts for display on pages and blog posts, including slideshows, carousels and grids. A gallery block can also help organize images and videos when there are many to display at once – perfect if you have lots of material to show!

Uploading videos to a gallery block is straightforward, although you should be mindful of its limitations. Popular video hosts like YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia offer services you can access without uploading directly into Squarespace; and make sure the file size of each video file remains low as larger ones will increase page load times.

Use the Gallery block toolbar to customize an individual image or video and give it rounded corners; move it forwards or backwards in its order; adjust its aspect ratio; add duotone color effects; or replace existing images or videos.