Teespring Dropshipping Reviews, Pricing, and Features

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Dropshipping is the first step for most newbies to ecommerce. Dropshipping is done from AliExpress, or you can sell custom-designed t-shirts through Print-on-Demand.

Print-On-Demand can be a lucrative way to get into eCommerce. It is very affordable and allows you to express your creativity.

There are many Print on-Demand (POD), App services, but today we’re going take a closer look at TeeSpring, one of the most popular.

TeeSpring dropshipping allows you to create custom clothing, household items and posters to sell on their website. It’s a great way to make some money if you have an idea for a design.

TeeSpring is worth the investment?

TeeSpring takes care of everything, including fulfillment, shipping, customer support, and printing. You only need to come up with unique designs that will sell. This is all that is required to make any POD service unique.

Today we will review TeeSpring. We’ll show you how it works, what you can do to make your first design, market it, and how much you get paid.

After reading this review, I hope you are able to create your own products and market them on TeeSpring.

TeeSpring: How does it work?

TeeSpring is very simple. TeeSpring dropshipping is the ideal platform for those who are just starting to use POD services.

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Sign up, choose your products and then promote them. TeeSpring will take care of everything else.

These are the steps that will help you understand how TeeSpring works.

Register for a Free

TeeSpring’s signup process for new users is very simple. Simply go to the signup page, and then enter your details. You’re done! Create an account. It’s completely free.

Create Your Product

Next, choose the product you want. You can choose from anything, including a mug or a t-shirt. Start designing your product.

The designer tool is extremely helpful and simple to use. Your product can be customized with text, images, artwork, and more. You have two options: you can use pre-made artworks or upload your designs.

It will let you know how much it will cost to print your product as you design it.

You can set the price and minimum quantity

This review is primarily focused on one question: How can TeeSpring dropshipping make you money? This is dependent on the way you price products.

Once you’re satisfied with your design, you can begin to create the product. Now it’s time for you to determine the minimum sales that you are willing to make.

TeeSpring dropshipping is different from other POD services. You can set a minimum quantity of products to be sold. They won’t print or ship your product if that goal is not met.

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You should choose a minimum quantity you can expect to sell within the given timeframe.

TeeSpring will also suggest a suggested selling price for your product. However, you can adjust the price to modify your earnings on every sale. TeeSpring clearly displays the profit that you can make if your minimum goal is met.

Make a catchy description

Now, you must write 2-3 lines describing your product. You can write about anything here, but you must be creative. Make sure you write something memorable that will grab your customers’ attention and get them to buy your product. Click Launch to make your product live.

Promote Your Product

Your product is ready for sale. You must still market your product wherever you can. Ask your friends to share your product on social media.

TeeSpring Training Centre is an excellent place to learn about how to promote your product. You can also find a Marketing tab within the Dashboard.

To track data, you can use your Facebook ads ID or Facebook Pixel.

Get Paid

This is the most important and favorite step for budding entrepreneurs. When your campaign achieves its goals, you get paid.

TeeSpring accepts PayPal, Direct Deposit and Mail Check payments. To cash out your winnings, you can use any of these payment options.

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TeeSpring: What products can you design?

  • Basic Tees
  • Long Sleeve Tees
  • Tank tops
  • Hoodies
  • Sweatshirts
  • V-neck shirts
  • Tees for women
  • Tank tops for women
  • Tees for Babies and Kids
  • Premium Tees
  • Mugs 11oz
  • Handbags (totes)
  • Stickers
  • Flags
  • Pillows
  • Wall Tapestry
  • Canvas
  • Socks
  • Beach Towels

Flat pricing is available for items such as pillows, flags, canvas, tapestries, beach towels, and stickers.

Apparel has dynamic pricing. It changes depending on how many minimum orders you place. The base price of apparel will drop the more you order.

How does Teespring Dropshipping Work?

Every product comes with a different area for printing your design. Each product has a limit on the printable area. If you exceed this limit, your entire design will not be printed.

You must be careful when designing your product. You must follow the dimensions of your product when uploading your own design.

If the red outline indicates that the printable area is larger than your design, it means that you have overdrawn the area. This means that your design must be resized. If you do not have the right size, your design will be removed when the product goes to print. See the image below.

If the design is perfectly sized, the outline will turn grey. This means that it will fit perfectly when printed. This is an example of how it looks.

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Each product is different in terms of its printable area. The printable area of a t-shirt is smaller than that of a hoodie. When offering the same design on different products, it is important to keep this in mind.

Let’s take a look at the dimensions of all products and the safe print areas for each product.

