Review Features and Pricing Guide

You may have come across this product if you’ve been looking for an all-in-one SaaS solution to help you scale your online/eCommerce business in an ever-competitive digital landscape.

In this article, we’ll take a look at this enticing platform that claims to help you scale your online business while also helping you create a functional sales funnel for your services and products.

Is it true what they say? What are the features of the solution? How much does cost? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

This review will answer all of these questions and more as we go over the product’s features, functionality, pricing, etc.

Let’s get this party started.

What is is a comprehensive marketing platform that lets you create sales funnels, membership sites, online courses, and webinars. You can also send emails to customers, run your affiliate program, and sell physical products using the platform. is a cloud-based platform that caters to all businesses, regardless of their size. To better understand the platform, all pricing plans include a free trial.

It’s a full-featured digital marketing platform from which you can manage your entire company’s growth. was created, in their words, to give your company a single software solution that can handle all of your management and marketing needs. This is where sets itself apart from other business applications. It can provide a wide range of functions in a single program rather than a collection of separate programs that are combined and used as a unit.

Features, for example, combines multiple features into a single user-friendly interface. However, offering a large number of features is not the same as providing relevant features. In general, we found that’s multifaceted features are quite relevant, with little to no fluff or excess, in our review. So, at this point in the review, we’ll look at each solution’s main features one by one.

Marketing Automation

When you hear about a business scaling and management solution, one of the first things that come to mind is whether it offers automation in project management, launching online courses, and email communication. Automation facilitates faster, easier, and more seamless business processes.’s dynamic automation is now one of its most notable features.

Previously, automation was difficult because the applications or solutions used by businesses to manage various aspects of their brands were decentralized, and integrating them required a significant amount of time and effort., on the other hand, solves this problem by bringing all of your needs together in one place, allowing for seamless automation.

Rather than putting in a lot of effort and time to integrate many different apps only to have the unit break down because one of the solutions requires an update, you can have one software that handles all of the major functions.

Whether sending a new customer a guide or starting an email sales sequence, this tool allows you to automate an almost infinite number of actions, allowing you to create an amazing customer experience in seconds.

Funnel Builder and Templates

The funnel builder is at the heart of This is where the tool’s power lies. You can use the funnel builder to create enticing and high-converting landing pages or squeeze pages for product sales, opt-ins, etc.

There are also built-in templates that take the guesswork out of creating enticing and conversion-oriented pages. You simply need to determine the type of funnel you want to create, select an appropriate template, and update your content pages.

With’s drag-and-drop visual page editor, all of this is a breeze. It’s even possible to create seamless A/B tests with just a few clicks, making it easy to compare different images, page copy, and designs.

Customer Management

Getting a complete understanding of your customers is one of the major challenges that every successful business has overcome. Which of your customers’ emails did they open? What was the first thing your customers signed up for? What is the history of your customer’s product purchases?

Having to sift through a slew of software solutions to find answers to the above questions is a complete nightmare due to the time and effort required. However, with, all of the answers to such questions are in one place because all of the above actions occur simultaneously.

You have access to your customers’ entire history, right down to where they signed up. Based on actual data from your customers, analytics like these allow you to make critical adjustments or determine what is working and what isn’t.

And it’s done without the need for a data science degree or hiring someone with one.

Email Marketing

Without an excellent email marketing tool, the solution wouldn’t be a legitimate all-in-one business solution, and delivers in that regard, as well as in many other areas. The solution includes a text-based email editor, similar to Infusionsoft or Convertkit. It has excellent deliverability results and focuses on your email copy, which is a tried-and-true strategy that leads to higher conversions and engagement and more sales.

Using the email editor, you can send one-time broadcast emails or design library emails to use in drip sequences and automation using the email editor. allows you to trigger your email sequence in the settings of any funnel you want after you’ve created it. There’s also the option of incorporating it into a larger workflow, allowing you to combine multiple actions, wait-steps, and much more.


The more your audience trusts and knows you, the more success you can expect in the online business world. And the sooner you accomplish that goal, the better.

Webinars are one of the most common ways to quickly establish genuine connections with your target audience. A quick look into webinar funnels reveals that they are one of the most effective ways to sell your service or product online.

The good news is that allows you to create evergreen webinar funnels in under a minute. You can even choose how often a recorded webinar runs, which can be used to create a sense of urgency and anticipation among your target audience. It’s also worth noting that handles the registration, follow-up, and delivery of your customized webinar, making an otherwise tech-complex and frustrating process a breeze.

Only the Webinar plan and higher have access to this feature.

