Complete Guide on Setting up Squarespace Gift Cards

Starting the process for offering gift cards through Squarespace is easy and can be done simply. In order to do this, your online shop must first be set up.

Customers can purchase digital and physical gift cards with this feature, with balance updates accessible in their Square dashboard orders panel.

Create a Gift Card

Gift cards can be an effective way to increase revenue for any business. Customers can purchase whatever they like with predetermined funds on their card, plus it features your brand logo so it promotes itself while in use.

To create a gift card, navigate to your online Square Dashboard and navigate to Payments > Gift Cards. From here, click “Create New Gift Card” to generate a digital card which can then be sent via email; or choose “Create Physical Gift Card” for physical cards that can be printed off and delivered physically to customers.

Choose between four preset gift card values to customize, or change them if necessary – but remember that customers will only be able to redeem cards with exactly that value or less.

Once your gift card has been created, its design can be altered by changing its title and adding personalized messages for its recipient. Furthermore, you can even include an image to appear prominently when customers use your gift card for purchases.

Your customers can apply their gift cards at checkout by either entering its number or scanning its QR code with their mobile device. If their gift doesn’t cover all their purchase, they can choose another form of payment such as debit/credit.

If your website offers online booking, gift cards can be added as another selling channel. Simply navigate to Settings > Gift Cards > Online Sales and copy the script tag from there for inclusion into the header section of your website’s header section; or create a Gift Card widget and place it directly onto pages where selling gifts would take place.

Create packages, gift certificates and subscriptions that generate booking codes for clients to redeem when scheduling appointments. Learn how to sell and redeem these items using this guide (note that packages, gift certificates and subscriptions are only available with Growing or Powerhouse plans that utilize Stripe or Square as payment processors – Acuity Scheduling doesn’t support them yet).

Add a Gift Card to Your Store

Once you are ready to sell gift cards online store, they can be added as products on your Product page. Give each one its own title, then fill in any details your customers need to know such as product name, description, price, quantity offered and variations if available – you can even add custom images of gift cards!

Once you’ve filled out all the information for your product, click Publish. If you aren’t quite ready to list your gift card just yet, save and schedule it for publishing later; or alternatively hide or delete the product entirely; in either instance customers will still have access to any balance remaining on it.

Gift cards can be sold both through your website and third-party eCommerce integrations connected with Square, such as Afterpay/Clearpay in the US and Stripe globally. Packages, gift certificates and subscriptions that generate booking codes can also be sold with Acuity Scheduling; these features are available on Growing and Powerhouse plans.

Gift card sales can be seen separately from other transactions in your sales analytics, and don’t count towards total revenue or any of the Sales KPIs. When customers purchase gift cards online from you storefronts, their purchase will appear under Transactions panel of your dashboard, and be available for viewing as an order in Storefront.

Once you’re ready to sell gift cards in your store, head into Settings in the left menu and select Gift cards. Here, you can adjust how gift cards are used on your website and reported in dashboards and reports; plus set a default email that will be sent when selling one – once this step is completed you are ready to start selling! For more on how best to manage and promote them read our guide Selling Gift Cards on Your Website.

Add a Gift Card to an Order

Customers can purchase gift cards during the checkout process and will receive a unique code which can be emailed either to themselves or the recipient, whereupon when redeemed, their own payment information can be entered to complete their order. Furthermore, you can add a customized message which will be delivered upon redemption as well as to both recipients after their purchase has taken place and also provide receipt for purchase by either credit or debit card.

Gift cards can be redeemed on both desktop and mobile versions of your store. When someone uses one as payment for an order, they will receive an email receipt along with a notification that their purchase was paid with a gift card credited toward it – this information will also appear in their account.

Gift cards can provide customers with flexibility and convenience in your online store, building loyalty while encouraging repeat business and generating additional revenue for your business. However, it’s essential that you understand all applicable rules and regulations regarding these cards before adding them.

Squarespace Commerce not only lets you create and sell gift cards, but it also features several additional tools to make running your online store simpler. These features include local pickup and curbside delivery options that offer enhanced customer experiences for people who prefer shopping locally while simultaneously helping reduce shipping costs and speed delivery of orders.

Squarespace is an ecommerce website builder known for its eye-catching templates, easy drag-and-drop editor, customizable CSS support, payment processing integrations, analytics tools, and support features – making it the go-to choice for small businesses alike.

Before using Squarespace as the foundation for your online store, it’s crucial that you become acquainted with its terms of service and other policies governing operations – this will allow you to avoid potential stumbling blocks like unpaid fees or violations of privacy policies that could arise while operating it.

Add a Gift Card to a Payment

Gift cards are one of the most popular holiday presents, and a wonderful way to show our thanks and gratitude for someone special. If you want to accept gift cards on your Squarespace website, there are a few details you should keep in mind before accepting gift cards as payments.

Establishing gift cards on your website is a simple process. Simply add them as an option in your online store, and your clients can redeem them when checking out – your gift card will then be credited with their total amount paid. Furthermore, you can create a customized email message which will be sent out when someone redeems a card.

When clients use gift cards to pay invoices, they will enter their gift card code in a form field of your payment system (Stripe or Square). When the code is redeemed, its balance will be automatically transferred into your business bank account – available across all plans including Free, Growing, Powerhouse, and Enterprise plans.

Make it possible for clients to use gift cards in your online store by setting your product type as “Gift Certificate or Card.” Customers can then enter their code during checkout into one of your payment systems’ form fields.

Although Squarespace provides an array of tools to create an online presence, there are a few key limitations you should keep in mind when using this platform. There’s no multi-currency selling functionality and you cannot automatically calculate sales tax for different regions (you must manually enter this data). GDPR compliance also is lacking — an add-on tool may be necessary for full compliance. Furthermore, its complex architecture can make navigation difficult as its sections contain multiple content blocks which you can rearrange to create your ideal website layout.