Canvas Print:

There are three sizes for a Canvas. There are three sizes to a Canvas: Small, Medium, Large. You can see the cost for each size in the image below.

Regardless of the size, ensure that your design does not exceed the area allowed by the printer.


TeeSpring offers a variety of t-shirts. TeeSpring shirts come in a variety of sizes. These are some examples.

  • Basic Tees – 11.9’’ x 17.9’’ Printable Area
  • Long Sleeve Tees – 12.6’’ x 18.1’’ Printable Area
  • Tank tops – 9.3’’ x 16.4’’ Printable Area
  • Hoodies – 11.7” x 13.7” Printable Area
  • Sweatshirts – 12.6’’ x 14.0’’ Printable Area
  • V-neck shirts 11.9’’ x 17.9’’ Printable Area
  • Women’s Tees – 11.0’’ x 19.0’’ Printable Area
  • Women’s tank tops – 9.7″‘ x 15.2’’ Printable Area
  • Kids and Babies Tees 8.0”x9.0” Printable Area
  • Premium Tees – 11.9” x 17.9” Printable Area

Phone cases

Custom cases are only available for iPhones. Supported phones are the iPhone 6, 6+ and 7+.

The dimensions of the phone case are 2.87’’ x 5.81’’ Printable Area.

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Flags and towels/beach towels both have a printable area that you can use to print your own design.


There are two sizes for posters. Medium ( 18″‘ x 24’’) or Large ( 24-x36”) are the two sizes of posters. The entire area of the poster is printable for your design.

Pillows and Wall Tapestry

A wall tapestry of full size has a 100’’ x 84’’ printable area which covers the entire tapestry. Pillows have an 18’x18” area that can be printed on the back and front.

Stickers/Tote Bags/Mugs

Tote Bags have an 10’’ x 12’’ Printable Area; Stickers have a 3”x 4.9’’ Printable Area and 11oz Mugs have the entire front and back.

Printing methods

Teespring offers both Direct-to-Garment printing and Screen Printing. Both are done with the best quality. The order details will determine which printing method is used.

These are more details about the printing methods.

For orders of greater quantity, screen printing is recommended. Each layer of the design is given its own screen by their printing facility. These screens can then be used to directly print the screens on the fabric.

Direct-to-Garment printing allows the design to be scanned and analyzed before being prepared by a program. After the design has been vetted by their team, they then print it directly to the products.

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TeeSpring dropshipping guarantees 100% satisfaction with both their printing methods. All designs are subject to a rigorous art analysis by the team before being printed.

TeeSpring Pricing

Teespring dropshipping is completely free to use. Teespring charges a flat fee per product. You decide the selling price and keep 100% of the profits, after subtracting the base price.

If the base price of a tee was $15 and the selling price was $25, then you would make $10 in profit.

Two factors can impact the base price for certain Teespring products.

  • The base price can be increased if the design is either single-sided or two-sided. For example, the front and back of an apparel can have different designs.
  • Pricing Discount – Items that you have sold in the last month might reduce their base prices. It all depends on how many you sold the items in the previous month.

These are the prices for apparel and other items that don’t fall under flat pricing. These items are discounted based on the number of sales.

TeeSpring Dropshipping FAQs

Q: Is teespring legit?

Teespring is a legitimate business. It is not a fraud. Teespring is an opportunity to make a lot of money legally. You must first understand how the company operates. You can read the policies and terms to get a better understanding of how this company works.

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Q: Is Teespring a good investment?

Teespring is a great way to make money. You just need a trendy design and the right niche. Teespring is a great way to generate six-figure income, or even millions.

Q: What makes Teespring so expensive

Teespring products are so costly because they handle all aspects of online selling, including manufacturing, printing, storage, and delivery to the customer. This involves multiple parties that can make it expensive. Selling the right products can help sellers make a decent profit.

Q: What does “tipped” mean on the teespring

Teespring allows the seller to create a campaign that will allow them to design the product’s look. Next, the seller sets the selling price and the sales goal. The campaign is referred to as “tipped” once the sales goal has been met.

Q: How long does Teespring take to deliver?

Teespring uses USPS to ship local packages within the US. This would take approximately. It takes approximately two weeks to deliver the package. It uses DHL for international delivery. The package will be delivered in three weeks.

Q: Does teespring charge shipping?

Yes. Shipping costs vary for each product. Here are the details regarding shipping costs.

Wrapping up

Many people ask us in our Facebook group if TeeSpring can be installed on Shopify so that we can sell there. Unfortunately, this is not possible.