Blogger Website Builder

Launching a high-value blog is one of the most effective and powerful ways to grow an online business. This is because traffic is required for your funnel to be effective and your brand to grow. You can generate free organic traffic by launching a website blog that provides useful and relevant information to your target audience.

You might think that setting up and maintaining a blog is simple, but it’s a little more technical than you might think. You must first create a WordPress account and then obtain hosting, both time-consuming processes. Then you must look for and install relevant themes to ensure that your website design is appealing and professional. attempts to address this issue by assuring that you do not have to worry about any of this. You can create and host a blog for your company within the solution.

Another fantastic feature of this platform is that it manages your data.

SEO stands for search engine optimization (SEO). The content you create will be easily found, read, and understood by search engines and will even appear in organic search engine result pages.

You can also connect a custom domain if you want, but it is not required. provides users with a domain that hosts their blog for the duration of their account. This domain is also unrestricted. However, this feature is only available for certain pricing plans.

Payment Integration

Without selling and receiving payment for the product or service sold, there is no web business or other business type. Obviously.

However, you might be surprised to learn that most marketing solutions don’t provide this, or if they do, it’s a very technical and time-consuming process. is a little different in that it integrates with Stripe and PayPal.

All you have to do now is design a sellable product, give it a name and save it.

That is all there is to it. After that, you can start selling and receiving payments.

You can now incorporate it into any existing or new funnel in your account. Define what happens after the sale as well. All you have to do is select a membership option from a drop-down menu if you want your users to have access to it. Or if you want your customers to be able to download a PDF right away? A tag that sends an automated email with a download link can be included. It’s also possible to offer payment plans or coupons with just a few clicks.

In general, allows you to start selling and receiving payments in minutes, with no complicated steps.

Affiliate Marketing Management

Affiliate marketing campaigns are a proven and effective way to expand your reach and sell more products, and almost every online business uses them at some point. However, adding an affiliate solution to the mix of your other programs may make your text talk a little more complicated, as it does with most independent marketing software.

Affiliate management is built into, which bills itself as an all-in-one marketing software. This is done uniquely, as all of your subscribers will automatically become affiliates.

Interested subscribers will automatically receive an affiliate ID linked to their email address rather than sign up for a separate program or jump through a few hoops. All such customers have to do is start sharing the link, which can be sent to them via automated email or broadcast, and commissions will begin to accrue.

Transferwise and PayPal, the two most popular and trusted payment platforms globally, handle the payout. Payouts can even be automated entirely. You’d have to send out the links and keep track of your promotions. will handle the backend tasks.

Online Courses and Membership

Controlling and managing who has access to specific content is a major issue for membership platform creators. This is because the membership website and the payment platforms are usually separate, necessitating an expensive integration to link the two.

This problem is solved by, which handles both membership and payment. With this solution, giving a user access to your membership platform is as simple as selecting it from a drop-down menu. then creates a user account for the subscriber, sends them the login information, and grants them access to the system. If the subscription is recurring, can revoke their access if they stop paying, allowing you to focus on your business rather than these minor administrative tasks.

On the other hand, the course builder allows you to create, host, and sell your courses all in one place. If you don’t want to upload your course files to directly, you can use YouTube, link directly to any video on any platform online, or use a custom embed from Vimeo or Wistia.

The funnel page builder allows you to customize your course pages. also gives you complete control and freedom over the look and feel of your course lesson pages, allowing you to give your customers the best possible experience.

Pros and Cons


  • This solution allows you to create a membership site or any other type of website without knowing how to code.
  • allows you to seamlessly automate your business tasks.
  • The software has payment systems built-in.
  • About the functionality offered, the pricing is reasonable.


  • Because there are so many features, each one’s functionality is limited.
  • Because there are so many features, a beginner may need to spend a lot of time experimenting with them to figure out how to use them properly.
  • The number of design options available is limited.

Is Pricing Worth It?

The pricing is divided into three categories:

  • Free plan
  • Startup plan
  • Webinar plan
  • Enterprise plan
  • Custom Plan

Free Plan

The $0 per month free plan includes the following features:

  • Send as many emails as you like
  • There are ten steps in the sales funnel.
  • 3 different types of sales funnels
  • a thousand contacts
  • Post as many times as you want on your blog
  • a single blog
  • a single membership site
  • 1 rule of automation
  • File storage is limitless.
  • Members of the site can join at any time.
  • Email help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days
  • Integration with PayPal
  • Integration with Stripe
  • There is only one promo code.
  • 1 A/B comparison
  • One order has been increased.
  • 1 email marketing campaign
  • a single tag
  • 1 method of operation
  • Create your affiliate program.

