The Kiwi Sizing Shopify App Detailed Review

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Shopify store owners look for the best apps that will streamline their operations and improve customer experience. However, plugins can be expensive so it is important to choose the right one, especially if you are on a budget.

Before you spend your hard-earned money, do your research and find out what the plugin actually offers. Today, we are reviewing the Kiwi Sizing Shopify App.

This tool allows store managers to create professional-looking custom sizes charts and offer sizing suggestions. Kiwi helps apparel stores reduce returns by ensuring customers have the perfect fit. This makes the customer journey that much smoother.

Let’s now take a closer look at the Kiwi Sizing Shopify app and see if it is right for you.

What is The Kiwi Sizing App Shopify?

Kiwi Size is an app that’s available for major online stores like Shopify, WooCommece and BigCommerce. Shopify’s Kiwi app is a simple one-click installation.

Kiwi’s goal is to provide a better customer experience and lower returns. It gives buyers an accurate view of the sizing of their clothes.


Simply put, Kiwi lets you create custom sizing tables that accurately reflect your merchandise’s dimensions. Customers can also be asked a series of questions to help determine the right fit based on their height, weight, gender, and clothing preferences.

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Kiwi makes it easy for customers to select the right size size before placing an order. This greatly reduces the chance of getting a bad fit and having to return it.

What Should I Do About Sizing Charts

Kiwi reports that online retailers are subject to 20%-40% returns on their sales. The most common reason for returns is a poor fit. It’s not surprising that online shoppers are willing to take the chance of buying clothes that don’t fit. They fully expect to have to return their order. It doesn’t mean that it’s not a hassle for both you and your customers.

In fact, 20%” of retailers are considering raising their prices to cover returns costs. 57% claim that handling returns is detrimental to their business operations.

However, just because you have to deal with returns, doesn’t mean that you should stop offering them. As an example, 60% of 18-25 year-olds stopped shopping with brands because returns were difficult to implement or not approved.

To ensure a positive customer experience, seamless returns are essential. You can limit the amount of returns that you receive by making sure customers get high-quality, fit-friendly products. You’ll be able to reduce the number of clothing returns once you have this under control.

Kiwi Sizing Shopify App: Features

The Kiwi Size Shopify app comes in handy here. This plugin offers four key features. Let’s take an in-depth look at the plugin:

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Apparel Size Recommendation

A fit advisor helps customers find the right size and purchase it the first time.

The recommender opens a survey that allows customers to enter their age, height, and weight in either imperial or metric measurements. Customers who know their exact measurements can also fill out this survey.

Next, customers will be asked to choose their preferred fit. The slider has seven steps that asks shoppers whether they prefer a tight, loose, or regular fit. It should take no more than ten seconds and most people already know the information it asks.

Kiwi will then suggest a size for the customer and show the customer if the size is too tight or loose. The customer can also see what other sizes might fit before finalizing their purchase decision.

Kiwi Sizing updates customer information automatically after they have completed this survey.

Custom Size Recommender

Kiwi allows you to make custom-size recommendations, just like the Apparel Size Recommender. This allows you to create custom questions that will help you determine the best size for your customers and make recommendations accordingly. This is especially useful for products such as skipping ropes, other sporting equipment, shoes, and furniture.

You can either add “number input”, or “select input” steps. You can ask for a number, or give your customer a selection of options. You can preview and test your set up with the editor’s intuitive interface. Advanced users have the option to insert code to create custom variables or dynamically generate options using JavaScript and JSON.

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Make professional sizing charts

Custom sizing charts show sizing in inches or centimeters. You can specify exact measurements for your chest, shoulders, and length and match them with the various sizing options.

There are many layout options for your sizing charts. You can also add any elements such as these building blocks.

  • Size tables
  • Tables of cross-size
  • Text
  • Dividers
  • Video
  • Images without or with captions
  • Images groups
  • Tabs
  • Sizing recommenders
  • International size charts

To ensure consistency in your future sizing charts, you can create generic layouts and save them to your computer as templates. This is especially useful if you have many different tee-shirts. You can update one template and make changes to all other charts.

Dynamic size charts are a great feature for brands with many SKUs. This automatically matches size charts with products that match different matching rules such as product ID, brand and SKU. Based on any of these conditions, you can dynamically modify your sizing charts.

You can also import size charts from other shops to sync sizes if you manage multiple stores.


Kiwi Size is integrated with Google Analytics. This allows you to see how customers interact and recommend your sizing charts. These metrics include click-to page ratio and page views on pages with size charts.

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Kiwi Sizing Shopify App: Pricing

The good news is that Kiwi includes a forever free plan. You will have access to two customizable sizes charts. This plan comes with dynamic size charts and automatic unit conversion.

You can also choose from two premium plans that offer 20% savings on your annual billing. These programs are only applicable to one web site.

Premium plan: $6.99 per month You get basic analytics, unlimited-size charts, and automatic location detection. Access to advanced layouts and unlimited size charts are also available.

Shopify’s Ultimate Plan is based on how many orders you have placed in previous billing cycles. While plans for busy stores are more expensive, they start at $9.99 per month. Start at $14.99 for stores with less than 5,000 visits per month. Plans start at $64.99 for stores that attract between 100k-300k views per month.

The Advanced Apparel Recommender is included in the Ultimate Plan. This machine learning tool provides size recommendations. Advanced analytics and a custom recommender are also available.

For 14 days , you can get the Ultimate Plan and Premium Plan free of charge.

Kiwi Sizing Appify App

Are you curious about the help available if Kiwi is having trouble? Kiwi Sizing is an intuitive app. It doesn’t offer too many complex features. You will find answers to most FAQs and starter guides as well as detailed information about each feature on the website’s online knowledge base. Here you can submit support tickets and view the status of your ticket. You can also contact the team by email.

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Developers have access to the Kiwi Sizing Developer Docs. This includes information about installing the app on Shopify and how to integrate with other Shopify Apps.

Kiwi Sizing has 563 5-star reviews from Shopify, which is a huge increase on any negative comments.

Are You a Good Candidate for The Kiwi Sizing Shopify app?

Kiwi Size is an easy-to-use but powerful application for organizing your sizing charts. Kiwi offers affordable pricing that works with your store and can help you reduce unnecessary returns which could save you some money in the long-term.

If your store sells lots of clothes, furniture, and other items, Kiwi Sizing might be worth a look. This app might be right for you if that’s the case. This plugin is a hit and has received a lot of praises, despite having fewer features than Kiwi chose to focus on.

We’d love to hear from you if you decide to give KiwiSizing a shot!