This option does not include evergreen webinars, free migration, custom domains, and a 1-on-1 Kickstart coaching session.

Startup Plan

The $27 a month startup plan includes everything in the free plan as well as the following:

  • 5000 contacts
  • 10 tags
  • 5 different workflows
  • 10 guidelines for automation
  • 5 websites for members
  • Post as many times as you want on your blog
  • Fifty steps in the sales funnel.
  • 10 different sales funnels
  • 1 unique domain
  • 10 one-click upsells available.
  • 10 email marketing campaigns
  • 10 bumps in the order
  • 10 A/B tests
  • 10 discount codes

This package does not include free migration, evergreen webinars, and 1-on-1 kickstart coaching sessions.

Webinar Plan

This plan costs $47 per month and contains everything included in the previous pricing packages, as well as the following:

  • 10000 contacts
  • 50 sales funnels
  • 300 sales funnel steps
  • 20 blogs
  • 20 membership sites
  • 100 automation rules.
  • 20 workflows
  • 100 tags
  • 100 email campaigns
  • 100 upsells with a single click
  • 100 orders have been bumped
  • 50 A/B testing 
  • 50 discount codes
  • 10 unique domains
  • 10 webinars that are always relevant

Free migration and 1-on-1 startup coaching are not included with this plan.

Enterprise Plan

This plan costs $97 per month and contains all of the above features as well as the following:

  • 15000 contacts
  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited sales funnels steps
  • Unlimited blog post
  • Unlimited blogs
  • Unlimited membership sites
  • Unlimited automation rules
  • Unlimited workflows
  • Unlimited tags
  • Unlimited email campaigns
  • Unlimited one-click upsells
  • Unlimited order bumps
  • Unlimited A/B tests
  • Unlimited coupon codes
  • Unlimited custom domain
  • Unlimited evergreen webinars
  • Free migration
  • 1-on-1 kickstart coaching session

Custom Plan

You can choose the bespoke plan if you have more than 15,000 contacts. The cost is determined by the number of contacts you require and rises as the number of contacts increases.

However, it’s crucial to note that each plan has no transaction fees and accepts payments via PayPal or Stripe at no additional cost. You’ll also have access to online help.

Why May Not be For You

It’s possible that isn’t the best fit for everyone. And if you want to make an educated decision about your online business solution, you need to understand why it won’t work for you.

It may not be ideal if you only need a single platform, such as affiliate marketing management software. If you plan to use all of’s tools, it will work best. Also, if the idea of running your complete web business on a single platform turns you off or scares you, this isn’t the greatest option for you.

This is because you’ll be paying for things you won’t use, and you won’t be getting the benefits of an all-in-one integration. It’s also worth noting that if you’re searching for something more upscale, you might want to look into the alternatives. This approach may frustrate you if you prefer a solution that concentrates on the tiniest of feature functions and everything working and looking beautiful. was created to give you a wide range of tools that function together effortlessly. Still, like with many all-in-one solutions, you may not get as many advanced or in-depth capabilities as a standalone program.

In other words, it does not go deep since it is broad. As a result, you should ask yourself, “What exactly do I require?”

If you merely need a basic solution to provide integration and accomplish tasks, is a good choice because it does exactly that. is not the ideal choice for your online business if you prefer multiple distinct solutions that require connectors but provide you with complete control over every aspect.


Without considering the alternatives to, no evaluation would be complete:


Clickfunnels is the most popular tool for creating and implementing sales funnels. They promoted the idea that businesses don’t need a website but rather a funnel through their internet marketing campaigns. This company has developed a cult following, with tens of thousands of people interested in their goods.

It’s far more expensive and has a more complicated user interface than, which may require a more tech-savvy entrepreneur to master correctly.

However, the device performs precisely what it was designed to do, and it does it exceptionally well.

It is significantly more expensive for startups, as it is priced the same as the enterprise plan. However, it offers a 14-day free trial to see if it’s worth your money.


Kartra is the new kid on the block when it comes to all-in-one solutions. The software appears to have every function that an all-in-one company software should have. The tool’s single major flaw is that, while it has a lot of capabilities, most of them have limited functionality depth. As a result, quantity trumps quality. It’s a lot more expensive than’s pricing, beginning at $99.


To summarise our review, the solution strives to make your web business more practical and simpler. Instead of going through the tedious integrations and tech-heavy processes that most online entrepreneurs go through with such solutions, allows you to focus on the important aspects of your business.

This product is perfect for you if you already use many standalone applications for your business processes and are searching for a smooth solution to integrate them all for convenience. Don’t mind preceding some of the standalone tools’ in-depth functions.